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Do you want to give your home a more country feel, but aren’t sure where to begin? How to make a burlap curtain is explained in this tutorial. To complete this project, all you’ll need is some time and the ability to sew. Start working on your new curtain panels right away.

Steps on Making Burlap Curtains

Taking a measurement of your window’s width is the first step in the process.

Step Two: Cut two pieces of burlap, one for each panel that is double the width you measured in Step One and long enough to hang over the side of your window ledge by six inches on either end. You will need two 54-inch broad panels if your measurement is 27 inches wide.

After folding the shorter panel in half, you can see how much burlap you’ll need to finish off the hem with. At least four stitches should be used to hem one side of the long folded edge (you can use a sewing machine if you have one). Move to the other side of the panel and repeat steps two and three.

Afterwards, place the two new panels right-side-up next to each other, with their short ends touching, so that you can see how much length they need to be cut off so that they all hang over the window ledge by six inches on each end.

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A pen or marker is used to designate the new panels’ length, then scissors (or similar cutting tool) is used to trim them down.

It’s time to hang the shorter panel over the window, but you’ll need to repeat Steps Two through Four on the other side as well.

Once the curtain is in position, use a ladder to hold up one side of it, and then screw or nail your rod in between the two sides and at each end. Make sure the rod is level by using a leveler tool on all three places.

Step Seven: To finish hanging your curtains, simply repeat Step Six on the other side of the window.

What are Burlap Curtains?

Window treatments known as burlap curtains are crafted from the natural fibers of the burlap plant. It can be used in many different types of decorating styles and because it’s lightweight and easy to work with, they make for an inexpensive option when compared to other materials like cotton or lace curtains.

How to care for Burlap Curtains?

You may wash burlap curtains in the washing machine on the delicate cycle. Dry them on a clothesline or by hanging them up to dry in the air.

How to Install Burlap Curtain Rods?

Order curtain rods that are about four inches shorter than the width of the window, so there will be space on either side of the window.

Next, insert two pieces of wood on either side of the window, making sure that they are thin enough to fit inside the frame.

With a level on top of both parts, nail or screw them into place with screws or nails for wood or nails for metal, respectively.

Hooks should be screwed into the top of the board about 18 inches apart.

How to Wash Burlap Curtains?

No matter what material your curtains are made of, it’s a good idea to wash them regularly. This can be done with a light soap and some chilly water. If you wet the fabric too much, you run the danger of shrinkage both in breadth and length.

Close the door of your washing machine and place one end of the curtain inside.

To begin, select the gentle or delicate cycle for your washer.

Step Three: For every four cups of water used in this process, add a quarter cup bleach and one tablespoon rug shampoo.

As a final step, turn on the washing machine. In the meantime, choose how you want to hang your curtains and get the necessary hardware ready.

Afterwards, take down your curtains and hang them back up. Step Five:

Can I Iron My Burlap Curtain?

Your burlap curtain should not be ironed. With a moist towel, you can spot clean any soiled areas to avoid water rings.

During the weekend, if the weather is moderate, you can speed up the drying process by hanging wet curtains in direct sunlight or over a heating vent.

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Should you dye Burlap Curtain?

Burlap’s natural color is cream, not beige. There is one exception to this rule: if you want the curtains to be brown or black so that they better match your décor.

How much is Burlap Curtain?

Size and quality affect the price of a burlap curtain. At your local craft store, for instance, you may buy an unfinished panel for as little as $25 per fabric panel, or you can pay hundreds of dollars per yard if you buy a large quantity.

Floor Length Burlap Curtains for $7.50 a Panel

I’ve had these curtains hanging in my living room for a few months now, and I’m finally getting around to writing a tutorial on how to make them! This is the first time I’ve seen anything like it.

They let in light while keeping the street from seeing into the living area. The ribbon at the top of the burlap provides a slight blush of color and a bit of sturdiness.

Despite being up for nearly six years, these curtains still stand (or should I say hang?). A lot of damage was done to the bottoms by the cats and rabbit, but since I had the couch blocking it, it doesn’t really matter to me.

You could feed an entire country with the money you’d spend on four floor-length panels, if you haven’t gone shopping for them in a while. Using a coupon and a discount, I was able to buy all the burlap I needed at Joann’s for about $30. $30 vs. $400: what’s the better deal? Yes, please!

Despite my best intentions, I couldn’t get my burlap to pool at the bottom because I had a dog, a cat, and, of course, a rabbit who was determined to throw anything in his way (apparently this is a rabbit thing).

My curtains come to a point where they are almost touching the floor. I purchased 11 yards of fabric for each panel because I required a little less than 2.75 yards. The type of cloth you require will be determined by the type of window you have.

Here’s how it all went down: Burlap, an iron, a piece of ribbon, and a sewing machine are all you need for each panel.

To begin, measure the length of your burlap in addition to the width of your ribbon by a few inches. Confused? It will all become clear in a moment.

Wrap the burlap around the ribbon to hide it. It’s best to maintain the burlap’s grain straight and the spacing between strings square rather than diamond-shaped.

Tuck the ribbon inside, pressing it firmly against the ironed-on seam to keep it secure.

Pin the burlap to the ribbon with a safety pin. Thread the needle and sew a straight line through the ribbon.

I used five clips each panel to attach the curtains to the rod. These Classic Clip Rings in Brushed Sienna are similar to the ones I purchased at Joann’s.


Pinning this for later is a great idea.

At this time of year, our burlap curtains continue to be one of the top searches on Google. Perhaps I’m not alone in my admiration for the farmhouse transitional style. This item has been updated for the year 2021, with new source links and helpful tidbits.

Many coupons are available online, so I printed one for 50% off Michael’s Crafts. With the voucher, I was able to get a yard for $1.50. Each curtain panel required 3 1/2 yards of fabric. The texture and color of the burlap were the perfect complements to the room’s decor.

It’s easy to make a light-filtering curtain panel out of burlap.


The texture that burlap curtains provide to a room is incredible. The burlap texture adds warmth to our vast family room while avoiding a heavy appearance near the windows.

It’s also possible to line your curtain panels to keep out the sun.

Burlap curtain panels hang on each of the windows in a pair.

Burlap curtains are another great option for giving a room a more rustic vibe.

Sofa sectional with chaise slipcovers for sale

The contrast between the blue/green walls and the light brown burlap curtain panels is stunning.

Benjamin Moore’s Wythe Blue is the name of the paint color on the walls.

Such a pleasant aroma.


Let’s get started, shall we?

Michaels Crafts had the majority of what I needed to make these burlap curtains. It’s possible to get these things at just about any retail establishment.

Things you’ll need:

Make a hem for the curtain panels using Stitch Witchery.

Pins for curtain panels

Cut the curtain panels using scissors.

Stitch witchery was attached to the burlap fabric using a steam-filled iron.

To get the best results, use a steam iron that has been preheated to a high temperature. I’d advise you to work on a huge surface area (like the floor).

Step 1

I folded around 10 inches for a deep pocket and pinned it in place.

Step 2

Make a stitch witchery hem on the burlap fabric by placing it where you would normally sew.

Having a thick blanket or towel behind your burlap curtain panel may be a good idea to protect the carpet.

Please read my essay on how to get rid of burlap odor if you discover that your burlap cloth curtain has one.

The burlap fabric clung to the stitch witchery with ease.

If you want your curtain panel to have a hemmed appearance all the way around, you can use the stitch witchery technique. The top hem of my curtain panel had a deep pocket, the sides were ragged, and the bottom hem had a short hem.

Go with what you’re most comfortable with!

In this photo, the family room is decorated for the holidays.

Creating these no-sew curtain panels couldn’t have been easier!

I made 10 burlap curtain panels for this room in approximately 45 minutes, and they look fantastic!

With this no sew “white” burlap curtain project, you’ll find the perfect light-colored burlap fabric curtain panel decorated with twists of sisal yarn.

The drapes in two rooms of our home are now made of burlap. It’s a low-cost and simple way to add beautiful curtains to any room.

This Old House magazine photographers couldn’t believe the burlap drapes were fashioned from raw burlap when they arrived for their picture shoot (click here to see that post).

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Burlap curtains can be substituted with any other fabric in the same manner. Non-100 percent cotton fabrics are my favorites. Curtains should have a touch of texture, and the cloth should hang well.

To save time and money, you can buy curtain panels that look extremely similar to mine but aren’t made from scratch.

Looking for something similar to mine in this photo? This white slipcovered chaise sectional sofa would be a good option. We also have a white sectional if you’re looking for something more classic.

In our new Mediterranean home, I’ve installed these curtain panels in the family room.

When it comes to conserving money, this tutorial on how to build curtains out of burlap has been the greatest so far.

Not only do the burlap curtains brighten and soften the space, but I also believe they contribute to the room’s overall light and airy appearance.

There is only one drawback to using burlap curtains: they cannot be washed. However, given the price, I am content to shake the panels outside a few times a year.

Our family room and “Fall Home Tour” posts feature many more images of these drapes, as well as how we used wide pine planks to create a modern cottage vibe on the walls.