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Most homeowners opt for tried-and-true window dressings like curtains, blinds, and valances made of woven or woven-look fabrics. Finding a covering that works well for sun protection, privacy, and aesthetic harmony can be a challenge. The answer, for some homeowners, is to…

Stenciled Sign

Mary from At Home on the Bay replaced the valance above her kitchen window with a board made from reclaimed wood and stenciled with a design by Lemonade Makin’ Mama. The room is illuminated by natural light without feeling too stark thanks to the valance’s rustic design. The upbeat message and vibrant colors may also serve as a welcome dose of motivation to finally get around to washing the dishes.

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Rustic Privacy Screen

Instead of using curtains or blinds, a privacy screen can be a stylish addition to a large bay window. This do-it-yourself entryway gate takes design cues from traditional farm entrances. This project is straightforward to duplicate thanks to its use of tongue-and-groove pine boards and hinges.

Frosted Glass Design

The view of the outdoors is completely obscured by the frosted glass’s high level of privacy. In contrast, you can make a unique pattern with low-tack tape and frosted glass spray paint that provides some privacy while letting in natural light. Further, a frosted pattern can serve as a decorative accent, as shown by the whimsical geometry of this design by A Beautiful Mess.

Faux Stained Glass

When used as a window treatment, stained glass not only adds a splash of color but also filters light in a beautiful and distinctive way. If you want to emulate the style of the bloggers at A Beautiful Mess, you could try your hand at making a stained-glass window. Glass, lead adhesive strips, and glass paint can all be found at your neighborhood arts and crafts shop, so you can easily complete the project.

Tablecloth Linens

Any fabric, even table linens, can be used to make a quick and easy window treatment for a home. Debbie from Debbie Doo’s snagged some pretty curtain clips and hung some cloth napkins from a rod. The end result is a quick and upbeat variation on the standard valance.

Vintage-Style Shutters

In reality, these shutters by Vintage News Junkie are made out of IKEA bed slats, but they look like they’ve been around for a century! Any size of window can have this piece made to fit it. Distressed paint and barn door hardware complete the country feel.

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Glass Window Shelves

Little windows like the ones typically found above a kitchen sink don’t need to be completely covered. Instead of curtains, these windows can have a set of glass shelves installed. Taking this route allows them to display knickknacks, herbs, or whatever else strikes their fancy while still maintaining their privacy. In order to spruce up her shelves, Pretty Handy Girl’s Brittany bought a number of potted plants.

Lace Windowpanes

Tenants will love this brilliant window covering! Annabel Vita, an avid do-it-yourselfer, has discovered that she can have both privacy and natural light by applying lace directly to window glass with a cornstarch paste. This is a simple, cheap, and low-commitment DIY because the lace can be removed entirely with a warm water wash.

DIY Rolled Valance

The installation of a simple shade can often be the most effective method of increasing the level of darkness and privacy in a given space. The Painted Hive crafted this rolled valance out of lumber, fabric, natural linen ribbon, and rustic buttons to conceal a functional roller shade. Hemming tape provides a quick and easy no-sew option for assembling the window treatment.

Faux Leaded Glass

You can paint some privacy onto your windows by following the tutorial at It All Started With Paint and painting faux leaded glass. Permanent window coverings befitting a historic home are made by applying leading strips and gallery glass paint in clear and black to the glass.

Hanging Herb Garden

A beautiful and functional window treatment that can also liven up a plain kitchen blind is an indoor garden. Even though Amber did not use flowers in her pots, she still had the option to do so in The Bird and Her Song.

Ribbon Garland

A garland made from a variety of ribbons knotted over a cord or dowel makes a light and elegant window treatment. You can make it any color, any pattern, any length, and even combine different textures for a truly unique look.

Wood Vertical Blinds

An old, heat-treated pallet can be put to good use inside the house if it is repurposed and hung as a unique window covering. Use the drilled hole to attach the pallet boards to curtain rings; the slats can be slid closed at night and opened during the day. Visit Instructables to read the full guide.

Feed-Sack Curtains

The café curtains in this contemporary country kitchen are made from repurposed feed sacks. The bags were hemmed by Anita from Far Above Rubies, and she hung them from a wire using rings. The completed curtain adds a touch of warmth and coziness to the space.

Macrame Hanging

Knots can be very helpful when you want to cover your windows in a way that isn’t the norm. To match your backsplash, floor coverings, or sense of style, you can customize this DIY macrame window hanging from Little Vintage Cottage by threading it together with nylon cord, jute, or rope and tying it in any number of designs.

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Curtain Call

Anyone can find a window treatment that complements their decor.

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