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Vertical blinds are a good option for privacy and light control, but they aren’t particularly appealing. Vertical blinds can be difficult to clean and unwieldy, which is why some people prefer to change them into curtains. It’s not as difficult as you might think to switch out your vertical blinds for a curtain.

Ways to Convert Vertical Blinds to Curtains

Removing the vertical blinds and replacing them with a new curtain rod and drapes is the most straightforward technique of converting them to curtains. However, this is a time-consuming task that will leave you with a lot of holes in the walls. Use an electric drill to remove the vertical blinds, as well as screws and drill bits to install the new curtain rod. You’ll also need some drapery for the new rod. Measure your window opening before purchasing curtain rods and curtains.

It’s also possible to keep the headrail in place but remove the slats and add curtains or drapery instead. Alternatively Your new curtains will move easily on the blind tracks if you use this method. Instead of changing the blinds, you may simply add a curtain or valance to the top of the vertical blinds.

Can Vertical Blind Tracks Be Used for Curtains?

You can learn how to use your vertical blind track to make curtains in a video tutorial from NaturallyGlamTV. To use vertical blind tracks for curtains, you’ll first need to remove the slats. Using a flat-head screwdriver, gently pry apart the clips holding the slats in place. Repeat this step multiple times to release all of the slats in your blind track.

Vertical Blinds Hack to Hang Curtains : 4 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

You may use your vertical blind track to make curtains with NaturallyGlamTV’s tutorial. For curtains, you’ll need to remove the vertical blind slats first. Gently pry apart the fasteners that keep the slats in place using a flat-head screwdriver. The slats in your blind track will come loose if you repeat this method several times.

Add Curtains or a Valance to Vertical Blinds

Curtains or a valance could be an option if you’re more concerned about the look of your room. According to Factory Direct Blinds, you can add them without having to remove the vertical blinds. If you wish to keep the vertical blinds in place for privacy or if you live in a leased home, this is the ideal option.

In addition to a hardware store, you can purchase curtain rods that can be attached to blinds at a big-box retailer like Amazon. When it comes to covering the headrail of your vertical blinds, you can build a valance. You can find DIY vertical blind valance tutorials on YouTube or buy one from a company like Wayfair or a comparable one. Do not attempt to hang it without following the manufacturer’s directions.

Things You Will Need

  • With a new curtain rod and curtains
  • Drill with a flat-head end
  • Bits for drilling holes with an electric drill
  • Instrument for measuring length and width
  • Fabric hole punch
  • Hole punching machine

How To Turn Vertical Blinds Into Curtains? 3 Easy Methods!

Vertical blinds can be transformed into drapes in a variety of ways. Following the instructions below is all you need to do. I’m confident that you’ll be able to complete each stage with ease.

There will come a moment when you either don’t want to or can’t take down the blinds in your room.

Curtains can be hung over it, which will make your space look more elegant and stylish.

It’s a cinch to hang your curtain once you’ve got the appropriate measurements, and it’ll make your room look fantastic in the process!

Methods To Turn Vertical Blinds Into Curtains

How to make vertical blinds into curtains are as follows:

Method #1. Choosing installation method

The following are some installation options to keep in mind when using this method:

Using a tension rod

Between the blinds and the cornice, you can hang curtains with this method in the middle.

A cornice may be unfamiliar to you.

It’s a form of padding used to hide the top of the blind.

Plastic or cloth are the most common materials.

Because there is a gap between the cornice and the blinds where you may hang the tension rod, it follows that you can hang the curtains there as well.

You can hang the curtains in only a few minutes!

How to hang curtains to conceal vertical blinds - Engineer Your Space

Using Velcro

Using Velcro to attach a stationary curtain is a smart move.

Aside from that, if you don’t want to damage your room’s walls, this method eliminates the need for a drill.

Installing brackets

You only need a curtain rod and a bracket for this method.

The brackets can be mounted to the cornice, and the curtains can be hung from the rod in the same manner as in the first technique.

That’s all there is to it! That’s all there is to it!

Removing the cornice and installing the rod

A screwdriver is all you need to remove the cornice.

Now, hang the curtains on the rod that you just installed.

Method #2. Measuring your window

Only a few steps are involved in this procedure.

To begin, decide on your preferred manner of hanging.

Then, measure the length and width of the window you intend to cover with the curtains.

When shopping for drapes, make sure they are at least as large as your measurements, if not more so.

You should remember the following:

Most of the time, the curtains you see in stores are made to standard measurements.

As a result, you’ll want to pay attention to how you measure things.

You should always go with the larger size if you can’t locate exactly what you want.

Custom-made is an option if you can afford it.

You can also hem the curtains to ensure that they fit properly.

Just for fun, consider this:

What if the curtains don’t fit the window you have?

It’s odd, isn’t it?

In order to avoid this, you should take this step seriously at all times.

Method #3. Selecting curtains

The following are just a few points to keep in mind while making your final decision on drapes:

Sheer curtains

Sheer curtains are the best option for letting in as much natural light as possible.

You’ll be able to take advantage of the sun’s warmth without having to give up your privacy.

Even if you raise your vertical blinds, you’ll still see this.

Make sure you extend the shades at night so that your neighbors don’t get a look at you.

Black-out curtains

The light and noise in your room are bothering you?

Blackout curtains are the answer.

Baby and children’s rooms, bedrooms, and other places that are too hot in the summer should use this style of curtain.

You’ll get a nice night’s sleep every time you use this curtain.

It’s also a great way to lower your monthly electric bill.

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Patterned curtains

A patterned curtain can be an excellent addition to a room if you enjoy visual contrast.

There are a plethora of choices available.

Now, it’s up to you to decide what looks best on you.

This type can create a beautiful environment.

Go to your local home goods store and you’re sure to find the appropriate curtain for your needs and location.

Neutral-colored curtains

Now, you can balance your bright room using curtains that come with neutral colors.

You can now use curtains in neutral colors to balance your bright environment.

You can now use neutral-colored drapes to balance out your bright room’s appearance.

Creams and light grays are classic choices for a more traditional look.

Final Words!

Make vertical blinds into drapes with three simple approaches!

Everything is made simple by picking the right installation method, taking accurate measurements of your windows, and then selecting the perfect curtains.

All you have to do is read and strictly adhere to each method and process.

Your current window blinds don’t have to hold you back any longer.

It’s up to you whether or not you want your room to look fashionable and vibrant.

Have a happy room make-over!