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In modern homes, curtains are considered as a statement element that adds color, provides seclusion, and shields our rooms from the sun. Many others, on the other hand, lament the fact that they can never find curtains that are wrinkle-free. Due to the fact that they are folded and packed for hours or days, this is typically the case. In most cases, creases in the curtains will disappear within a few days after hanging them. Even so, certain creases remain stubbornly in place unless you take action to remove them. So, what is the best method for removing wrinkles from drapes and other fabrics? This blog will show you how to smooth out wrinkles in your curtains in a variety of ways, from simply spraying water on them to ironing or cleaning. Curtain wrinkles can be removed using the following methods:

  • Cleaning the drapes with hot water
  • using a hose to saturate
  • putting the curtain rods back in place
  • Curtains need to be cleaned.
  • It’s hot and humid when you’re hanging the curtains.

How to get creases out of curtains without ironing

As a first step, we will show you how to hang your curtains without having to remove them from their tracks or poles. You may also want to check the fabric care instructions to see if these methods are appropriate for your fabric before trying them out. Silk curtains, like our Acantha Silk by Zoffany, can shrink and display watermarks if you use any of these ways.

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Using water

Spray the curtains with water from an empty spray bottle until they are moist. Alternatively, you can spray on the creased region alone if you don’t want to moisten the entire curtain. The creases will be smoothed out with the help of the water and the weight of the damp curtain.

Using a wrinkle release spray

The notion that there is a product that can genuinely help you get rid of creases may or may not be known to you. If your curtains have creases, you can use a wrinkle release spray that you can get at your local store. As an alternative, you can use a spray bottle to dampen the entire set of drapes, in which case the combination of moisture and weight should do the trick. After 24 hours, if the curtains still have creases, the same procedure can be repeated.

Using a steamer

Curtains can easily be decreased in appearance by using this method. After filling the steamer’s tank with water as instructed, let it to heat up for a few minutes. When the water in the steamer is hot, point the nozzle towards the curtain and smooth the cloth with the other hand as you steam it from top to bottom. Steam from the fabric’s bottom may assist remove wrinkles that have persisted even after a 24-hour wait.

You can use your iron if you don’t have a steamer. To use a steam setting on your iron, fill it with water and set it to the steam setting, then press the start button. As with a steamer, after the water has heated, place your iron 15cm away from the curtain fabric and press down. As soon as you’ve done this, push and release steam over the creased sections. You can also steam the entire curtain, from top to bottom, if you’d prefer. But make sure you don’t hold the iron over the same location for an extended period of time.

To use the following suggestions, you’ll need to remove your curtains from the rod or track they’re mounted on.

Use a steamed room

Close all the windows and doors in your bathroom and hang the curtains from the shower rod. Allow the room to fill with steam for around ten minutes by turning on the hot water faucet. Allow the curtains to hang in the steamy bathroom for 30 minutes before rehanging them on the curtain rod. Curtains that have been washed and dried will have all the wrinkles in them gone by the time they are completely dry.

Use a dryer

Clean a moist towel and place the curtains in a dryer on low to medium heat for 20–30 minutes to dry. If the cloth is still damp after the drying cycles, run the dryer for an additional 5 to 10 minutes. As soon as you’ve finished hanging the curtains, remove them and put them back up. Using this method might help to eliminate creases in your drapes.

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Wash the curtains

It’s best to do this just if your curtains are filthy and in need of a thorough cleaning. To see if the care tag indicates how to wash the curtains, look at the instructions on the back of the curtain. In order to ensure that the curtains don’t take up more than half of the machine tub, make sure they are evenly distributed throughout the tub. Turn on the washing machine and follow the instructions on the care tag by adding a mild laundry detergent. You may either dry the curtains in a dryer or hang them up and allow them dry naturally once they’ve been washed. However, this is a time-consuming procedure that yields wrinkle-free curtains.

Ironing curtains

It’s not possible to iron the vast majority of curtain textiles. Cotton, polyester, and linen drapes, on the other hand, can. When ironing cotton curtains, such as those from our Edinburgh Weaves 100 percent Cotton line, use a low-heat setting and an ironing board. Take your time ironing each piece of the curtain, and you’ll get the greatest results. Other curtain materials should be ironed with a cotton sheet placed on top of the curtain to avoid burning the material during the process.

How to get creases out of dry clean only curtains

We do not recommend utilizing any of the above tips for dry clean only curtains because they could cause major harm. Dry cleaning your curtains or having professional upholstery clean them would be the best course of action. If your curtains still have creases despite following all of the recommendations above, you can try this method.


Check out our Inspiration page for more information on how to wash curtains, how to measure, and more. Alternatively, you may browse through our Brand website, which features hundreds of design-led collections, and use our online visualiser tool to customise our made-to-measure curtains and blinds to your specifications.

How to Remove Packing Creases From New Drapes

Drapery rods can be easily installed with pre-made draperies. It is all too common for draperies to be badly crumpled and wrinkled when you take them from their package. If you put in some effort, you can bring out the best in the fabric’s design. Wrinkle removal can be accomplished by taking dry-clean-only drapes to a professional cleaning facility. Otherwise, the quickest approach to erase creases is to use water, either through washing or steaming.

Laundering and Pressing

The best way to clean a curtain is to look at the fabric care label.

If the fabric is machine washable, use a moderate laundry detergent and lukewarm water to wash the curtains. If you’re using a top-loading machine, be sure to fill the tub no more than half way with curtains before starting the wash. Even if your front-loading washer can handle larger loads, you should still layer your curtains loosely so that there is some room at the top for expansion. If you have multiple sets of curtains, wash and dry each one separately rather than all at once.

Immediately after the washing machine cycle is complete, remove the drapes from the machine. Set the dryer on a cool or permanent press cycle and put the curtains in. Keeping the curtains from bunching and wrinkled is as simple as throwing in a few tiny towels with them.

The curtains should be taken out of the dryer when they are still somewhat wet. If there are any wrinkles left in the fabric, use a steam iron set at the right temperature for the fabric type to remove them. Hang the curtains in the window as soon as you possibly can.

Using a Fabric Steamer

Set up the curtain rod and hang the drapes.

A fabric steamer tank should be filled to the brim with water before you use it. As soon as the water in the unit is warmed up, use one hand to glide the steam nozzle carefully over the drapes while smoothing the fabric with the other. Work your way up the curtains, starting at the bottom and working your way to the top.

If there are any creases, repeat the steaming process a second time. To relax the fibers and remove persistent wrinkles, steam the fabric from the bottom.

Things You Will Need

  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Towels in small sizes
  • a steam iron
  • steamer for clothes


Even folds can be achieved with pinch-pleated drapes. Fold the drapes equally from top to bottom after they’ve been opened. For further stability, wrap strips of fabric loosely around the folded edges. Remove the ties after a few days.

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Never use a steam iron or steamer nozzle directly on silk or velvet, since this might damage the delicate fibers.