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More than 50 colors of grey are available, ranging from charcoal to ash and anchor to steel. The type of curtain and the color of the curtain you choose are equally essential in the transformation of your living space. Your living room, bedroom, and just about any other area of the house can seem edgy and ageless by painting the walls grey. Colors like white, beige, and gray are frequently used in house decor. If you’re looking for curtains that go well with grey walls, you’ll have a wide range of options to choose from. To get you started, here are 13 curtain color choices for grey walls.

1. White Curtains on Grey Wall

White, clean drapes are the perfect complement to dark grey walls. The use of white on a warm grey background can provide texture and warmth to a space that might otherwise be frigid. Make the illusion of space in your room by hanging the curtains at a higher level.

10 Curtain Colors That Go With Gray Walls

Bedrooms, kitchens, living areas, and even kid’s rooms benefit greatly from the use of these semi-transparent white drapes. Any color can be used as a background because white is neutral. The white curtains on the medium gray wall grab the eye. These drapes will brighten and spruce up any room.

2. Charcoal Grey Curtains on Medium Grey Wall

Textured grey walls are a perfect match for curtains in the same color family. The charcoal grey drapes contrast beautifully with the grey walls and furniture in this room. This living area exudes a sophisticated and up-to-date vibe.

3. Grey Curtains on Light Grey Wall

Curtains in the same color as the walls might also be beneficial. Grey is a great neutral color for windows because it gives them a clean, classic appearance. Because the gray drapes in this room are a shade darker than the walls, the space has an appealingly textured appearance. Keep your monochromatic interior design concept as neutral as possible by blending two shades of grey with white and grey furnishings, as illustrated in this example. With the use of greys and whites, I’m sure you’ll agree that this living room is harmonious.

4. Beige Curtains on Grey Wall

Make the room even cozier with drapes in a shade of greyish beige. We’re not shocked by the surge in popularity of these items. Curtains in beige or tan tones look great against gray walls, whether they’re made of exposed brick, concrete, or simply plain gray paint.

Linen is used to make the grayish beige curtains in this room. As a bonus, they’re energy-efficient thermally insulated drapes. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.

5. Black Curtains on Grey Wall

Curtains in black are ideal for the living area. They are not only a stylish addition to your home, but they are also a certain way to block out light on movie night. Black and grey are essentially the same shade of grey. It’s just a darker shade of gray that’s the only difference. A monochromatic color scheme in your living room can be achieved by pairing these two hues together. The mix of black drapes and grey walls creates a sense of formality in a room unlike any other.

Deconovo’s silky and velvety black curtains keep heat in and sunshine out of the space. If you have gray walls, these are the perfect accent.

6. Bright Red Curtain on Dark Grey Wall

Make a dramatic statement with your curtains by utilizing a vibrant red color scheme instead of neutrals. Consider using crimson curtains against a dark grey wall for an eye-catching contrast. See how the classic gray and red color scheme creates a romantic and passionate atmosphere in this space. Formal living rooms benefit greatly from the addition of this vibrant color scheme.

7. Coral Curtains on Dark Grey Wall

Coral is a great alternative to red if you prefer a gentler shade to go with your child’s grey bedroom walls or if you simply don’t like the intensity of red. When combined with dark grey, this makes a well-balanced color scheme that isn’t overpowering like red. Coral pink isn’t limited to the drapes in this bedroom; it’s used throughout. Make the dark grey wall appear warmer by softening it. However, coral isn’t simply appropriate for a child’s room. In the living room or even your own bedroom, you can utilize it as a subtle undertone.

8. Soft Pink Curtain on Light Grey Walls

Adding a feminine touch to a gray environment is easy because to the complementary colors of pink and gray. With a delicate pink curtain on a light grey background, this kitchen appears elegant. There are no longer any dramatic contrasts between the two color schemes. Full-size curtains can be used even if you employ just a sliver of pink in a dining room, kitchen, living room, or any other area.

9. Mustard Yellow Curtain on Grey Wall

A bright color like pink can offer a dramatic statement to your living area, if you don’t want your room seeming too dreary. A mustard yellow wall will make your drab walls look bright and cheery all day long.

These traditional full-size curtains from Yakamok have a vibrant yellow color that I really like. Lighten up your contemporary, vintage, or classic home with this color.

What Color Curtains Go With Gray Walls?

10. Ocean Blue Curtain on Grey Wall

Any area in the house can benefit from the combination of blue and grey. The ocean blue curtains in this room offer a splash of color to the otherwise neutral walls, making a statement while also calming the eye. Blue is a calming hue that can be used in the bedroom to get the desired effect.

11. Olive Green Curtains on Warm Grey Wall

Warm grey walls with green as an undertone go well with the color. Curtains in olive green are a natural match for the grey walls. If you want your space to feel warmer, consider a darker hue of green. Add some life to your home with this, especially when coupled with other eco-friendly pieces.

NICETOWN’s olive green curtains are ideal for individuals who want to snooze or block out the sun, thanks to their eye-catching design. Clip rings, pleats, or shirring are three different methods to decorate your curtains for added elegance.

12. A Mix of Cool and Warm Colors

These days, it’s popular to use three different shades of cold and warm curtains. Against the gray wall, a combination of blue, white, and tan will look fantastic. These are neutral hues that may be used in a variety of ways to create a luxurious impression in a room. To tie the overall ensemble together, use bronze and metallic accents.

13. Bold Patterns on Grey Wall

Pair your gray walls with patterned drapes for a traditional or modern look. By using geometric or tranquil designs, you may bring the rainbow into your home and make it feel bright and cheery.

Lush Decor’s striped curtains in turquoise and orange are a standout. A bohemian vibe can be achieved in any space — even the toilet – with Lush Décor!

What Curtains Go With Grey Walls – 17 Ideas

Grey walls are always a safe bet; they’re a timeless choice. Chic sophistication and unbridled grace are the hallmarks of this color. Its simplicity lends a serene air to the room while also allowing for interesting accents to be incorporated into the scheme.

To help you choose curtains that match well with your grey walls, we’ve put up a list of some interesting ideas:

The solid on solid affair

If your walls are light to medium in color, you can use drapes that are two to three shades darker in gray than your walls.

Even though it’s a simple concept, this idea will give your home a beautiful, simplistic, and effortlessly chic vibe. Colors other than black and white work just as well when used in this way, but the contrast it creates in this specific color scheme truly stands out.

The sheer class of the cream look

Cream colored curtains, for example, look fantastic with grey walls. Depending on the fabric, they can help bring out the greys in your walls even further. Consider pairing this curtain color with lighter hues of grey, such as dove, snow, pearl, harbor, etc.

The bright intensity of sheers

In order to give your rooms a whimsical feel, sheers are the ideal window treatments for rooms with gray walls. Breezey and see-through fabric is ideal for creating a retro feel in the home design.

Aside from that, this fabric looks great with both light and dark colors of grey alike. Pearl gray walls would look wonderful, but slate gray ones would also be stunning in this room.

Bold geometric curtains

Curtains with geometric patterns look great against gray walls if you want to create a bold, bohemian feel to your decor. The curtains can be used to enhance the wall color because it is subtle.

Even better if the cloth is designed in jewel tones, particularly honey gold. In addition to brightening up the room, this color scheme will also help to remove the drab neutrality of the walls.

Embracing your bronze side

In order to add a dash of elegance and sophistication to your neutral decor, you can go with bronze-colored curtain panels to complement gray-colored wall paint.

Faux silk is an excellent material for achieving this look. To achieve the desired appearance, match these curtains with light and medium-dark gray.

When sheers go honey yellow

Choosing sheer yellow curtains for a grey room is a great way to add a bright, whimsical vibe to your home if you are a fan of the contemporary-eclectic style.

They’ll give the atmosphere a stylish, whimsical vibe with a hint of refinement. The bright colors and casual elegance will brighten up your dreary rooms.

Decadent burgundy

Curtains in rich burgundy crimson would be the perfect choice if you’re striving for a luxurious, high-end look. Dark grey walls go best with this color because of its opulence. Slate, charcoal, iron, and ash are just a few examples of other neutrals that go well with it.

Teal aqua blue

The teal-blue color scheme has a rather bohemian feel, which is why solid jewel-toned curtains are ideal for highlighting grays. Rich grey walls, especially if they’re on the darker side of the spectrum, would look fantastic with curtains in this color.

Using teal-aqua curtains, bedding, and other textiles, you can create a custom look in your bedroom by pairing them with grey walls.

Black and white patterned curtains

Curtains made of black and white patterned cloth are an excellent choice for light grey walls. Even while this achromatic color scheme is entertaining and elegant on its own, it takes on even more appeal when it is expressed in the shape of curtain designs.

Your ambiance would also be enhanced by the dramatic contrast between the cloth and wall color schemes.

Multicolored patterns for that extra oomph

Curtains with rainbow designs are a great way to add a dash of color to your bland grey surroundings. It’s possible to go all out with multicolored curtains instead of single-hue or black and white patterns.

Jewel-toned hues can be mixed and matched with achromatic and bright colors, or they can be an appealing combination of both.

Simple white curtains with tassels

If you like a more understated look, white curtains against gray walls are a good option. They’ll have a sophisticated, refined, and timeless appearance. With that in mind, they’ll look great with any shade of grey, whether it’s light or dark.

However, if you’d want to give them an extra dose of individuality, you can always add tassels to the ends. The white cloth will remain timeless, but it will also have character thanks to this simple embellishment.

Going the extra mile

For a more eclectic-chic look in your grey-roomed space, these sheer drapes with black designs along the borders and tassels on each side will do the trick. If your grey walls are textured in any manner, they’ll add a playful, attractive, and soft atmosphere to your home.

That rich navy

Navy blue is a color that never fails to exude a sense of sexiness and sophistication. Because of this, it’s the ideal hue for curtains to compliment light grey walls.

Because of its depth and richness, this color would not only bring out the radiance of the walls, but it would also give the room a stunning and grounded appearance in its entirety.

Those Laura Ashley Patterns

Laura Ashley’s rebirth of 1960s hippie fabrics has been the most gorgeous improvement from that period in recent years.

Grey walls would look great with drapes that include them, as they’re fashionable and classy. These drapes’ flowery appeal never fails to enliven an atmosphere, and they’ll undoubtedly give your interiors a vintage-contemporary vibe.

Star cut-outs for a glam look

Cut-out curtains in solid colors are the latest fashion, and this one will look great against your light grey walls.

When you combine the stunning cuts with the regal fabric and tulle overlay, the whole look takes on an ethereal quality. There is no doubt that it would enhance the modest beauty of your grey walls.

Going beige-on-cream

Whether the walls are light or dark, beige or cream-colored curtains look great against them, but this beige-on-cream scheme has an especially boho-chic elegance.

Button embellishments fill the space between the darker upper half and the lighter lower portion of the garment. For shabby-chic, boho, or eclectic style interiors with grey walls, they’ll be a terrific complement.

What Color Curtains Go With Gray Walls?

You can’t go wrong with ruffles

If you’ve become weary of the same old curtains and want something a little more interesting to contrast your grey walls, then ruffles are your best bet. In addition to adding a dash of elegance to your curtains, adding ruffles to the borders can also provide visual interest to your home designs.

Good to Know

Choose your favorite curtains to complement your gray walls, but be sure the rest of your furnishings match, too. You can choose colors that complement or contrast grey. Sofa and/or floor covering should be matched to the grey wall, for example. To make the gray walls pop even more, consider adding white or cream furniture to the room.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing curtains for a room with grey walls, the selections might be overwhelming, especially when there are so many to choose from. I sincerely hope I was able to assist you in making the finest choice of curtains for your gray walls.