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The best thermal curtains to keep heat out are a wise investment if you have trouble with hot rooms or strong sunlight, and they may be a true lifesaver in hot climes or during the searing summers. You don’t even have to buy an air conditioner or fan to keep your space cooler with these products.

There are a variety of thermal curtain options on the market, so it is vital to keep in mind that not all of them are the same. Choose a blackout thermal curtain with triple-woven cloth and blackout technology for the best possible insulation. Furthermore, despite the common misconception that higher prices equate to higher quality, this is not always the case. Quality drapes can be had at a fraction of their retail price.

Keep in mind the dimensions of your window while you’re shopping. Many of the options in our collection have curtains that come in various lengths and sizes, which is vital because you want heat-resistant curtains that meet your space requirements.

However, there are so many options available that it’s simple to become lost in them. As a result, I’ve compiled a list of the top thermal curtains for your review.

How Much Does it Cost?

Thermal curtains typically cost between $140 and $150, but you can save money if you buy them from an outlet store. In order to entice consumers to buy new window coverings and accessories before they leave their homes during the hot months, several businesses offer bargains at this time of year.

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How Long are Thermal Curtains?

With a variety of sizes, most thermal curtains are roughly 84 inches in length. If you have multiple windows, you don’t have to worry about changing the curtain rod or hardware.

Thermal Drapes vs. Thermal Curtains: What is the Difference?

While shopping for window treatments, make sure to keep your home’s temperature as even as possible. During the warmer months, thermal drapes and curtains help keep your home warm by preventing sunlight from entering the windows.

What are the Benefits of Thermal Curtains?

Thermal curtains help keep your home warm throughout the summer months by preventing sunlight from penetrating your windows.

One of the best ways to save on heating and cooling costs is to install a geothermal system. You won’t have to use as much energy to keep your rooms at a comfortable temperature.

Thermal curtains also shield your windows from prying eyes, so you don’t have to be concerned about who might be peering in.

As a result of the manner they’re constructed, they’re extremely long-lasting. In addition, because many of them are machine-washable or dry-clean-only, they are easier to maintain.

Thermal curtains are a cost-effective alternative to more expensive materials like vinyl or canvas coverings for protecting your property from the outdoors.

How to Clean Thermal Curtains?

Hand-washing thermal curtains in cold water and a mild detergent is the best method of cleaning them. They could be natural fibers, like cotton or silk, if that’s the case.

Since the cloth will eventually become brittle, you should avoid using any strong chemicals on them. If you clean your thermal curtains once or twice a year, they’ll last longer as well.


  • Before washing the thermal curtains, make sure to unzip the zippers. Any shrinking or dye bleed is prevented since water does not get trapped between the layers of the fabric. – Afterward, place your window treatments outside on a clothesline for one night so that they can dry.
  • Ensure that your flooring is protected against wet spots by laying a drop cloth or large piece of plastic down on the floor.
  • As a result, the thermal curtains will be less likely to wrinkle when you remove them from the dryer and hang them in your home again.
  • It’s important to remember to use hangers that won’t damage your clothing, such as metal clips with matching clothespins on each one.

Do I Need to Iron my Thermal Curtains?

Yes. Using an iron to iron your thermal curtains will help reduce creases and lint buildups. Don’t let the steam setting of an iron touch the curtain, since this will leave a watermark.

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Best Overall: Best Home Thermal Blackout Curtain

Best Home Fashion’s thermal curtains are the best, and for good reason. First, they have a thick triple-weave lining that blocks light and UV rays to keep your home cool even in the most extreme conditions. To prevent fabric from tearing, the grommets on these curtains are antique brass. The curtains are also available in a range of colors, so they may be used in almost any decor. Because of the extra-large size (up to 100 inches wide! ), these curtains are ideal for use on sliding glass doors.

“Love this brand of black out curtains,” one person wrote in an effort to be helpful. I’ve tried a few others, but these are by far my favorite. In order to keep out the 110+ degree heat of Las Vegas summers, I installed these over my sliding back door in my kitchen and in my living room, and I’m so glad I did! There will be panels in every room of my house with these designs!

  • Sizes: 80′′W x 96′′L, 100′′W x 96′′L, and 100′′W x 108′′L
  • A total of 18 different shades are on hand.

Best Pick For Smaller Windows: AmazonBasics Room Darkening Blackout Window Panel Curtains

AmazonBasics Blackout Window Panels for Darkening the Room (2-Pack)

Short thermal panels are the best option for insulating a smaller window. With so many colors and sizes to pick from, it’s easy to find a perfect match for these curtains, which cost less than $35 for two 63-inch long panels. These sun and UV-blocking curtains feature a triple-woven fabric construction.

Sunblocking is essential. [It’s] really sturdy Keep my room chilly and dark in the morning with these for a few years now.”

  • The following sizes are available: 42″ x 63″, 42″ x 84″, 42″ x 96″, 52″ x 63″, 52″ x 84″, 52″ x 96.”
  • 21, includes both plain and patterned hues.

A Fun, Patterned Pick: HLC.ME Lattice Print Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

Thermal curtains are made of soft, thick polyester that feels like velvet to the touch and blocks out the sun. Like the greatest thermal curtains, the fabric is triple-woven to significantly limit light and noise, making them an ideal accent to any bedroom. Plus, they can be washed in the machine, making maintenance a breeze.

“Definitely work against the heat outside!” […] All day long, my apartment is bathed in sunlight, which is a good thing most of the time. But if it’s hot and sunny, the unit might quickly boil. I saw a big difference when I tried these out. They’re a little wrinkled, but I’m confident you can fix it by washing them first. They don’t completely block out light, but they do an excellent job of keeping the hot sun at away.”

  • A wide range of sizes are available to suit your needs; the 37 W x 54 L, the 37 W x 72 L, and the 72 L sizes are just a few examples: 52 W x 45 L, 52 Wx54L L, and 52 Wx63L L; 52 Wx72L L, and 52 Wx84L L; 52 Wx86L L, and 52 Wx96L L.
  • To choose from: 9 colors

How Thermal Curtains Work

To further understand how thermal curtains function, consider how you typically dress to stay warm in the winter: You do this by wearing several layers of clothing over one another. A community manager at the Plumbing Lab explains that “thermal curtains function the same way, but in our houses.” In order to prevent hot air from escaping, curtains are layered to trap it between the layers of fabric. Designed by Angela Boswell, the co-founder of The Drape, this “air pocket” and layered cloth “reduces thermal transference” when stretched over a window. To put it another way, no matter how cold or hot it is outside, no one inside will notice a difference in temperature. Thermal curtains keep your room warm even if it’s snowing outside.

Material Matters

Instead than focusing on the brand name while looking for thermal curtains, consider the specific materials available. According to Marco Bizzley, certified interior designer and consultant at HouseGrail, all thermal insulated drapes are produced from heavy, thick textiles such as cotton and polyester: Air cannot get in or out of your windows because of this. Window treatments aren’t all the same, but paying attention to fabric thickness can help ensure a successful purchase. According to Boswell, “the less transference there is, the thicker and more dense the window curtain fabric is.” There should be more than one layer of cloth in a thermal window panel, according to this rule: To determine if the fabric you’re looking at is densely woven while shopping for curtains in person, Boswell recommends taking a picture of the cloth with your phone’s camera. It’s a tight weave with thermal properties if “no light, or minimal light, comes through,” she says.

Year-Round Comfort

Thermal curtains aren’t just for the cold months; they’re also useful in the heat. Home designer Michelle Keldgord explains, “Basically, they’ll retain heat where you want it—either inside or outside. According to Keldgord’s advice, “You may effectively cool your home by trapping heat between the window and the curtain.” Temperature-regulating thermal curtains aren’t just wonderful for your health; they can also save you money. Customers can save money on their utility costs thanks to these devices, says Bizzley. As a result, heating and air conditioning systems will not have to work as hard because of the curtains. According to Boswell, this type of weatherproofing is far more appealing than plastic window insulation because it comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles.

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It’s all thanks to NICETOWN!

Light Reduction: Nicetown

Because they are thick and densely woven, the best thermal curtains also have room-darkening properties, making them suitable for use as blackout curtains. Nicetown’s Bizzley says of this set, “These are some of my favorites.” There is an additional brown cloth covering the insulating layer, which blocks out light as well as air. To further enhance your home’s air quality and cleanliness, these curtains feature a second layer that traps particles in the air.

Currently available at nicetown.com for $85.50 a pair, four-layer thermal blackout curtains.

Light Reduction: HPD

This pair is also recommended by Bizzley. This curtain, he says, is “my favorite since it’s made of 100% polyester and has a weighted hem that makes the curtain thick enough to prevent warm air from escaping.

Currently on sale at Amazon.com for $38.24, the HPD Thermal Room Darkening Curtain.

Light Reduction: Sun Zero

Thermal drapes can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. There are a variety of color and size options to choose from in this set, which Keldgord says will keep your room “dark” and “fit any design.”

Sun Zero Barrow Rod Pocket Curtain, $17.57, amazon.com.

Noise Reduction: MIUCO

Want some silence to go along with your cozy environment? There are certain thermal curtains that also include noise-blocking features. Keldgord recommends these for people who are “sick and tired of the noise coming in from the outside world.”

You can get this room darkening thermally insulated grommet from Amazon for $19.99 right now.

Woven Pleated Blackout Curtains | very.co.uk

Eco-Friendly: Moondream

A major selling point for Bizzley’s curtains is that they were made without the use of any toxic chemicals. In order to keep air from entering or leaving, it is lined with 99.7% polyester and has a thermal insulated exterior.

Shop Now: Moondream Thermal & Blackout Curtain, $59, moondreamwebstore.com.

The Moondream Thermal & Blackout Curtain is available now for $59 at moondreamwebstore.com.

Smaller Windows: BGment

These are a “clear winner” for shorter windows, notes Keldgord. And if you think neutral colors fit better into your home décor style, look no further than these pieces.

When it comes to shorter timeframes, these are a “clear winner,” according to Keldgord. And if you prefer neutral colors in your home’s decor, these pieces are just what you’re looking for.