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Everyone should be able to drape scarf curtains properly. A well-executed and finished building is decorated to perfection, especially with the use of curtains.

In order to ensure the utmost seclusion for its occupants, you should cover all of the windows in the room with drapes.

Fixing curtains to the walls of your room is simply the beginning of the process. The curtains you select to hang in your rooms can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of the space.

Saree curtains, for example, are a work of art. With a variety of designs and colors, the scarf curtain is a popular choice for both local and international merchants and purchasers.

What are Window Scarves?

For the time being, let us stick to the fundamentals.

Traditional curtains can completely cover your windows if they are hung along the length of a curtain rod.

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In contrast, a window scarf wraps around the curtain rod. Window scarves can be used with or without curtains or other window treatments.

While window scarves can allow more light into a room, they can also compromise privacy if they are utilized on their own. Adding window scarves on top of drapes, blinds, or shades improves energy efficiency while also allowing more light to enter.

Valances, on the other hand, are short drapes that cover only the upper portion of a window and hide the curtain rods. Source

Best Fabrics for Window Scarves

The finest materials for window scarves are lightweight sheer textiles, but you can also use thicker materials to make a stronger impact.

Window scarves can be made from any of the following popular fabrics:

  • Organza, a silk-based fabric that is both sheer and slightly shiny, is a popular choice. An airy, spongy look can be achieved by using this sumptuous material in almost any room.
  • Chiffon: If you’re on a tight budget, opt for chiffon instead of the more expensive organza. The delicate shimmer of this cloth softens the look of a room and provides an air of sophistication.
  • Cotton-based voile is a light, delicate fabric. Voile is contemporary, easygoing, and ideal for large windows and living areas.
  • You can never go wrong with velvet if you’re looking for something more lush and opaque. Compared to other types of fabrics, velvet is more substantial and lends an air of grandeur to any outfit. In a formal dining room, living room or master bedroom, velvet is ideal.

The best curtain fabrics for your home can be found in this article:

3 Window Scarf Draping Techniques

Let’s take a look at the three most typical ways to drape a window scarf in a home:

  • U-Shape
  • Asymmetrical
  • Layered

1. U-Shape Window Scarves

Window scarves can be draped in many ways, but a ‘U’ shape or a’swag’ in the centre is the most common and easiest method.

This clean style is most suited for rooms with small windows, although it may be used in nearly any setting. To make a window scarf, all you need is a long curtain panel or a piece of your favorite fabric.

With the scarf, you can go as far as you like with the length of the scarf. In high traffic areas or rooms where little children are present, floor-length scarves can get in the way.

If your window is very large, you may want to consider creating two curtains (two U-shapes) out of a single piece of fabric.

2. Asymmetrical Window Scarves

In master bedrooms, formal spaces, and libraries, asymmetrical curtain draping is romantic and ideal for towering windows.

You can get an unbalanced appearance by suspending a curtain from a lower point than the other.

Find out more about curtain length rules by clicking here.

3. Layered Window Scarf Draping

For formal and flamboyant dcor, layering window scarves is a gorgeous and elaborate option.

Make your windows stand out by layering different shades of the same fabric. For even greater contrast, try mixing and matching patterns and colors.

How to Drape a Scarf Valance in 4 Simple Steps | Overstock.com

As shown in the illustration, you can layer window scarves by making multiple loops on the curtain rod.

How to Hang a Window Scarf Over Curtain Rods

It’s simple to drape a window scarf. To make window scarves, you can buy curtain panels in bulk or buy fabric by the yard.

To look your best, follow these pointers.

1. Measure

Simulate how the scarf will look by draping a spool of string in the same way. When looping the string around the curtain rod, keep in mind where you want the curtain to fall and the amount and depth of swags you want to produce.

Decide how much cloth you’ll need by measuring the string and cutting it accordingly.

2. Fold

Depending on the design you’re going for, you can either fold a curtain panel in half widthwise or create one to three-inch pleats. When you’ve finished folding or pinning, use safety pins to keep everything in place.

3. Drape

Create one piece of swag

  1. Use a curtain rod to hang the fabric.
  2. In a ‘U’ form, drape the scarf across the pole in front of you.
  3. Then, drape it over the rod’s other end once more.

Loop the curtain over the center of the rod to make many swags for larger windows. Put each end of the curtain rod in place, and then wrap the sides over each other.

The “base” scarf should be draped once, and then the “top” scarf twice.

4. Adjust

You can now fine-tune the depth of the swags to your preference. On both sides of the window, let the fabric fall to the appropriate length. Finally, remove the safety pins to finish the style.

When hanging full-length window scarves, consider using curtain holdbacks or tiebacks to give a beautiful (and functional) touch to the overall look.

How to Drape Curtains Easily With Kwik-Hang

Using Kwik-Hang, you may quickly and easily hang your remaining curtains once you’ve learned how to hang scarf curtains over rods.

The no-drill curtain rod brackets from Kwik-Hang make it simple to hang curtains in a matter of seconds.. You don’t need any specific tools or measurements to complete the installation, which takes only a few minutes.

To install the brackets, just lay them on the window frame and tap them into place with a hammer. Ready to put up the window scarves immediately?

Curtain rod brackets and rods from Kwik-Hang are a cheap and reliable way to give your windows a facelift.

Steps on Draping Scarf Curtains

This can be done in two ways. The curtain rod approach and the hook method are two examples of these. There are a few things you’ll need even before you start looking at any of the methods. The following are some of the tools and supplies you’ll need:

  • A wide range of screws in different diameters
  • Using a caliper
  • It’s the rod that holds the window open.
  • The substance of the cloth
  • Pencils, pens, and paper are all you need.
  • An abrasive tool
  • With a few of these hooks

Are Scarf Curtains out of Style?

Since their inception, scarf curtains have undergone numerous iterations in order to better serve their intended audience. Interior decorators are constantly coming up with new and more appealing forms and shapes to fulfill the tastes of homeowners, and this can be seen in the scarf curtain’s appearance style.

If you follow the instructions above, you’ll be able to create a lovely look for your window by using scarf curtains.

How do you Wrap Curtains Around Curtain Rods?

A low-cost window treatment technique for curtain décor is to wrap curtains around curtain rods. When done correctly, drapery can be a stunning addition to a room.

To understand how to easily wrap curtains around curtain rods, take a look at the following instructions:

You’ll need two curtain panels, one on top of the other, with the colorful sides facing each other. In order for the panels to be aligned horizontally, they must meet at the top.

Try to mark a straight vertical line 1 inch inside each of the meeting edges of each panel and pin them together. 2.

Tape the seam to the extent that you can. You could only go so far with the pins before they stopped letting you go any farther. Use your pressing iron to push and heat up the seam.

Bring your curtain to the rod and pull it over it. You can then pull one side of the curtain to have it hang in a straight line on either side of the rod as you remove it.

Pull one end of your panel up and over the curtain rod, then pull the portion that now drapes over the middle of the curtain rod back. Swag will be formed.

In order to hang your panel, begin by pulling one of the panel’s ends up and over the curtain rod’s bracket.

To secure the knot, simply draw it back through the loop. To complete the scarf-like and wrapped curtain, try to do the same thing on the other side.

Tips For Hanging A Window Scarf Like A Pro

Using a scarf to decorate a window can be as simple or as complex as you like. Think about using a scarf as a way to liven up the look of your windows instead of using other options like blinds. Once you’ve mastered the basics, feel free to experiment with more complex designs.

The good news is that scarves may be used to decorate your windows without requiring a degree in interior design. You should be able to create magnificent scarf patterns on your windows with the appropriate hardware and a little perseverance.

You can hang a scarf in a variety of ways. Personal preference, type of windows, and available hardware all play a role in which technique you choose.

Things You Will Need

  • Measurement with a tape
  • Curtain rods
  • Using hooks to hang things.
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Cloth to hang on the wall
  • Writing implements

The Curtain Rod Method

You can hang scarves from a curtain rod for an easy way to beautify your windows.

Step 1: Mark Where You Want The Ends Of The Scarf To Fall

To get the total length of the curtain rod, multiply the curtain rod’s length by 75 centimeters. On each side of the pole, use a pen to indicate the 75cm spot where the fabric ends will hang. Ideally, the cloth should dangle just outside the frame’s outer margins.

Step 2: Measure The Width Of Your Window

Pull the tape measure across the window frame from the left side to the right side. It is important to take care of the width. It’s best if the scarf may span the breadth of the window for a more elegant appearance.

Step 3: Calculate The Required Fabric Length

Measure the length of your windows to ensure that the fabric will fit. Determine how much fabric to buy by doubling the window width measurements you took previously and then multiplying this by the measurements you made in step 1 above.

Curtains Design: The Third Great Way to Hang Your Scarf Swag Curtains

Because you want the fabric to hang 75cm on each side, the total length of cloth needed is 390cm i.e. (12 cmx2) + 75 cm = 390 cm (75cmx2)

Step 4: Drape The Fabric Over The Rod

Use both hands to hold the scarf horizontally. Both ends of the fabric should hang vertically in the palm of your hands.

In this position, attach the scarf to the rod with the help of the hook. In a beautiful u-position, let the middle piece of the fabric fall down as it dangles down and twirls around the window frame.

Roll one of the hanging sides once around the rod to secure it. Take the other hanging side and do the same. Repeat the process on the other side of the hook. Instead of pinning the scarf in place, you can use pins to hold it in place.

The Hook Method

What? There’s no rod here? That’s OK. Curtains can be hung using hooks instead of rods. Decorative hooks and finials can be found in a wide variety of styles at your local home furnishing store. Hooks may be installed on the wall with a little elbow grease. Before adding hooks to hang your valances, be sure to remove any existing window coverings, such as blinds.

Step 1: Determine The Appropriate Position For The Hooks

On each side, measure 5 cm above the window frame. On each side, measure 7cm from the frame’s corner. Make a note of the following points. It’s also possible to mark a third hook in the middle, just above the window frame, if you choose.

Step 2: Secure The Hooks In Place

Attach the hooks to the window frame at the indicated locations. Hooks can be attached to the wall using the holes in the hooks. Make sure the hooks are big enough to hold the scarf in the chosen style comfortably.

Step 3: Measure The Window Length And Width

Tape a long piece of measuring tape to the top or bottom of the window frame or side hooks, and then draw it down to where you want the scarf’s hanging sides to be.

Begin at the left hook and work your way across until you reach the right. Both length and width dimensions should be taken into consideration.

Step 4: Determine The Right Fabric Size

For each side, double the width measurement by two and add it to the length measurement you already took. There are a few things to keep in mind while purchasing scarf fabric. In this case, if the window is 120cm wide and the sides are 30cm long, you would need to buy cloth that is 300cm long.

Step 5: Place The Scarf On The Hooks

Placing the end of the fabric on the left hook will allow you to hang a small portion of it. Using the right hook, suspend the cloth from the other side of the window frame. The result will be a simple u-shaped pattern.

The same methods can be used for a more refined look. The central portion should be draped over a middle hook instead of dipping down in a u-shape. A pair of beautiful u-shapes will come from this method. Make the scallop shape more dramatic by doubling up on the number of hooks. Snugly the scarf in place with the cable ties or decorative clips.


The simplicity and sophistication of a scarf make it an ideal choice for adorning your windows. A cascade effect can be achieved by using either the rod method or the hook method, or by using multiple layers of cloth.

Have you experimented with different ways to hang a scarf on a window? You should tell us all about them. Post your thoughts and concerns in the space provided!

Scarf curtains can be hung in a variety of ways. Curtains aren’t just nailed to the wall or hung from a curtain rod; they’re also given no shape. The little amount of flair can make a world of difference. As a result, paying attention to the proper way to drape scarf curtains is essential if you want to elevate the overall look and feel of the space.