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You would be wrong to assume that your old curtains are completely useless. With some creative thinking, your old drapes can be transformed into something new and beautiful.

Barn & Willow is committed to sustainability (hence our use of only non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials), so we’ve compiled a list of some creative ways to reuse your drapes once you’re done with them. Here are a few chic alternatives to using your drapes as window treatments, such as bed canopies, shower curtains, and more.

1. Make bed canopies.

The addition of curtains to a canopy bed is the quickest way to make a bedroom feel fresh and new. Using the ceiling-mountable drapery hardware from Barn & Willow, you can transform your boring bed into a stylish canopy bed.

5 Stylish Ways to Repurpose Your Old Drapes

2. Score a showy shower curtain.

Instead of using a boring shower curtain, why not hang a beautiful drapery panel? You can quickly and easily upgrade your bathroom decor by combining a used curtain panel with a shower curtain liner (you may need to add new holes to align them properly for hanging hooks, though).

3. DIY your own room dividers.

Are you trying to find a classy method to create separate areas in a room with an open layout? Use old drapes hung from a ceiling rod in place of cumbersome room dividers to create visually distinct spaces in your home.

4. Fashion a cool closet coverup.

Neither your wardrobe nor your kitchen cabinets have any doors? OK, that’s not a problem at all. You can make a stylish door display that hides your less-than-appealing belongings by hanging a couple of old drapery panels from a rod inside your closet or pantry.

5. Design your own throw pillows.

You adore the way your favorite patterned drapes look, but you just can’t seem to make them work in your new place. With the help of a dependable sewing machine, you can turn your old curtains into cute decorative pillows.

Ideas What to do With old Curtains

Idea #1.If you have some old curtains lying around, the first thing to do is to wash them. Curtains should be washed in a tub of warm water and soap if they are particularly dirty. Use a sponge or cloth to thoroughly clean them. After washing the curtains, give them one last good rinsing to get rid of any lingering dirt.

Idea #2.After that, decide what you’ll do with the old drapes. Use them as a drop cloth when painting or varnishing, as a curtain for a too-short window, or to cover couches, armchairs, and ottomans.

Idea #3.Stuff them and sew up one end to make pillows, or use them to make curtains if they’re in good enough shape. Double-stitch the curtain panels together and you’ll have custom window coverings.

Idea #4:There are a number of options for getting rid of old curtains for good. If they are still in good condition, you could give them away.

They can be recycled alongside regular trash.

Idea #5.By folding the top of each curtain panel over each other, you can create a tablecloth or use the fabric for rags.

How Long do I use my Curtain??

Numerous aspects determine how long a given fabric will hold up. The durability of your will be significantly reduced if your natural fibers have not been treated curtains might not last as long as they would if chemically treated to repel dirt and stains. Still, given that each dwelling is unique, it’s tough to generalize about how long a curtain panel will hold up. While some people open their curtains on a daily basis, others may not do so until once a year.

The frequency with which you use your curtain, in addition to the type and quality of the fabric used to make it, will determine its longevity.

Spending more time in the sun causes dyes to fade more rapidly. You can expect new drapes to last longer if they are made without the use of chemical dyes.

Heavy curtains collect a lot of dust and dirt over time, so most experts advise replacing them after 15 years. If your curtains are faded or worn, it may be time to get a new set.

After five years, synthetic drapes should be replaced. Curtains made of silk or wool can last for 15–20 years with proper care, but if they are not machine washable, you will need to have them cleaned professionally every few years.

How do I Clean my Old Curtains?

The majority of curtain fabrics can be hand washed in cold water with a mild detergent.Dry-cleaning could be the best option if the fabric is fragile or if you are unsure of how to wash it on your own.

Do I Need Bleach to Clean my old Curtains?

To clean your old drapes, bleach is unnecessary.

20 Repurposing Ideas To Make Good Use Of Old Curtains - DIY & Crafts

Do you Need to Wash new Curtains Before Hanging Them up?

The drapes should be clean and fresh before being hung on the windows or doors, and this is especially true if they are made of a fabric that can be machine washed.

Do you Need to Take Down old Curtains?

The window treatments should be professionally cleaned or replaced if they are dirty or made of an unwashable fabric. If the drapes are in good enough condition to be washed by hand, do so and then let them dry in the fresh air.

How to Wash old Curtains?

Tie the drapes together in the middle, fill both ends with water, and hang them outside on the clothesline for a quick cleaning.Because of this, the fabric will be thoroughly cleaned and restored to its original state.

Unless they are made of a material that can withstand the elements, drapes may need to be washed and dried in a conventional washing machine and dryer.A pair of buckets, one filled at each end, hung inside on a clothesline will serve the same purpose.

Should I Iron my old Curtains?

Wrinkles in your old curtains can be easily removed by ironing them.Irons should be set to a warm or cool setting, rather than a hot one, to prevent melting or scorching the fabric.

Can I dye my old Curtains?

If you have some fabric that hasn’t been used in a while, you might want to consider dyeing it a new color if it’s no longer quite what you’re after.Dyeing is a fantastic option for revitalizing faded curtains.

For the best results, use Rit Dye in either blackberry (a dark purple) or black cherry (a vibrant red).


20 Repurposing Ideas To Make Good Use Of Old Curtains

1. DIY Bed Canopy

Even though I have always loved canopy beds, I have never actually purchased one. They’re not cheap. The use of old curtains to create a bed canopy is a cost-effective alternative to buying a new canopy bed. Translucent drapes are perfect for this. Drape them from a rod suspended from the ceiling and they’ll cover the space above your bed. Making a canopy out of your old curtains is a fantastic way to recycle them while also giving your bedroom a stylish new look.

2. Easy New Table Runner

I think it’s brilliant that you’re going to make a table runner out of those old curtains. I have a slight addiction to collecting table runners. I have plenty for all the different seasons and events, and some of them are even made from materials that I would have otherwise thrown away. Actually, the material thickness of curtains makes them ideal for use as a table runner, and they are available in so many lovely patterns and colors. You can make matching valances for your new table runner if you have enough extra curtains.

3. Apron From Old Curtains

Wraparound aprons can be easily fashioned from old valances. An old valance from the kitchen would work wonderfully. The patterns and colors of the kitchen valances can be easily repurposed into lovely new aprons. The apron is easily put together by lacing a ribbon through the panel’s upper opening and tying the ends together. It’s a simple and fast project that may require some cutting and hemming, depending on the length of the panel.

4. Lovely Homemade Cloth Napkins

You can turn your old curtains into a beautiful set of matching cloth napkins, which will look great with the homemade table runner you’ve been planning. Make the napkins to your desired size before cutting and hemming. If you don’t feel like breaking out the sewing machine, you could probably get away with using fabric glue to make the hem instead.

5. DIY Draft Stopper

Use this draft stopper to put your old curtains to good use. The thicker the fabric, the more drafts it will block under the door, making this an excellent project for heavier drapes. You can use anything from sand and cat litter to rice to fill it up. Create a tube out of the fabric, and stuff it with whatever you like. You’ll stop the drafts that cost you money and keep the heat in, and you’ll reduce your energy consumption overall.

6. Decorative Fabric Garland

Making a garland out of old curtains is a great way to spruce up your home for any occasion, whether you’re celebrating a holiday or not. Using a pair of scissors, cut your curtains into strips; this is especially effective with panels that have a lot of color or decoration on them; and then tie them together using twine, rope, or even strips of burlap. An old, unused curtain panel can be transformed into a stunning accent piece for your rustic living room in a matter of minutes.

7. Easy DIY Curtain Market Bag

This lovely shopping bag was fashioned from a repurposed curtain. I really like how simple it is to put together, and how well thick curtains work for it. You can make it extra sturdy by reinforcing the seams, making it suitable for use as a beach bag or a large purse. It’s incredible what you can do with some old curtains, right? Projects that can be reused are the best.

8. Cute And Fun Kids’ Fort

I love this idea for a kids’ fort because my kids have been making blanket forts for years. If we need the blankets for something else, you can make a teepee or fort out of the old curtains and leave it up for them to play in whenever they like. If you have some spare curtains lying around, this is a fun way to give your children a new toy.

9. DIY Curtain Turned Artwork

Even though this is meant to be a shower curtain art project, any kind of curtain would work just fine. You can use that fancy curtain to create wall decor that will impress anyone who visits your home. Making a canvas to hang your print on is as simple as that. Curtain fabric can be cut and framed to make decorative art; this is a fantastic idea for children’s curtains featuring favorite cartoon characters or seashells.

10. Colorful And Easy DIY Closet Doors

I am fortunate to have spacious closets in my home with high-quality doors. The brilliant idea of making a closet door out of curtains is perfect for those who don’t have access to doors in the places they need them. A simple solution is to install curtain rods across the top of your closet door and hang curtains across them. Curtain doors can be easily tied out of the way with some burlap strips or twine.

11. Handmade Pillow Covers From Curtain Panels

Add some warmth and style to your bedroom or living room with these handmade pillow covers. Simply by cutting the curtains to size, you can make pillowcases out of them. This is a great way to reuse your old curtains every time you want to update the look of your bedroom by switching out the bedspread or curtains. You only need to do a little sewing and then you can decorate it with pillows.

12. Indoor Or Outdoor Cushions

These fabulous cushions can be made from old curtains with just a little bit of sewing and stuffing. A curtain with a striking pattern or vivid hues would be ideal for this undertaking. Cushions for your outdoor furniture or dining room chairs are a great way to add color without going overboard because their small size makes the bolder hues look more muted.

13. DIY Fabric Yarn

Fabric yarn has a wide range of potential applications. Fabric yarn is fantastic, and you can make some from your old curtains if you crochet, knit, or use some other method. You shouldn’t use lined curtains here, but semi-sheers or other light fabrics will look great. To make a yarn ball, snip into strips and roll. You can then make a wide variety of wonderful items out of your fabric yarn.

14. Easy DIY Slip Covers

Using slip covers is one of my favorite things ever. As far as ways to revamp the look of your living room go, they can’t be beat for simplicity and cost. Slip covers made from previously used curtains are a great addition to the benefits of using them. While it is most straightforward to create slip covers for armless, straight-backed chairs, you can, of course, adapt this method to fit any size or shape of chair, love seat, or couch.

15. Curtain Covered Bulletin Board

Fabric from an old curtain can transform a plain bulletin board into a work of art. You can use the curtain as a backdrop for your homemade bulletin board. You can find foam board for a few dollars at any craft or office supply store. To finish, just cover the board with your curtain material and fasten it in place with staples, fabric glue, or upholstery tacks.

16. DIY Fabric Shower Curtain From Curtain Panels

Turn two standard curtain panels into a luxurious shower curtain. When searching high and low for the perfect shower curtain, you may find that the right color or pattern is already present in a different curtain. If you can’t find the right theme in a set, this is also a good way to get matching curtains and shower curtain. It’s a great idea to turn an old set of curtains into a shower curtain.

17. Beautiful DIY Curtain Headboard

Bed room makeovers can be expensive, but DIY headboards are a great way to get a fresh new look for very little money. DIY headboards are easy to make out of curtains, which can be a great way to recycle an old set. The curtains are simply hung behind the mattress, and a solid frame is hung in front. When completed, the effect is stunning, as if the frame were floating in midair.


18. Curtain Room Dividers

Prices for conventional partitions can run high. You can save money and give the room a one-of-a-kind look by using old curtains as a divider. Curtains can be hung from the ceiling by attaching a curtain rod to it. Offering some personal space in a large room can be accomplished in this fashion. It’s possible to partition the area without erecting any sort of structural barrier.

19. Easy DIY Quilt

Making a quilt out of old curtains beats throwing them away or letting them gather dust in a closet. You can make blankets in any size you like by cutting strips from your curtains. The perfect repurposing project, especially if you need a one-of-a-kind present for an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or baby shower is to make a quilt out of previously loved curtains.

20. Raggedy Roses – Five Different Ways

Make some beautiful rustic roses out of your old curtains by cutting them up and arranging them in a vase. The roses can then be used to create various items, such as tiebacks for curtains, hair bows, and even picture frames. Repurposing curtains is a fantastic idea, and I especially adore the idea of using roses as a decorative element. You can use the roses to adorn furniture, walls, and more because they’re so simple to make. They look stunning on throw pillows, and when combined with a variety of curtain styles and colors, the resulting decor is truly one-of-a-kind.