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You’ve found the right place, as we’ll explain in this post, if you’ve ever wanted to know how to properly measure for grommet top curtains.

In addition, we stress the significance of precise measurements when ordering grommet curtains.

Curtains can be too long or too short if measurements aren’t taken carefully.

Take your time to make sure you do it right the first time if this is your first attempt.

A paper outline is an option as well.

All the measurements should go there.

Having a size guide in hand like this will make your next trip to the fabric store much more productive.

You can confidently purchase enough fabric for your grommet drapes.

Getting more than the precise measurement is also recommended.

Extra length isn’t always a trivial matter.

Things You Will Need

  • Drapery rod
  • Equipment for setting up the rods in line with the guidelines
  • A measuring tape
  • Optional Calculator


Keep in mind that grommet panels aren’t meant to be movable. The fullness will be distributed evenly along the rod after the first time you hang and close the panel, so don’t worry about the pleats being perfect. The curtain can be opened by pushing the trailing edge toward the outer edge of the rod. Grab the curtain’s leading edge and pull it toward the rod’s center to close the curtains. The curtain remains most full along its periphery. The part you’re pulling out is flat. In order to create the pleats and spread the fullness evenly across the panel, you will need to move the curtain sections individually, through the grommets.

Curtain Grommet & Eyelet Size Chart

A new grommet-linking system, which can be purchased from a drapery-making supply store online or from a local custom drapery workroom, is the answer to this issue.

What is a grommet top curtain?

Grommet curtains are popular now because of their sleek simplicity.

They are fashionable in a low-key way.

This is a common practice for homeowners to use when cleaning the windows of their various rooms.

They come in a wide range of materials, hues, and designs.

The grommet at the top of this curtain design is what sets it apart.

Drapery rods can be hung from these metal or plastic rings.

You can put the rod through here, so that’s why.

The curtain can then fall gracefully with layered folds.

Grommet top curtains are readily available at home furnishing retailers. You can buy them ready-made or have them made to order.

You can get them in a range of lengths and designs.

This style of curtain is growing in popularity for a number of reasons, including its adaptability to any room in the house.

They are not just dangling from windows, but also from French and sliding glass doors.

Perhaps this could serve as a room divider. Or, you can utilize this in place of conventional closet door hardware.

Steps To Measure For Grommet Top Curtains

We need to take some measurements of the length first.

How do you determine the correct size for grommet top drapes?

Here are the measures to take:

Step #1. Drawing your window

The curtain rod must be installed first.

Ensure that the bottom of the hooks are resting against the window casing.

Each curtain rod needs to be installed four to five inches away from the window’s casing.

Get out a piece of paper and sketch a window.

It needs to be big enough to fit the measuring instruments when the time comes.

Step #2. Finding out the desired length

The next step is to take a measurement down the length of the window from the point where you want to install the grommet curtains.

You could, however, bring it down to the ground as well.

Leave a space of at least an inch below the S-hooks.

Then, make sure to include this size in your sketch.

Step #3. Calculating for the final length

It’s recommended to add eight inches to the final measurement to account for the hem’s depth.

For the top hem’s depth, add another three inches.

You should jot down these figures on the margin of your sketch.

Now add them all up and make a mental note of how long it is.

For a longer set of grommet curtains, simply increase the length by the number of panels you need.

Step #4. Measuring for the width of the grommet curtains

Now that you know how long the curtain needs to be, you can move on to determining its width.

Simple stick to the guidelines I’ve laid out.

Step #5. Measuring the window

Each pane of glass should be measured from its base up its vertical center.

Measure the inside diameter this way.

The largest width measurement should be recorded.

Once that’s finished, repeat the process for any other windows.

Step #6. Measuring the curtain rod

In order to install the curtain rod, a line must be drawn across the top of the window.

Now that you have a rough idea of the curtain rod’s dimensions, you can jot down the exact measurement on the sketch.

Step #7. Finding the total width

To get the desired fullness for your grommet curtain, multiply the width by two.

Copy this measurement onto the diagram above the rod as well.

The width should be encircled entirely.

Step #8. Finding out the number of fabric needed

Take the full width and divide it in half (to get 54 or 48).

Curtain fabric typically has a width of.

If necessary, round up to the next whole number.

How much material you’ll need for the grommet curtains can be determined from this number.

Bring your sketch to the fabric store with you; it will help you select the right fabric and ensure you buy enough.

To sum up, that is all.

How to Hang Grommet Curtains

Tips for Measuring Grommet Curtains

A room dressed in grommet curtains can be quite lovely. Make sure you measure carefully, though, or they may appear either too long or too short. If you want perfectly fitting grommet curtains, here are some guidelines for measuring them.

Tip #1 – Drawing

Make a drawing of the window and transfer your measurements to it. It doesn’t need to be to scale, but having an idea of how the grommet curtains will look will be very helpful when you’re shopping for fabric.

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Tip#2 – Curtain Rod

Once the curtain rod is in place, take the necessary measurements to ensure that the rod’s hooks will hang at least a few inches above the window sill. Not doing so may result in an unsightly opening at the very top.

Tip #3 – Length

The length should be measured from half an inch above the bottom of the hook to the base of the window. Take this measurement and add 8 inches for the bottom hem and another 3 inches for the top hem.

Tip #4 – Width

Simply take the width of your curtain rod and multiply it by 1.5 or 2. Determine how full you want the grommet curtains to be. Take the length in inches and divide by 48, the standard fabric width (many fabrics are also available in 54-inch widths) to get the approximate number of panels of fabric you’ll need.

Make Your Own Blackout Roman Shades

It’s possible to add a touch of class to your home by installing Roman shades and blocking the sun with blackout The addition of Roman shades can transform these decorative elements into a practical option for homeowners. Blackout lining adds darkness and thermal insulation to Roman shades.

Blackout Roman shades are the ideal solution for homeowners who want to block out the sun during the day but also want to let some light in during the evening or early morning.

Using Blackout Lining

Blackout To block the sun from entering the bedroom, Roman shades are a modern alternative to the age-old practice of taping a newspaper or cardstock to the window. These blinds can be drawn to a specific height, allowing someone working far from the window to enjoy some shade while those closer to the window can bask in the light.

Multiple materials are available for blackout lining, but they all share a common ability to prevent light from penetrating. In this category, we find plastic, heavier fabrics, vinyl, and of course, thick paper and cardboard. Blackout linings made from PVC-coated materials are widely available in stores.

While these will block the vast majority of sunlight, “light filtering” PVC is also available. PVC blackout lights aren’t always well-received by homeowners because of the material’s unattractive odor and heavy weight.

If you want blackout Roman shades but don’t want to use PVC, look for fabric with a tight weave and test it against the source of light in the store.

Making Blackout Roman Shades

Sewing blackout Roman shades is a breeze once you find the right fabric. To calculate the proper width for your shades, measure the length of your window, double that number, and then add about 24 inches.

In order to properly fit the blackout Roman shades, the width of the window must be greater than the width of the shades themselves. Use these dimensions as a guide for cutting your fabric and blackout lining to size.

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Then, pin the fabric and the blackout lining together along the sewn seams. Turn it inside out and iron it flat after you’ve finished sewing it together (except for the top). Finally, make pleats by folding the fabric and the blackout lining together. Decrease the opening at the bottom.

If you want to avoid “bunching” the fabric as you sew, you should take special care when joining these pleats.

Wrap the rod or dowel at the top of the drape and secure it with glue or sewing. Using both the fabric and the blackout lining, hang them from the wooden rods. After sewing the pleats, insert rings along the pleat edges, making sure to sew each ring to the bottom of the pleat.

Doweling should have hooks attached for each pulley you intend to use, and the sash cord should be stitched to the hem of the fabric. Put thread in each hole. and encircle the uppermost hook. Install the blackout Roman shades after ensuring they are fully functional.

How to Determine Width for Grommet Curtains

Folds form softly in curtains with grommet tops. They have a clean, symmetrical aesthetic that works well in contemporary rooms. Grommets can be selected to either complement or contrast with the curtain fabric, or to either complement or mimic the primary metal finish in the room. The width of your grommet curtains, whether they are custom-made or store-bought, can be easily calculated with the help of a calculator and a tape measure.

Grommet spacing is measured from the center of one to the next. Just take away an inch and split the result in half. What we call the “return” is the distance required between the back of the curtain rod and the wall so that curtains don’t droop. Get brackets for a curtain rod that are this size. DIY curtain making requires hanging the selected rod and taking a measurement from the rod’s back to the wall. The distance between the grommets’ centers can be calculated by doubling this number and deducting 1 inch.

Drape the rod you’ve chosen over the wall adjacent to the window. In other words, the grommet’s innermost top edge should sit on the rod’s outermost top edge. Prepare the rod installation according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Determine the area that needs to be covered by the curtains.

Best Home Fashion 108-in Black Polyester Blackout Grommet Single Curtain Panel in the Curtains & Drapes department at Lowes.com

Typically, the width of a grommet curtain panel will fill the space where it is installed by a factor of 1.5. To determine the bare minimum number of grommets required for a given panel, take the result and divide it by two times the amount returned. In order to have an even number of grommets across the panel, you will need to add two times the return amount if the final tally is not an even number. If the required width of the panel is 40 inches, for instance, multiply that number by 1.5 to get 60. Two times the return size of 7 inches means that there will be 8.5 grommets on a panel that is 60 inches in width. This should really be rounded up to the nearest 10. If you want to get slightly more than 1.5 times fullness on a 40-inch space, the grommet panel needs to be at least 70 inches wide (measured between the side hem seams).

For a fuller appearance, buy more panels and space out the grommets on the rod. For a fullness of two on a span of 40 inches, the resulting panel width would be 80 inches. When you divide 80 by 7, you get 11. This should be rounded up to the nearest 12. The panel needs to be at least 84 inches wide between the outer edge hems to achieve two times fullness.

It’s A Wrap!

By learning how to properly measure for grommet top curtains, you can easily create a minimalist or contemporary atmosphere in your home.

For a seamless look, your grommets should match the finish of your curtain rods.