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A football pillow is easy to construct if you desire sports-themed ones. Cushions aren’t just for sleeping; they can also be used as a piece of decor.

There are a variety of prepared football pillows on the market, so you can acquire one whenever you like. Even while it’s a nice idea, it might be pricey. Make one yourself if you don’t want to fork over a lot of money for it.

Aside from the worries regarding the expenses, sewing handmade customized pillows can be a fun activity. Since most transactions are still done online and many people still spend the majority of their time at home, this could be a new interest for you.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Football Pillow

Needle and thread, sewing tools and equipment, plus cutting, measuring, and marking devices are all required for this easy-to-make DIY pillow sewing project. Supplies include: paper of some sort; fleece fabric; cotton batting and stuffing; spray glue or adhesive.

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Step #1: Trace the pattern

The pattern should be traced before beginning the sewing process The football cushion is only meant to be used as a guide, therefore there is no need to use a specific sort of paper for this. This will not be included in the final output.

Paper, a cutter or scissors, a measuring tape, and a pencil or marker are all necessities. The panel guide must be shaped like an ellipse to mimic pigskin’s prolate spheroid shape.

Step #2: Determine the size

If you’re still unsure about the size, you can mark a 30 by 12 inches cross on the sheet and see if it helps. Trace a curved line along the edges of the cross by folding it along the lines.

Step #3: Begin cutting

The paper should be cut before it is unfolded so that you can get the best results. It should be possible to create the perfect football form if the panel is constructed appropriately. Trimming the edges might also help you get the correct shape.

Step #4: Trace a line around the panel

Prepare your synthetic fabric and marking and cutting equipment. The previous step’s panel should be placed on top of the material and traced around it. You’ll need to do this four times on different portions of the fabric to make one pillow.

Step #5: Grab your cotton batting and cover all sides

Then, using cotton batting, repeat the process. This process is repeated four times in order to cover every angle. A total of eight cut-outs must be equal in size and align properly when placed together, including the previous four panels.

Two fabric panels should be stacked on top of each other, with the outer edges facing each other, and fastened together. Leave a little gap at the bottom of the garment for ventilation.

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Step #6: Get started with the details

Cut two eleven-by-five-inch rectangles of white cloth for the detailing and design. Your pillow size and seven short lines determine the measurement. The rectangles on the ends and the short laces in the middle should be sewed in place..

Step #7: Glue the cotton batting panel to the fabric and insert stuffing

The cotton batting panel should be placed on top of both sides of the fabric and glued together with your spray adhesive. Turn the case over once it’s dry. Hand-sew the remaining open edge closed after inserting the cotton stuffing.

The Benefits of Using a Pillow

There are two primary roles of a good pillow: support and cushyness. A closer look at what it can do is provided below:


As you sleep, pillows support your neck and shoulders by elevating your head. It aids in the maintenance of proper spinal alignment. The weight of your head causes your neck to curve slightly forward, allowing you to keep your head in place. It’s critical that you keep this shape as you sleep.

If you sleep on your side or back with a pillow that is too high, your neck will be bent in an unnatural fashion, putting tension on the muscles in your shoulders and back of your neck. In addition, this position may cause your airway to get obstructed, making it difficult to breathe. Snoring may result as a side effect, making it difficult to get a good night’s rest. However, if the pillow is too low, neck muscles might also be strained.

Generally speaking, a cushion should be between 10 and 15 meters high, depending on the size of your body and personal desire. When lying on your back, it should provide adequate support for your head, neck, and shoulders.


Pillows can help you have a good night’s sleep. It aids in your relaxation and sleep, allowing you to wake up refreshed and ready to face the day. The pillow’s surface contributes to overall comfort. Cotton and flannel are popular alternatives to silk pillowcases, which are said to be beneficial for the skin and hair.

How to Sew a Football Pillow

Make a football-shaped pillow to go in the bedroom or rec room of a sports fan. There isn’t much of a difference between making a conventional pillow and a football shape. Fleece or felt can be used to make a fluffy pillow. Use a patterned fabric or a color other than the standard brown for your pillow. If you want the pillow to be a certain size, you can cut the cloth to that size.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Machines for sewing
  • Pinch Pins
  • Scissors
  • Choosing the Right Thread
  • Needle for sewing by hand
  • Fabric
  • Poly-Fill
  • Or Yarn in the Color of White

Print out a football pattern and use it to decorate your paper. The pattern will have the appearance of an oval with two angular tips. For help drawing the pattern, you can consult a real football. A half-inch seam allowance should be added all around the pattern.

When you fold the cloth in half, the right side of the fabric should be facing inward.

Fold the fabric in half and trace the pattern onto it. Cut the cloth around the pattern after pinning it in place.

Pin the cloth pieces together after removing the pattern.

A 1/2-inch seam allowance should be added to the fabric’s raw edges. Turn the pillow right-side-out and stuff it by leaving a 3-inch space.

Turn the fabric over so it’s facing you. The poly-fill should be stuffed into the pillow. Even if you think you’ve filled it to the brim, go ahead and load it even further. Turn under and hand-sew in place to seal up any holes.

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Using the yarn or embroidery floss, thread the needle. The middle of the pillow should be stitched with a running stitch. Your football pillow’s stitching row should be around one-third its width. To finish lacing the football, sew a few stitches across the long stitch.

Final Thoughts on How to Make a Football Pillow

Now that you know how to build a football pillow, you should be able to put one together for yourself. Although the shape is more particular, the process is largely the same as it is for manufacturing other personalized cushions.