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To tuft a pillow, all it takes is two simple steps. This is a helpful skill to learn in order to preserve your pillow filling while also adding some visual interest to the flat surface of the cushion. You don’t need to buy tufted pillows separately if you want to achieve the look, and it’s a simple process.

When tufting a pillow, you should be conversant with the numerous methods. Using a needle and thread is the most conventional method, but you can also add buttons or tassels to make your cushion even more attractive. Make your own custom Euro pillows at home by following the steps outlined below.

How To Tuft A Pillow For Beginners

Step #1. Marking

Make the pattern

For the first step in making your pillow’s tufts, you’ll need to sketch out the design you want. After that, using the pattern as a guide, cut holes in the pillow for each tuft. Mark the pillow’s tufts with the holes you made in the stencil.

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After that, flip your pillow over and make a similar imprint on the other side. If you use the same size paper as your pillow, it will be simpler to see where to insert the tufts later on. To begin tufting, you’ll need to complete the marking process.

Prepare the tufting needle and string

Tufting needles should be threaded with the desired tufting string but should not be tied as you would with a needle. A needle with a wider diameter can help you insert the tufting string more easily.

Step #2. Insertion


Once you’ve finished, use a tufting needle to sew the pillow’s underside to the top. You’ll want to return to the same area under the cushion where you entered. This is why it is so important to plan and mark your pattern meticulously.

Let around 8 inches of the end of your needle hang out of the top of the pillow. Once you’ve pushed the tufting needle all the way through the pillow, cut the cord 8 inches away from the surface once more. To finish the knot, tie a semi-finished square knot around the two loose strings.


To tie the second half of the knot, simply pull it through the indentation created by the first part of the knot. Remember to trim the string ends 14 inch from the square knot for a tidy appearance. If you don’t want the pillow to fray, you can apply some clear-drying fabric glue over the top of the cloth.

DIY: Tufted Pillow | M&J Blog

Why Tuft A Pillow?

If you’ve never tufted a pillow before, you may be wondering why you should. Adding this accent not only enhances the pillow’s visual appeal, but it also aids in the stability of the stuffing. Adding tufting to your throw pillows will keep the filling from shifting or bunching, giving them a more plump appearance.

Tufting isn’t just a great way to add dimension to a room. Contrasting tufting strings can make the extra feature more appealing. Decorative elements like tassels and buttons can be added, or a ribbon or cord can be used for the tufting string.

Tufting Styles

Tufting can be done by hand or with a sewing machine, and there are a number of various styles to choose from. Stitch and button tufting are the most frequent methods for making pillows. Even your bolster pillow may be tufted!

Stitch tufting

Stitch tufting, as demonstrated earlier, may be regarded as a historic style. You’re stitching on both sides of the pillow with a long upholstery needle and strong thread. Depending on how your cushion will look, you can use waxed thread, button thread, or even twine.

Button tufting

Button tufting adds a stylish touch to a variety of pillows, from throws to accents. If you already know how to tuft a pillow with stitches, adding buttons should be a breeze. Buttons that match the cushion fabric are visible on both sides of the pillow.

Because of this, covered buttons are employed. You don’t have to use them on both sides of the pillow; you can just leave the knots on the back. Use waxed thread for the buttons to prevent the fabric from fraying.

Can you tuft a bolster pillow?

Decorative bolster pillows with cylindrical covers do not require removal from tufting. Tufted pillows can be made like any other flat pillow, but the needle used to pierce them is extremely lengthy. It will be able to conduct its job via the cushion in this manner.

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Do you have too few different-sized cushions in your living room? The next step is to discover how easy it is to tuft a pillow in only two steps! To keep the stuffing in place and enhance your overall dcor, add this touch to your pillows.

Using a piece of paper the same size as your pillow, draw out a pattern. You can use this paper to mark where the tufting needle should be inserted with string by cutting tuft markings into it. You’re done if you follow the simple instructions for constructing and completing a tuft.