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Windows in your living room may make or break the overall design. That said, choosing the wrong curtains can detract from your room’s overall aesthetics and atmosphere.

When it comes to designing your living room, picking curtains is a no-brainer. Fabric, style, length, pattern, and a slew of other variables must all be taken into account. If you do it well the first time, you’ll rarely need to replace your window treatments again. After a few years with the same set of drapes, you can replace them with something new.

To make your selection a little bit easier, we’ve gathered some terrific curtain ideas for any living room style.

Pick the Right Size

Make sure you know exactly how long and wide your window has to be before you start shopping for curtains. Small, narrow windows can be made to appear larger or rooms with low ceilings to appear higher with the help of a well-chosen curtain.

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Hang your curtains from the ceiling, or add a few inches for a more classic effect. For the width, multiply the width of your window by four to six inches to get the answer.

Add Blinds

You don’t have to get rid of your blinds just because you’ve decided to put some curtains. If you want the maximum control over the lighting in your room, layering blinds and curtains is a good idea. If you want to lessen the glare on your TV or increase the privacy in your living room, this is an excellent option for you.

Decide on Your Fabric

The next step is to choose the proper fabric for the panels you’ve already purchased. You can use a thick velvet drape to keep out light or cold air or noise in a space that needs to be darkened. If you don’t need as much privacy, choose a sheer linen or cotton cloth that enables more light to seep through.

Let the Curtains Puddle

Add two to four inches to the length of your curtains for a more classic effect. Make your space feel cozier and warmer by creating a puddle at the base of this piece of furniture. Polyester and velvet are good choices for this aesthetic because of their weight.

Pair Two Colors Together

What if you can’t decide on just one curtain color? Think about combining the two. With a sheer beige or white inner panel, a bright hue like as hunter green or navy blue can be toned down. You can also alter the illumination with this feature.

Select a Wide Rod

When installing your curtain rod, opt for one that is wider than your window. Finally, increase your window’s width by eight to ten inches. Your window will appear larger than it is, and you’ll have room to pull back the curtains if necessary.

If your curtains aren’t overpowering, go with a curtain rod with a little more flair.

Try a Subtle Pattern

It looks like you’ve decided on the size and material of your drapes. Do you know how to choose a style? Curtains can either draw attention to themselves or blend in with the rest of the room, depending on how you choose to style them. If you want to give your outfit some depth without going overboard with design, consider using a subdued pattern like striped fabric.

Let the Light In

Choose sheer panels for spaces that receive a lot of sunlight. You’ll still have the finished curtain look, but no natural light will be blocked.

Pair Your Accessories

Matching your drapes to your throw pillows is a wonderful way to incorporate them into your living room. It’s just understated enough to be effective without being overdone.

Go All the Way to the Ceiling

Consider hanging your curtains all the way to the ceiling if you want to give your space a more regal and opulent appearance. Your area will appear larger and more open thanks to the appearance of high ceilings.

Keep it Cozy

If you’d like to make your living room feel cozier, consider hanging a beige or taupe curtain. Make sure your furniture is light and airy and let the drapes provide a melancholy touch.

Consider the Care Instructions

While some curtains can be washed, others must be dried. In the event that you have children or dogs, you may want to go with a more durable fabric like cotton, which is easy to launder.

Go for Drama

A black room has an undeniable allure that’s hard to ignore. Black drapes and other dark elements work together to create a spooky atmosphere in this room.

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Work With Your Architecture

While you can pick from blinds, shades, or curtains, it’s important to consider your window shape and size when picking the right treatments. Flowing white drapes nicely frame a wide arched window like this one.

Add a Pop of Color

Your living room’s curtains are a great place to inject some color and pattern. When decorating a quirky, eccentric room, a striking hue or pattern can double as artwork.

A vibrant curtain can look out of place in your space if you don’t discover a color thread that can be woven into other decorations.

Layer Textures

Make your living area stand out by combining different textures and colors. Using wicker blinds and sheer white curtains, the designer has created a striking contrast that enlivens and enlarges the room.

Pair With Brick

Exposed brick is a favorite of ours, but it can be a touch chilly at times. If you live in a loft-style home, adding long drapes to a brick room will make it feel cozier and warmer.

Go Big

A wall of windows in your living room is an excellent opportunity to install curtains rather than shades. The exquisite look and feel of a curtained wall is created by creating the sense of a larger, deeper area.

Pair With Wood Textures

Linen curtains paired with warm wood furnishings create a beautiful contrast. To create a place that serves a purpose and is well-balanced, look for colors that have undertones that are similar to the natural wood of your furniture.

Consider Your Palette

If you’re having trouble deciding on a curtain color, take a look around your room. A few dominating colors should be chosen and used to decorate the rest of the room. The drapes in this room help to unify the space’s taupe and beige color scheme.

Frame Your Space

In a living room, curtains are an excellent method to accentuate a focal point, such as an open fireplace or a huge piece of art. While adding a finishing touch, these long, flowing drapes draw attention to the fireplace and the abstract painting displayed above it.

Consider Green

Don’t be scared of color. There are several ways in which mild pastel greens and gentle blues can be used as both neutrals and color accents in the same room.


We sought the pros for their best living room curtain ideas and found some magnificent examples of living rooms that have gotten it just right for drapery dreamers who aren’t sure where to start.


According to John Smigielski, marketing director at Linwood, choosing a neutral color scheme will extend the life of your curtains. Consider using an almost identical color for both the wall paint and the curtains to achieve a sophisticated and confident image. Drapes will blend in seamlessly with the rest of the room, providing a sense of ethereal softness.’

Amanda Evans, the interior designer behind this living room, used a neutral color palette to create this space. For small living room ideas, neutral drapes are a perfect option because they will maintain the area feeling bright, open, and spacious.


Have you spent a long time deciding on the perfect paint color for your living room? When it comes to choosing curtains, you can toss aside the swatch and start over. Instead of choosing a complementary drape color, look to the opposite side of the color wheel and select a strikingly different hue to provide life to your space.

Powder blue grasscloth walls contrast with soft pink draperies in this room designed by interior designer Kit Kemp. Crisp whites and trendy geometric motifs are used to balance off the sweetness of the pair.


Your curtains should be made of the proper material for the style of your living room if you want to get the most out of your design efforts.

Harry Cole, the founder of Loom & Last, says, ‘The appropriate fabric is a vital element of picking your curtains.’ When choosing a cloth, it’s crucial to know what style you’re going for.’

In this area, candy-striped drapes in a light fabric provide a beachy vibe. Choose sheer, lightweight fabrics in cream or off-white shades for a more laid-back aesthetic.’ Sturdier fabrics, such velvet, should be sought out by those looking for ‘formal’ traditional drapes.’


Go big with your curtain print if you’re lucky enough to have a larger living area.

From the room’s main point to its sense of proportion, adds Smigielski, “all depends on the scale of your chosen pattern”. The Linwood Belleville series features large-scale designs like Louis, which turns any window into a showpiece.

Using a pastel color palette, the flower arrangement seen above can be even more eye-catching than this one with a bright yellow wall. As Smigielski points out, a large window where the repeat can be appreciated in all its grandeur is excellent for this style of window covering.


What you need to consider in addition to the curtain is how to hang it. Consider which of the numerous heading styles might look best in your space before making a final decision.

As Cole points out, a lot of it is a matter of personal taste and choice. Because of their sleek design and ability to fold back neatly into themselves, contemporary living rooms like eyelet or wave headers. Your windows will look their best with the help of pencil and double pleat heads, which are ideal for period buildings and more traditional decors alike.


Curtains have a significant role in the design of a living room because of their size.

Co-Founders of Interior Fox Jenna Choate and Mariana Ugarte claim that curtains “serve as an anchor to the entire design” and “may boost the look and finish of a space”. ‘When choosing a fabric, think about how it will look both open and closed. We prefer to choose fabrics that are in the same color family as the walls because it creates a more airy and light atmosphere.

A color accent can be used to protect your curtains from looking out of place, while still keeping the rest of the room in harmony. Dark blue is a recurring color trend in the soft furnishings here.


For those of you who believed pelmets belonged in the past. The heading style, which is a stiffening cloth covering the top of the curtain, has made a significant comeback thanks to trends like cottagecore.

Pelmets are frequently believed to be old-fashioned and fussy, but in the proper context, with the correct materials, they may wonderfully conclude a pair of curtains. It is possible to create a sense of height by utilising the area above the window encasement.’

In order to avoid a darkening effect, use pelmets only in rooms with large windows and a lot of natural light.


When it comes to living room decor, it’s time to bring back the sheer curtain look, which was popular in the 1970s and 1980s.

According to Choate and Ugarte, sheer curtains are making a comeback, but they’re not just for show. A method known as “layering” is becoming more and more popular among interior designers. Under a heavier curtain, sheer textiles work well because they provide texture and character to the room. To us, this sort of window decorating works best in cozier rooms, such as a living room or bedroom.


Additionally, drapes have the potential to create an optical illusion. If you’re looking to add visual interest to your living area, consider employing bands or color blocks to do so. If you want to make a room appear taller, use a lighter hue at the top and a darker one at the bottom.

A brightly colored top can counterbalance the visual attention in the lower portion of your living room furniture ideas. To bring the sunshine-like highlights in this living room to eye level, a white curtain with a yellow upper piece is hung in the space.

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It’s not just the windows that benefit from the use of curtains. Curtains can be used as a screen or window wall to divide a huge living room, or even as a door to completely block the space off from the outside world.

If you’re looking for a way to separate the living room from the kitchen in a broken plan living room, this is an excellent option. In the winter, it’s an excellent way to keep drafts out of a large house.


Choosing a curtain fabric for a living room is all about the overall look you want to achieve in the area. If your living room has high ceilings and you prefer a more classic look, go with thick velvet. If you prefer a more modern look, go with lighter velvets.

Choate and Ugarte offer a cotton/linen blend as a lightweight, natural cloth for a classic window dressing solution that feels fashionable and considered. This gives the area a casual and adaptable feel that will last for years to come. You should avoid polyester and other man-made materials since they tend to have a gloss that appears low-quality to the naked eye.


As far as curtains are concerned, it’s not so much about what’s new, but rather what’s returning. These days, sheer curtains don’t have to be composed of old-fashioned nets, but rather, they’re part of an airy layering style. Curtains in mild neutrals with a sheer layer closer to the window and natural-material accents are perfect for this look. For a more rustic look and feel, opt for tie-tops.

A lot of the old-fashioned titles are making their way back into use as well. Freshen up this retro structure by pairing it with contemporary designs and vibrant colors. Just make sure to allow as much light into the area as possible.