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Since I got several requests in my last article to demonstrate the process of hanging beaded curtains, I will explain the fundamental steps that will help you do so in this one. This article is a wonderful resource if you have been trying to figure out how to hang beaded curtains but have been stuck on a starting point.

The traditional and cultural artistry displayed on bead curtains is sure to be a welcome addition to any home. If you follow the instructions below, you will soon learn how simple it is to hang bead curtains in your home.
At ShopWildThings, we have a motto that goes: “The Best People in the World Own Beaded Curtains.” The primary reason for this is our undying devotion to our valued clientele, but we also appreciate Bead Curtains very much. Our clients consistently amaze us with their ingenuity, both in the comfort of their own homes and while putting on a show for their paying customers.

Since the early 1990s, we have been designing, manufacturing, importing, exporting, customizing, and absolutely adoring Beaded Curtains. When it comes to Beaded Curtains, whether made of glass, metal, or acrylic, we know everything there is to know. Beads take up a significant portion of our storage space.

The practical applications of beaded curtains are numerous:

  • Accents for the wedding reception, such as backdrops for the head tables Examine These Stunning Designs by This Artist!
  • In the worlds of theater, television, and film, the art of scenic design is essential.
  • Partitions for use at home, in the dorm, or at a party
  • Making Huge Beaded Curtain “Chandeliers” for the Ceiling: CLICK HERE to View Examples
  • Conceptual Backdrop Design for Unique Occasions
  • Promotional Shop Windows Listed Below Are Some Of Our Favorite Storefront Displays
  • Bringing life to huge, empty rooms in arenas. Have a look at these Suggestions!
  • Home Furnishings Indulge Your Senses in This Wonderful Room!
  • Use a Beaded Curtain in Place of a Common Door
  • Use Beaded Curtains to Hide Your Clothes
  • For Display on a Wall
  • Take a look at the dramatic difference a ceiling treatment can make.

Considering the wide variety of Beaded Curtains available at ShopWildThings, you may be wondering how to choose the right one for your needs. These are the resources at our disposal. Depending on the parameters of your room and your needs, the descriptions below will guide you toward the ideal design. The various kinds of beaded drapes are accessible via the menus on the right.

Blue Beaded Curtains-beaded Door Curtains-door Beaded - Etsy

Curtains made with authentic metal beadwork Metal beaded curtains are popular in a variety of settings, including homes, businesses, and shops. Chain curtains are great for creating a sophisticated, dynamic architectural look, and they are also fire resistant, making them a popular choice for use in casinos and other special event spaces. The chain curtains at local Whole Foods Markets may be something you have noticed. You can personalize our genuine metal beaded curtains any way you like by choosing from a wide selection of beads and finishes. In addition to our BallChain Curtains, we also stock a variety of Linking Chain. There are a variety of standard sizes available for purchase on the site, and you can also get in touch with us to have them made to order in any size you need. You can see some of the custom metal chain and acrylic beaded curtains we’ve made in this video.

Drapes with Bamboo and Wooden Beads The most common application for wooden bead curtains is in the home. Common measurements for these drapes are three feet wide by seven or more feet in length. They’re see-through, so unless you get our Wood Curtains with lots of strands, they might not be the best option for adding privacy. These curtains are commonly used to cover doorways, but they also make a fantastic room divider when hung from the ceiling. To cover more ground, simply hang multiple units side by side. To better visualize how the Wooden Beaded Curtains could look in your own home, we have filmed a few videos. Watch it in this link!

Curtains Made of Acrylic Beads Acrylic Curtains make up the bulk of our Beaded Curtains inventory. You won’t find more brilliant, crystal-clear, and stunning beads than ours. PERIOD. They come in lengths ranging from 6 feet to 24 feet, and there are dozens of different bead styles to choose from. Our Event Planners, TV & Film Studios, and others use them to construct enormous sets. Wedding planners incorporate them in countless ways, from the creation of a custom chandelier to the design of a custom backdrop for the head table. If you use four acrylic curtains, you can make a rectangular “box” that hangs from the ceiling. Acrylic curtains have a wide variety of domestic uses, including but not limited to dressing windows and doors, creating a makeshift headboard for beds, draping over shower doors, and more. Cutting the strands with scissors to make them shorter is a nice option available with Acrylic Curtains. Our “molded on thread” beads ensure that none of them will accidentally hit the floor. Acrylic Curtains can be altered in length, bead strand count, bead type, addition of a metal flexible head rail, and fabric topping all within our Arizona Fabrication facilities. See this video for instructions on how to set up a beaded curtain.

Beaded Curtains Made of Polyvinyl Chloride PVC is a plastic-like material that can be dye-cut into intricate patterns. Silver jump rings are used to join the various shapes together. The great thing about PVC is that the “beads” can be quite large without making the curtain excessively heavy. The jump rings make it simple to adjust the length as needed. You can find PVC beads in colors and designs that range from muted to wild. When it comes to PVC Curtains and Chandeliers, we have a wide variety to choose from. Many well-known designers have collaborated with us on unique installations, using our PVC beaded curtains to create enormous patterns that would be impossible to hang without the beads’ light weight. View the wonders of PVC in action!

The Drapes Are Made From Painted Bamboo Beads Hundreds of bamboo tubes are strung onto wire or fiber line to create the Plain Bamboo and Painted Bamboo Beaded Curtains. In many homes, this is the standard for entryways. Many of our clients find that the best way to conceal the contents of a closet or pantry with no doors is to install bamboo curtains. The high strand count makes them effective at blocking sightlines while still leaving some transparency. If you use this as a door to your dressing room, for instance, people may get a better look at you than you’d like. Please take a few moments of your time to view the video we shot to help you visualize the level of privacy afforded by a Bamboo Plain or Bamboo Painted Beaded Curtain. Find out if a Bamboo Painted Curtain is the right choice for you by watching this video!

Drapes with a Detachable Beaded Top For situations where a curved wall is involved, our Flexible Top Beaded Curtains are the best option. Beaded curtains with metal rods are available in a ready-to-hang Flexible Top style. They can be attached to trusses, walls, or your preexisting track system. Custom sizes and bead selections are no problem for us; we can make Beaded Curtains with Flexible Tops in any length or width you require. We can even make you a curtain with beads on the top (the fabric). Grommets, please. The same holds true for us. If you’d like, you can attach Velcro to the top of your curtains made of fabric. The following installations of Flexible Top Beaded Curtains are breathtaking.

Curtains made of Beads and Jump Rings Our PVC and some of our more upscale Acrylic Curtains are equipped with jump rings. As mentioned in the PVC section, one of the best features of jump rings is that they can be easily adjusted to accommodate alterations.

Wooden Beaded Curtains - ShopWildThings Demo Video - YouTube

Beaded Curtains for Special Event Use: 

Just before the big day:
If you want to prevent your beaded curtains from becoming tangled, our number one recommendation is to leave the knots in place until you are ready to hang them.
At the end of your function:
If you follow these instructions, your curtains should last for many years. The time savings at your next gathering will be substantial.

  1. The curtains can be stored neatly while still up by twisting the individual strands together like a long ponytail.
  2. Gather 10–12 strands at the top and secure them into a ponytail with a twist tie (or other banding material, such as twill ties, ribbon, etc.), working from the top down. A twist tie should be used every three feet from the top to the bottom of the ponytail.
  3. Please insert the header bar into the box. Back and forth across the width of the box is the best way to insert the “pony tails.”
  4. The ties should be clearly visible and not overly tight. If the panels are to be reused, you’ll want to make sure that removing the ties won’t result in the strands being severed.
  5. When fastening with ribbon or twill ties, a bow is preferable to a tight knot.

Look at these Amazing Pictures of Our Beaded Curtains in Action! If you’re looking for motivation, I recommend visiting this page.

How to Untangle a Beaded Curtain:

Each variety of bead on our curtains comes with its own curtain rod. This rod has the beads pre-installed. Simply follow the instructions given (basically, grab two nails and hang ’em up!) , and your beaded curtain will be hanging in no time.

IMPORTANT HINT FOR HANGING BEADED CURTAINS WITHOUT TANGLING: We strongly advise against untying the ties that are wrapped around the strands of your Beaded Curtains, as doing so will almost certainly cause them to become tangled. Get the curtain up first. Once you’ve hung your curtain, you can discard the ties.

HEATED ADVICE FOR STORING BEADED CURTAINS WITHOUT TANGLES: For short-term uses, our Beaded Curtains require little maintenance if you follow these guidelines. Tie the strands of your Beaded Curtains together before you take them down. Approximately 2 feet down from the top hanging rod, gather all the strands and secure them together with a thick ribbon that stands out. The next step is to go down the curtain a few feet and repeat the process of tying the strands together. With that done, you can pack away your curtain. When not in use, our Beaded Curtains can be found in a variety of places, including long duffel bags, large kitchen trash bags, and under-bed storage boxes. Large kitchen trash bags work well for this purpose; simply wrap the bag tightly around the beads to keep them in pristine condition. If you want to keep the beads from getting scratched up while storing your beaded curtains, try to keep them from moving and sliding around each other. This will give you more sparkle for a longer period of time. Acrylic beaded curtains have the added benefit of being easily cleaned and maintained with a furniture spray like Liquid Gold and a rag.

BEADED CURTAINS: HOT TIP FOR UNTIED ENDS When working with a large quantity of beads, tangles are unfortunately inevitable. A “helper” may have messed up your curtain, or you may have been the one to do it. Please hang up your tangled Beaded Curtain before attempting to untangle it. Assure that the rod is hung high enough so that the strands are not dragging on the floor. If you can hang your curtain high enough so that the beads do not touch the ground, even if it is 12 feet or longer, untangling it will be a lot less of a chore to begin with. Beaded curtains are extremely difficult to untangle if you try to do so while they are on the floor. You may start swearing like a sailor and destroying property.

Beaded Curtains can be hung from the rods thanks to the two eyelets located at the top of each rod. Many of our customers use zip-ties to secure the curtains to trusses or other framework during event installations.

Beaded curtain installation at home: Two ‘C’ or ‘cup’ hooks, the kind that screw into the wall, are required for mounting to a door frame. You can find these tiny little things in almost any store. Primarily, they are used to hold plants. You can easily hang your curtain by attaching the hooks to the door frame with screws. Successfully completed! Nails are all you need to hang your curtains flush to the wall or to attach them flat to the doorframe. Nail the rod to the wall and hang the hooks from the rod over the nails.

In addition, we provide magnets equipped with c-hooks, which are perfect for suspending beaded curtains from metal drop-ceilings.

Materials Needed to Hang Bead Curtains.

  1. Slats for curtains
  2. To measure something, use a measuring tape
  3. Screwdriver or hammer – for driving screws or pounding nails into drywall
  4. The bead curtain, after hanging, should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a wash towel.
  5. When making drywall holes, wear these goggles.
  6. How to Hang Beaded Curtains: Ten Simple Steps

Steps on how to hang beaded curtains

Step #1: Take the measurement of the window/door frame

You can determine the size of the bead curtain you need by taking horizontal measurements of the window or door frame.

To ensure an even presentation of the beaded curtain, draw out the beginning of the tape you fixed with metal and stretch your hand to cover the openings.

It’s possible that you hung it up. When researching “how to hang beaded curtains,” this is one of the first considerations.

Step #2: Mark the point where you will hang the curtain rod

To do this, raise your curtain rod so that the top of the beaded curtains is a few inches above the window or door frame.

In order to line up a curtain rod straight and true, you and a friend can hold opposite ends of the rod while you hold the middle.

Step #3: Drill and attach the curtain rod to the wall

Put a hole in the wall at the spot you’d later mark with a pencil, and use the drill to make it happen. Screw the curtain hanger (hook) into the wall after positioning it in the pre-drilled hole.

If a drill is not readily available, you can drive the hook into the wall with a nail and hammer.

When carrying out this procedure, it is recommended that you wear protective eyewear such as goggles to prevent sand from entering your eyes.

Step #4: Hang the curtain on the curtain hangers

To hang beaded curtains, this is the next-to-last stage. In order to hang the beaded curtains, you will need to attach the rod to the curtain hanger you drilled earlier, raise the rod to the level where you fixed the beads, and then hang the rod.

Make sure you drilled the curtain hanger strongly to prevent the beaded curtain from falling off before you hang your curtains by placing a single curtain rod on it and dragging it a little.

Step #5: Clean the beaded curtain

The bead curtain can be cleaned with a vacuum tube or a damp washcloth to remove dust and dirt. To prevent the beads from losing their shine, soak a washcloth in water before using it to clean them.

What is the number of beads required to make bead curtains?

Think about how long your door or window is, and how long the bead curtains need to be to cover it. Typically, the lowest number you can use is 254. If your window or door is particularly small, you may need fewer beads. To complete the instructions in “how to hang beaded curtains,” you’ll need more than 254 beads.

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What is the importance of bead curtains?

Having bead curtains in your home or room is essential if you want to make it look more elegant and attractive. Bead curtains are incredibly beautiful, but surprisingly simple to make once you know the steps.

How can you clean bead curtains?

Beaded curtains can be cleaned by either vacuuming to remove dust or washing them by hand with a mild soap that will not harm the beads.

Are bead curtains hard to make?

If you know what you’re doing, creating your own bead curtain is a quick and easy DIY project. Bead curtains can be made in under two hours and will help you save money.

Are beaded curtains expensive?

Beaded curtains are a luxurious addition to any room, but they can be quite pricey to buy from an interior design store. Prices start at $64 and go up from there, depending on the model you’re looking for.


Following the easy-to-follow instructions outlined in this article will help you hang your beaded curtains like a pro. Hanging beaded curtains requires a firm grasp of the aforementioned procedures.