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You can’t go wrong with bead curtains because of their artistic appeal. To make bead curtains, just cut out the beads and thread them onto a string before tying the string to the pole.

Ensure that your curtain rod and threads are robust before you begin crafting a beaded curtain.

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Bead curtains are pricey to buy, but they’re a cinch to create yourself. Discussed below is a step-by-step approach on how to make bead curtains; make sure you read to the end for you to understand the simple approach involved in the whole process.

Things You Will Need

  • Using a caliper
  • Squirrel-proof dowel
  • Pencil
  • Straightedge
  • A piece of graph paper
  • Markers
  • Hooks with eyelets
  • Nail (optional)
  • Fishing line or nylon string
  • Scissors
  • Bead crimping
  • Pliers
  • Beads

1. Measure the Doorway

Measure the inside width and length of the doorway to get an idea of how big your curtain design has to be before you begin. Cut a dowel rod four inches longer than this measurement. Measure two inches from each side and draw a pencil line. In the space between these two spots, use a ruler and a pencil to mark the location of each eyelet hook. Determine how many rows of beads you’ll need by counting the marks.

2. Create a Scaled Drawing

Use one row of beads per strand to make a scaled design on graph paper using your measurements. Pencils and a marker can be used to outline the colors and bead arrangement on this piece. Organize your notes by numbering the rows. In other cases, diagrams may not be essential if you’re trying to achieve a random appearance or use just a few colors. Your curtain pattern is influenced by the size of your beads. You’ll use less beads if you use larger beads than if you use smaller beads.

3. Prepare the Dowel

Each mark on the dowel rod should have an eyelet hook. Self-tapping eyelet screws are most commonly used; however, you can start by nail-nicking the dowel rod mark to produce a beginning point for the screw.

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4. Prepare the String or Wire

The finished curtain should be about 12 inches longer than the nylon thread or fishing wire you used to make it. Because it is both strong and thin, Fire Mountain Gems recommends Accu-Flex as a good beading wire.

5. Prepare Your Beads

If you’re working with more than one color or size of bead, sorting your beads by color or size will speed up your progress on your IY string curtains. The dowel rod should be placed on a big work area. If necessary, move your diagram to a more visible location.

6. String the Beads

Beads can be strung in a pattern you choose or according to your diagram. It’s possible that some people like to work with a single string at a time, while others find that working from left to right yields better results. Stringing a few crimping beads below the knot is one technique to provide more security to the string. Rather than using a knot, crimping beads hold other beads in place by being squeezed tight. Use pliers to hold things in place.

7. Tie Off the String

Secure the ends of each thread by tying them off, and then pull any extra string back through the beads and cutting it off.

8. Hang the Dowel

If you want to use little curtain rod hooks to hold the dowel rod, you can put them on either side of the door frame or nail or screw them straight into the frame.

Easy Steps on How to Make Bead Curtains

The following information will help you estimate how many beads you’ll need for your project.

  • To determine how large or comprehensive your bead curtain should be, measure the aperture (door or window) you intend to hang it from.
  • To take the measurement, you’ll need a measuring tape.
  • You’ll need a strong string for tying the beads.
  • Invest on a sturdy rod, preferably made of wood, to support the beaded curtain.
  • To give your apartment a touch of artistic flair, consider purchasing a variety of beads in various sizes, shapes, and colors.

You can choose from a variety of materials to create a bead that is unique to you.

Step #1: Measure the Window/Door you Plan on Putting the Curtain on

The length of the window is measured in this stage. Using a measuring tape, take the two lengths of the window or door into consideration. You need to know how many beads you’ll need based on the measurement.

The length you measured should be increased by 6 to 12 inches. Having the rod extend past the window or door is the reason for this.

In order to have your beaded curtain within the window or door, measure from top to bottom, from right to left, and in between those two points.

The window or door frame is the only place where additional measurements should be taken.

Step #2: Cut out a Wooden rod With a large Diameter, According to the Measurement Taken

The use of oak, a strong and durable wood, is always a good idea. Avoid using tension rods to hang these beaded curtains, as they will not be robust enough.

If you don’t have a saw, you can buy a wooden rod from a furniture store or make one yourself. If you have a metal rod that can support this bead curtain, take advantage of it. ‘

Step #3: Tie the Hooks to the Wooden rod

In this step, drill holes into the wooden rod so that the hooks can be firmly attached to the rod. Depending on the size of your window or door, the number of hooks needed to build bead curtains in this article will vary.

Hooks will be needed more frequently if your window’s frame is large. Drill the holes into the frame of your window or door if you plan to hang the beaded curtain inside.

Step #4: Get Some Beads and Insert Them Into the String

The “how to build bead curtains” technique is complete after this stage. Take the beads you’ve collected and start stringing them on the thread one at a time.

Afterward, tie the string’s tip to make a lump on the bead’s head by placing it into the string. This prevents the beads in the string from being unevenly spaced.

This method should be repeated until you reach the top of the string, so that when the string is hung, it will be at your chosen length from the top of the wooden rod to the ground. Consider using transparent beads instead of colored beads if you’re using colored string.

Use a string’s head tip to tie to the wooden rod above the window/door frames and allow it to fall after you’ve tied on the needed amount of beads. You’ve just learned how to make bead curtains, and here are some more terms to help you along the road.

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How can I Make Bead Curtains?

How to construct a bead curtain answers this topic perfectly. If you follow the procedures outlined above, it’s a cinch to put together.

How Many Beads can I use?

There must be a minimum of 267 bids. Your window or door’s dimensions will dictate the quantity of beads you need to utilize in this project.

Are Bead Curtains Old Style?

Bead curtains may seem dated, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Bead curtains play an important function in the environment’s aesthetics since they add to the beauty of the space. What does it indicate when most restaurants and shops employ bead curtains? a popular choice for window treatments.

What Type of Rods are Used for Bead Curtains?

Rods used for bead curtains are heavy-duty rods that can support the weight of the hefty beads. Metal or hardwood rods are the most commonly utilized materials.


A thorough explanation of how to manufacture bead curtains has been provided, and mastery of these procedures will allow you to make your own.