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The classic white wall is being replaced by a new style called Revere Pewter, and it looks wonderful! Any curtain color can be combined with this shade. ” We’ll take a look at a few of the options available and discuss how they work best with Revere Pewter Walls.

Tips on Choosing Curtain Color for Revere Pewter Walls

Curtains in a vibrant shade of green always liven up a space. With deep pewter walls and green drapes, your room will have an earthy vibe. Because it contains both warm and cold tones, green brings harmony to the space.

The revere pewter walls look excellent with red curtains since red is a bold color. Because red has a wide range of warm tones, it will create a cozy atmosphere in your home. Cool and warm colors work well together since they are on opposite ends of the cool-warm spectrum.

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Using gold curtains doesn’t always need having a gold-colored space. They’ll look fantastic in even the dimmer parts of the room!

This is due to the fact that gold has a wide range of tones within its color spectrum, and it also works well with white or light blue. It stands out against the revere pewter walls and adds an air of refinement to the room.

There are a variety of shades of green to choose from when it comes to light green curtains, so you’ll be able to match your room’s decor to your mood or preference! Because it has a more muted tint, it won’t overpower the revere pewter walls as much as a more powerful one might. Using this color in your room will help you achieve a sense of equilibrium.

There are so many degrees of black in the color spectrum that black curtains look great against venetian plaster or revere pewter walls, and they also go well with light hues like white or light blue. While this produces a sophisticated atmosphere, it should be noted that black tends to shrink a space.

Because of the way light bounces off of white, white curtains are a beautiful choice that will provide harmony to your room. Any other hue, such as black or dark blue, can be coupled with revere pewter for added texture if you like something other than white walls.

Light blue curtains are also a good option if you want to bring in some natural light into the room while still providing color! It can provide the illusion of a larger space, although this would be most noticeable in a room with pure pewter walls.

With yellow curtains, your living area will be brighter and cheerier than ever before! Dark hues like black or dark blue can be used to complement it, but revere pewter walls would be a striking contrast.

A neutral color like purple can go with any other color, making it an excellent choice for curtains.

Revere Pewter Walls look great with orange curtains! The calming color scheme brightens and softens the room.

Pewter walls look great with blue drapes since the color doesn’t have the same chilly sensation as white or beige. It also adds a bit of coolness to counteract all of the warm tones in the room.

What a great way to add color to a room with purple and blue curtains! Purple and blue make a striking contrast when worn together.

When it comes to window treatments, white drapes are versatile, but they can also make a room feel dimmer and colder than it actually is. However, if you’re trying to brighten up your home with some white or off-white curtains, they would be ideal!

Because navy is a dark color, it contrasts well with pewter walls, bringing out the warmth in the room.

A wonderful alternative for your room is royal blue grommet curtains, which look excellent with pewter and have a variety of textures to keep things interesting.

For a more neutral, yet still warm, aesthetic, go for cream grommet curtains. Cream is a great neutral.

You can get some wonderful texture and color in your home with maroon grommet curtains, but they are still on the more neutral side of things.

Tiebacks for lime green chevron drapes: This is a wonderful choice if you want to brighten up your room or if you’re searching for something a little more lighthearted.

Stripes are a terrific method to add dimension to your room since they feature both light and dark colors that contrast nicely, making them appear more layered. Black and white striped curtains:

Try mixing and matching different colors or patterns to bring a dash of interest to your environment! Don’t wait any longer to locate drapes for revere pewter walls!

Tips for choosing a wall paint color for the living room

There are so many variables to consider when picking a paint color for the living room, from the color of the furniture to the carpet to the decor, that it may be a daunting undertaking. This is why Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter, a neutral tone, is so popular.

There are no limitations when it comes to experimenting with different types of decor or furniture in the living room when utilizing this universally compatible color, which goes well with practically any other color.

The Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter paint color can also be used in your kitchen, bedroom, hallway, or stairwell/corridor because of its versatility. In the following paragraphs, we’ll dig a little deeper into the specifics of this shade.

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Revere Pewter Color Palettes

What kind of paint color is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter??

Pewter in Revere Pewter is a basic gray neutral. A light to mid-toned gray with warm undertones, it fits this description. A property of Revere Pewter that allows it to be used in any room of the house is why it is so versatile.

Even while there are hints of warmth, we do not believe it will turn beige like so many people fear. It is more likely that the color will appear as a warm greige. Even in mild lighting, the color might seem an earthy and rustic greige. ‘

For those of you who don’t know what LRV stands for, it stands for light reflectance value. What it reveals is how well the colors reflect light when applied to a surface.

In terms of Revere Pewter’s LRV rate, it falls halfway in between the two extremes (which includes 100 points).

The quality of the lighting in a room is obviously quite important. The paint color’s undertones will be revealed depending on that. Even if we paint our North-facing room Revere Pewter, the hue will appear a fair gray with noticeable green undertones. Other than in a few circumstances, the color will appear virtually taupe.

What are some complementary hues to Revere Pewter? Because of its wide range of warm and cool counterparts, Revere is an excellent choice when it comes to color pairings. It goes well with BM Edgecomb Gray, Mysterious, Chelsea Gray, and White Dove, among other neutral colors. In addition, it will work well with brighter shades of pink and coral, as well as more relaxing tones, such as teal or green, to create a winning combination.

How to Combine Revere Pewter And Living Room Decor

For large areas like the living room, Revere is an excellent choice for painting the walls. However, the question of how to make this color work with the rest of the living room’s design arises.

Try to use a neutral-colored rug to enhance this greige tint. In this way, the entire space will have a sense of stability. As an added bonus, a sofa in a richer hue will unify the otherwise discordant color scheme.

Any bright and strong color curtains would be ideal if you’re trying to make a bold statement. In contrast to this sophisticated greige, they will stand out and bring out the warmth of the color even more. As a result, choosing curtains that go with Revere Pewter will be a piece of cake!

Revere is a good match for decorative metals in gold and silver tones. The living area will benefit greatly from the presence of any extraneous items, whether they be lights, door handlers, or anything else.

What to Consider When Matching Revere Pewter With Living Room Furniture

Living room furniture color crucial if you want Rever on the walls to stand out the most. ‘ The Revere Pewter color scheme lends itself well to several types of furniture finishes.

First of all, practically all neutral colors and tones will go well with this calming greige. For those who prefer cold tones, grays can be a nice choice, as well.

However, don’t be afraid to experiment with other hues! In addition to bold and vibrant, Revere can work well with a variety of other colors and styles. Blue and azure tones, as well as brown shades ranging from light to dark, would look wonderful on this greige background.

Is Revere Pewter Compatible With Brown Couch?

Of course, people who have brown sofas (especially leather ones) are concerned about how their furnishings will look against neutral greige walls. Revere works well with your brown couch because it is such an ubiquitous color.

This wall paint hue will also look great with brown furnishings like wooden tables, chairs, or leather furniture.

What Colors Does Revere Pewter Pair Well On the Walls?

People often wonder what other colors go well with Revere because it is so commonly used as a base wall paint color. Several particularly harmonious combinations stand out in this regard:

  • Dove of Peace
  • White as Snow
  • In the words of Chelsea Gray, “It’
  • Gray Edgecomb
  • varying hues of sage
  • Colors in the shade of teal
  • pinks of all hues
  • the color of coral

In particular, White Dove or Simply White will be the finest trim color choice since they create an exquisite contrast to the Revere.

In a space with Revere-painted walls, Chelsea Gray can be used to paint furniture (such as kitchen cabinets).

Edgecomb and Revere, when used together, form an attractive wall ensemble, particularly in warm lighting.

Perfect Revere And Curtains Matches

With the Revere Pewter paint, the color of your drapes is also an important consideration. Fortunately, there are a wide range of possibilities. The only thing that matters is your personal taste in colors.

Keep cool colors like navy and green in mind when selecting drapes for your home’s décor. BM Revere Pewter on the walls can also be paired with white or cool gray tones.

However, if you prefer warm and vibrant colors, we suggest brown, pink, coral, yellow, or red.

Revere Pewter As a Farmhouse Exterior Paint Color

Rever is an excellent paint because it can be used both inside and outside. With being said, there are a few things to keep in mind when painting the exterior of your home with it:

The brick and siding are the greatest places to use this hue.

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Depending on the amount of sunlight in the location, this color may appear more like beige or more like gray (in the areas with lots of sun).

However, if you’re looking for a neutral exterior paint color that may go with any style, Revere is a terrific option.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐What white goes with BM Revere Pewter?

Revere Pewter pairs well with Simply White and White Dove.

⭐What number is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter?

HC-172 is the designation assigned to it.

⭐What color is Revere Pewter?

This shade of gray is known as greige.

With Revere Pewter Walls, How To Pick The Right Curtain Color!