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You’re probably excited about your new curtains, but you’re probably also wondering how to remove wrinkles from new curtains, as they always come with wrinkles.

We’ve never been able to get our hands on wrinkle-free curtains.

Because they’ve been sitting on shelves for so long, they often have those unsightly creases and wrinkles.

Homeowners are well aware that these custom-made drapes are expensive and perhaps considered a luxury.

When you buy these luxury curtains online, you can expect them to be shipped in very tight packing.

And even if they claim to be constructed of wrinkle-free materials, the folded portion is typically heavily wrinkled.

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Despite your best efforts, the wrinkles in your curtains will persist even after you’ve tried hanging them.

We’ve put up a list of methods to assist you get rid of those annoying creases on your curtains.

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Things You Will Need

  • Laundry soap
  • Tiny washcloths
  • a hot iron
  • steamer for clothes


There are many ways to fold pinch-pleated curtains into even folds. Fold the drapes equally from top to bottom after they’ve been opened. Tightly wrap pieces of fabric around the creases to secure them. Remove the fabric ties after a few days.


When ironing silk or velvet, be sure to keep the iron’s surface and the steamer nozzle away from the fabric.

Steps To Get Wrinkles Out Of New Curtains

Read the care instructions on the curtain package to get an idea of how to care for these fragile textiles before cleaning them.

The best way to remove wrinkles from a fabric is to take it to a professional curtain cleaning service if the label says to do so.

It is also possible to employ these helpful procedures if the label states otherwise, so long as you follow the instructions.

How can new curtains be made wrinkle-free?

Keep reading to learn how to remove creases from recently purchased drapes.

Step #1. Wash the fabric on the washing machine then dryer

It is important to remember to choose a softer cycle or the short cycle setting when washing drapes.

Remove the wet curtains from the washer and place them in the dryer.

Proceed to dry the drapes using the dryer’s cool press setting.

Adding a few soft cotton towels to the drying process will assist prevent creases from forming on the curtains.

Step #2. Using dryer instead of washing machine

Drying the curtains without first washing them in the washing machine is fine if that’s what you choose.

To prevent the curtains from clumping together and creating wrinkles, simply place them in the dryer with a few damp cotton towels.

Set the dryer to the gentle press setting.

Step #3. Use fabric steamer

After filling the steamer with water and putting the curtains on a rod, use the fabric steamer.

Using a fabric steamer, slowly move it across the curtain from the bottom to the top, repeating the process.

Steam from the underside of the drape if the wrinkles are still apparent.

The nozzle of a steamer should not be pointed directly towards delicate materials like silk or velvet during steaming.

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Step #4. Ironing the curtains

Remember to use the lowest setting on your iron when removing wrinkles from your curtain.

If you can’t resist using a higher setting, use a cotton-made cloth draped over the curtain’s side for stubborn wrinkles.

The curtain can be sprayed with water or ironed to remove the wrinkles, depending on the severity of the problem.

How To Remove Wrinkles On Curtains Without The Use Of Iron

Our home’s appearance is greatly enhanced by new curtains, however many of these curtains are folded in packing before they are put on display.

You can’t avoid creases if you keep them in packets for a lengthy period of time.

Many methods exist for removing wrinkles, and ironing is one of them.

You may not enjoy ironing or find it time-consuming or difficult.

We prepared a variety of options for your consideration. Just keep going through this.

Method #1. Water in a spray bottle

Dampening the curtain will help you erase wrinkles.

Make sure that you don’t fully open the nozzle of your spray bottle before you begin to use it.

To keep the fragile curtains dry, use the mist setting.

Using a rod, knife or rolling pin to straighten the fabric after spraying it with water is a good idea.

After the curtains have been dried completely, the creases won’t be apparent.

Method #2. Wrinkle release products

Chemicals can be used to remove wrinkles in this manner.

Let’s see what happens if we use a wrinkle-releasing product like this on our drapes.

In just a few minutes, the wrinkles will be gone. The use of force or effort is not required.

Select a product that is appropriate for the sort of fabric you are dealing with.

If you’re interested in reading more, this is the page to visit.

That’s it.

How to get creases out of curtains without ironing

In the beginning, we’ll walk you through all of the options that don’t require you to remove your curtains from the track or pole. You may also want to check the fabric care instructions to see if these methods are appropriate for your fabric before trying them out. Silk curtains, like our Acantha Silk by Zoffany, can shrink and display watermarks if you use any of these ways.

Using water

Spray the curtains with a water-filled spray bottle until they are moist. To avoid dampening the entire curtain, another option is to only spray the wrinkled region. The creases will be smoothed out with the help of the water and the weight of the damp curtain.

Using a wrinkle release spray

The notion that there is a product that can genuinely help you get rid of creases may or may not be known to you. If your curtains have creases, you can use a wrinkle release spray that you can get at your local store. Alternatively, you can dampen the entire set of drapes and let the weight and moisture do the work. A second treatment may be necessary if the curtains still retain wrinkles 24 hours later.

Use a steamed room

Close all the windows and doors in your bathroom and hang the curtains from the shower rod. Allow the room to fill with steam for about 10 minutes by turning on the hot water tap. Curtains should be left hanging in the steamy bathroom for 30 minutes before returning to the curtain pole. Steam from the water will erase all the creases that were present in the fabric before they are completely dried.

Use a dryer

Clean a moist towel and place the curtains in a dryer on low to medium heat for 20–30 minutes to dry. If the cloth is still damp after the drying cycles, run the dryer for an additional 5 to 10 minutes. Remove the curtains and re-hang them as soon as you’re done. Your crumpled curtains would be smoothed out using this method.

Wash the curtains

If your curtains are filthy and in need of a thorough cleaning, we recommend doing this. To see if the care tag indicates how to wash the curtains, look at the instructions on the back of the curtain. In order to ensure that the curtains don’t take up more than half of the machine tub, make sure they are uniformly distributed throughout the tub. Add a moderate laundry detergent and run the machine according to the care tag’s instructions. You may either dry the curtains in a dryer or hang them on a curtain pole and allow them dry naturally after they’ve been washed and cleaned. It takes some time, but the end result is wrinkle-free drapes.

Ironing curtains

Curtains, for the most part, cannot be ironed due to the nature of the cloth. Curtains made of cotton, polyester, or linen, on the other hand, are more durable. When ironing cotton curtains, such as those from our Edinburgh Weaves 100 percent Cotton line, use a low-heat setting and an ironing board. Move the iron slowly over each piece of the curtain for best results, and then admire your crease-free drapes. We recommend laying a cotton sheet over the curtain before ironing other curtain materials to prevent the material from being burned.

How to get creases out of dry clean only curtains

We do not recommend utilizing any of the above tips for dry clean only curtains because they could cause major harm. Dry cleaning your curtains or having professional upholstery clean them would be the best course of action. However, if you’ve tried everything and your curtains are still wrinkled, this is an option for you.

5 Genius Ways To Get Wrinkles Out Curtains (Any Type!) - Interior and Home


Check out our Inspiration page for more curtain-washing tips, including how to measure and how to avoid wrinkling. Alternatively, you may browse through our Brand website, which features hundreds of design-led collections, and use our online visualiser tool to customise our made-to-measure curtains and blinds to your specifications.

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In fact, there are a slew of practical methods for getting rid of those pesky creases in your curtains.

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