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Let your mind wander to the moment you eagerly await the arrival of your bamboo pillow, only to be let down when you open the box and discover that the pillow inside isn’t the plush, fluffy thing you were hoping for. Avoid worrying. Since shipping pillows flat and tightly rolled saves money and time, that’s how they usually arrive at your door.

Read on for advice on how to break in your new bamboo pillow so that it can fully reveal its lofty, pillowy softness.


Textiles made from bamboo are produced by extracting the bamboo’s fibers and spinning them into threads. The fabric has a reputation for being extremely comfortable and soft, as well as hypoallergenic and resistant to the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. The same principle applies when making pillow cases from bamboo.

Our bamboo pillow is soft and supportive because it is filled with shredded memory foam. The pillow will then be able to take on the shape of your head, neck, and shoulders, allowing you to find the most relaxing snooze position possible.

How Do You Use a Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow?


After taking your new pillow out of its packaging, you may smell an off-gassing odor. You can rest assured that this is perfectly normal for bamboo pillows and will go away in time. Let the pillow air out overnight in a well-ventilated area, away from people and pets, so that you can sleep comfortably through the chemical release.

The odor should disappear after shaking your pillow. Any clumps of shredded foam inside will be untangled by doing this. The foam chunks can be further broken up and loosened up using your hands. The pillow can be fluffed up in an entertaining manner by performing karate chops on it. You should let the pillow air out again before using it if you detect any additional off-gassing.

Your pillowcase is now dryer-ready. If you want to wash and dry your pillow without ruining the cover, remove it first. If you don’t take care, you might end up damaging both the pillow and the cover.

Utilizing four to five dryer balls is a crucial step in acclimating your new bamboo pillow. If you don’t have any, clean socks or tennis balls can be substituted. Dry the pillow for around 10 minutes on low heat. Never expose your pillow to direct heat, as this will cause irreparable damage.

Take the pillow out of the dryer and give it another good plumping to break up any clumps of foam and allow more air to circulate through the fill.


Your pillow will eventually flatten out from the constant strain of supporting your head, neck, and shoulders. As a result, it needs to be fluffed up on a regular basis, preferably when you make your bed in the morning so that it has the entire day to air out and rebound. For good measure, you can also give it a quick plumping before bed.

If you want your bamboo pillow to contour to your neck and shoulders and provide the optimal level of support, you should lay high on it. Instead of relieving stress on your neck, you risk adding strain to it.


You must read and strictly adhere to the included care instructions if you want your bamboo pillow to last.

Pillows can accumulate sweat, dust, and dead skin over time, so it’s important to wash it regularly to keep it clean and fresh.

Experts recommend washing the pillow twice yearly and the case as often as needed. If you follow these steps, your pillow will be softer and last longer.

First things first: gather a gentle detergent, a deep basin or sink (a bathtub will do just fine), and a pillow drying rack to dry your pillows flat.

The pillowcase should then be removed and washed in a machine with lukewarm water and a mild detergent using the gentle cycle. Your bamboo pillow case will be ruined if you wash it in water that is too hot or too cold.

Thirdly, squeeze a small amount of mild detergent into lukewarm water and wash the pillow in the sink, tub, or basin. Remember that memory foam is not bleach-safe.

It will be difficult to rinse and dry the pillow if you completely submerge it in the soapy mixture. Simply spread it out on the pillow and give it a light rub. You can avoid washing the stuffing of your pillow if you take good care of it and keep it clean. Extra pillowcases can be worn over the bamboo pillow case to protect the pillow from dust and dirt.

Be sure to give the pillow a thorough rinsing, and repeat as necessary, to remove all traces of soap.

If possible, let the pillow dry on a drying rack in the sun. If you use pillows, you need to make sure they are completely dry. This will stop mildew and mold from forming inside a wet pillow. Mold can’t grow on memory foam, but it will succumb to bacterial and fungal overgrowth if kept in a damp place.

In order to keep your bamboo pillow clean and fresh and to prevent dirt from seeping through to the pillow itself, you should wash it as often as you like. This will not only add to the fabric’s softness but also improve your night’s sleep.

How to Activate Your Pillow and Things to Know

  1. Get rid of the plastic wrap and unwrap the pillow.
  2. Take hold of the cushion and give the shredded memory foam a good shake. If you feel any lumps in your pillow, separate them with your hands. (The foam may have an odor, but this is completely normal for fresh foam and will go away quickly.)
  3. Now is the time to put the memory foam to use! To get rid of the new foam smell, toss the pillow in the dryer on low heat for 10-30 minutes. You can really appreciate the plush, breathable construction of Original Bamboo Pillows once they’ve been through the dryer.
  4. Our shredded memory foam pillows may be a little more firm than you’re used to if you’re used to a traditional down or polyester filled pillow; however, this is perfectly normal. Your life-changing dream sleep is waiting for you right now! You’ll get fantastically rejuvenating sleep thanks to the memory foam because it provides much more support for your head and neck. (even though they feel a little softer than conventional pillows, your quality of sleep will be significantly better with them).
  5. Make sure your neck is properly supported by the pillow at all times to avoid unnecessary strain. If your neck isn’t properly supported by the pillow, you’re probably not using it correctly.

Have the best sleep of your life now.

How to Adjust Your Adjustable Original Bamboo Pillow

Read on if you recently bought one of our new movable pillows.

Unlike our other pillows, you can adjust the firmness of the Adjustable Original Bamboo Pillow. The pillow’s shredded memory foam fill can be customized via a zippered compartment.

What is a Bamboo Pillow? And Other Common Questions About the Eco-Friendly Pillows – Tropic Jade

The shredded memory foam inside can be accessed by unzipping the zipper along one edge of the pillow.

To make it flatter, simply pour out some of the foam (you may want to save the foam in a plastic bag in case you decide to add more foam at a later time).

This will allow you to find the ideal pillow for your needs.

Please have a wonderful night’s sleep.

Pandas Don’t Get Much Sleep

How to break in your bamboo pillow

Unpacking your new pillow, you might pick up a faint odor from the foam. It is normal for brand-new foam to have this effect, so don’t off-gas. In time, it will fade away. If you want to avoid being bothered by the chemical release, you should let the pillow air out for 24 hours in a well-ventilated area away from people and pets.

Now that the unpleasant odor has dissipated, you can grab the pillow and shake it to redistribute the shredded memory foam inside. When large clumps of foam have formed, you may also need to knead the mixture by hand. If you want to make sure you’ve hit all the right spots in your boxing drills, try practicing on a pillow first. If the pillow continues to off-gas, you should let it air out for a while longer before using it.

Next, put your bamboo pillow through the dryer to soften it up. The bamboo pillow case should be removed first to prevent any potential harm from the dryer. (The pillow and its cover should be washed and dried in separate cycles at all times.)

To expedite the process of acclimating your new bamboo pillow, toss in four or five dryer balls. If you don’t have dryer balls, tennis balls or clean socks rolled into tight balls will do the trick. Pillows can be dried in a dryer on low for 10 minutes to remove excess moisture. If you use too much heat, you risk ruining your pillow. At the end of the wash, give it a good fluffing to help the filling loosen and the air circulate.

Regular use

If you sleep on the same pillow night after night, it will eventually flatten out and need to be fluffed. To save time and allow the pillow to breathe after being flat all night, fluff it before you get into bed in the morning.

Make sure you lie high enough on the pillow so that it supports your neck to get the full benefit of the bamboo pillow. If you don’t use a pillow properly, you could be putting unnecessary strain on your neck.

Some pillows allow you to remove some of the filling to customize the firmness to your preference, and then add it back if necessary.

How to wash bamboo pillows

If you want your bamboo pillow to last, make sure you read and follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

The question of whether or not wash wash memory foam pillows with shredded foam dust, sweat, and dead skin will accumulate on your pillow over time and you’ll have to face the dilemma of cleaning it at some point. The importance of cleanliness and hygiene will undoubtedly win out and put an end to the argument about whether or not to wash the pillow.

Washing your pillows too frequently can cause them to lose their shape and fluff. Doing so properly should protect it from harm and maximize its potential.

To start, you’ll need a pillow drying rack to keep the pillow’s shape while it dries from washing and a mild detergent to clean it.

Second, take the pillow out of its cover and wash the cover in a machine using the gentle cycle and warm water with a mild detergent. Your bamboo pillow case will be ruined if you wash it in cold or hot water.

The pillow should then be washed by hand in a sink or basin using lukewarm water and a small amount of gentle detergent. Keeping away from bleach is recommended. The pillow should be washed by hand using a mild detergent and a gentle rubbing motion to ensure that the detergent is evenly distributed across the pillow. The pillow should be moistened, but not drenched, as the latter would make drying it out a hassle.

You should wash the pillow as many times as necessary to remove all traces of soap.

Once finished, lay the pillows out flat on a drying rack in the sun to finish drying. Before you put a cover back on your wet pillows, make sure they’re completely dry. Even though memory foam is resistant to mold, semi-dry environments like a pillow can still foster the growth of bacteria and fungi. You could seriously damage your health doing this.

Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow – The Clean Green Company

If you want to reduce the frequency with which you have to wash your bamboo pillow, it is recommended that you wash the cover regularly. The pillow can be protected even more by using an additional case or two underneath the bamboo case. In fact, the more you wash the case, the softer the bamboo fabric will become.


For the many restful nights and additional health benefits, caring for a bamboo pillow is time well spent.

Care for your bamboo pillow with diligence to ensure many years of restful sleep and renewed energy.