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Until recently, curtains were not even considered as a replacement for closet doors, which is a shame because they are a beautiful addition to any room.

This has changed, however, and many homeowners and interior designers now realize the advantages of eliminating the door and replacing it with a wide curtain in the same place. One of the finest options for replacing a closet door is to use curtains.

Choose the fabric and color that complements the rest of your room, and you’ll have a relaxing, pleasant, and inviting change of pace.

In the middle of the room, you can utilize curtains to provide a great splash of color! You can choose to match your curtains, or you can take a risk and try something unique.

Listed here are some of our favorite curtain closet door designs, along with an explanation of why each one works so well. We’ll also offer some suggestions for your own design.

1. Walk-in Closet Curtain Ideas

If you have a lot of clothes, a walk-in closet is the way to go.

There is a good chance that you have a large collection of books, clothing, or other items of interest, and you want to be able to easily access and view everything.

Ditch Your Closet Doors for a Tailored Curtain | Architectural Digest

Using a curtain closet door is an excellent method to draw attention to the contents that would otherwise be hidden from visitors. It also makes it easier to go into the closet, making it a focal point of the space.

2. Matching Closet Curtain Colors

Curtains can be matched to a variety of items in any room.

This offers you the freedom to play with with color and pattern by mixing and matching the window treatments for a more uniform appearance, or by using a bolder hue to inject life into the space.

In this case, the owner opted for a more subdued hue to enhance the tranquility of their bedroom.

3. Using Curtains to Create Texture

The ability to provide texture using curtains is unquestionable.

Smooth surfaces, such as closet doors or walls, distribute light evenly throughout a space.

There are several ways to include texture and detail into the look of curtains, such as gathering them or hanging them loosely.

4. Small Closet Curtain Ideas

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Curtains aren’t just for walk-in closets, either.

Curtains can be used in smaller closets, as long as you need a wide range of options: length, width, fabric and design can all be changed to suit your needs.

It’s possible to hide just a portion of the closet’s interior by putting a curtain inside.

5. Fancy Ideas for Curtain Closet Door

Whether or not you enjoy sewing, there are many ways to customize your curtains, and even if you don’t, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Make an informed decision about the style of your room and then stick to it no matter what.

You can’t go wrong with using a drape as a closet door.

Closet Curtains Instead of Doors: Our Simple Makeover! - Driven by Decor

6. Advantages of Closet Curtain Doors

A closet’s contents are normally hidden behind a door.

What if you want to show what’s on the inside, but don’t want to?

In this photo, the curtains are tied to the side, allowing you to show off your cool furniture, apparel, or flooring.

It’s a nice perk to be able to get around more easily. Have a secret to hide? Simply draw the drapes to conceal the mess.

7. Sliding Closet Door Curtain Ideas

When the drape is lowered to the side it looks cool, however it could get in the way.

You’ll need special clippers for attaching the cloth to the rod if you want to make the curtain door slide.

Clippers are used to attach the curtain to the rings, which are attached to the pole with large rings.

The simplest way to make sliding curtains is to purchase a large piece of material and neatly cut it in half. They would look great in a country-style home.

8. Tidy White Curtain Closet Doors

It could be a window or a passageway in this picture because the curtain is being utilized to conceal a storage unit.

In terms of the outside, it gives a more spacious feel to a sparsely furnished bedroom by adding texture and warmth.

To make a big impact without drawing too much notice, the white tone of the curtain gives it a powerful presence.

9. What Rooms Are Closet Curtains Good for?

Closet curtains are a nice match for a bedroom.

A bedroom’s closet curtains go well with the rest of the decor.

10. How to Use Curtain Closet Doors to Add Color

It’s hard to go wrong with drapes for the closet in the bedroom.

To go along with the existing decor, but also to provide a pop of color without having to invest in furniture that will seem dated in a few years, we went with a pink accent wall.

11. Why to Use Curtains in Place of Closet Doors

In comparison to actual doors, curtains offer a number of advantages.

When you neglect to close them, your home doesn’t appear messy and unkempt.

Curtains, on the other hand, keep the door out of the way, allowing you to freely walk around the area, unlike an open closet.

12. Bedroom Closet Curtain Door Ideas

Curtain closet doors look fantastic in bedrooms.

There are no unnecessary distractions in this room, hence the curtain color is white: the owner doesn’t want to be distracted.

The drapes, on the other hand, provide texture to the light distribution and prevent the space from appearing too basic.

13. Sliding Closet Curtain Doors

In this closet, the owner found a clever way of keeping things basic on the outside while still allowing the interior to pop.

There are many exciting ways to experiment with patterns, shapes, and colors in the interiors of furniture, and they may even opt to open their closet curtains occasionally so that visitors may see the results.

14. Curtains as Space Dividers

Instead of using drapes to cover up the doorways of a closet, this method does not necessitate a closet in the first place.

Take as much storage space as you need to divide the space in a method that works best for you.

There’s nothing more complicated than hanging a rod from the ceiling.

It’s especially useful if your home doesn’t have designated closets or if they’re too small.

15. Patterned Curtain Door Ideas

Even if you prefer your home to have a clean and neat appearance, adding some accents with curtains is an easy way to do it.

With a small closet, this homeowner sought to add some movement and came up with this funky design.

16. Closet Curtain Doors How to DIY

You don’t just need curtains to make your own curtain closet doors; you also need a rod or railing to hold them in place.

Install brackets into the wall, then attach the rod.

tuesday tip: curtains as doors - loft & cottage

Repainting the rod to fit your decor will necessitate some additional work, but that’s about it (or the patterns on the curtain, as it does here).

Curtain clips and drapes are usually required in most circumstances..

17. Folded or Tight Curtain Closet Doors

Once you’ve decided on the perfect curtain material, you’ll need to make a few more choices:

There are a variety of ways to style your curtains, including gathered (choose a larger curtain than the door opening) or tight, folded at the top for a nicer look, or just plain. Finally, you can have one or two pieces.

The final step is to divide the curtain into equal sections and evenly distribute the clips.

There’s no catch, and your home will have the opulent appearance of an old mansion.

18. How to Place Curtains as Closet Doors

On several circumstances, curtains can be used as closet doors.

The lovely hue that matches the bed cover and shines out from the simple white wall adds an extra layer of interest here.

It’s common for people to place the rod on the inside of their closet so that it doesn’t draw attention away from the rest of the room.

We’ve compiled a list of 18 neat curtain closet door ideas you might enjoy.

To make a quick and simple makeover in your house, simply replace your closet doors with curtains.

Even if it doesn’t require a lot of work and there aren’t many critical designer decisions to make, the alternatives are nonetheless numerous and entirely dependent on your vision for the ideal space.

Whether you’re looking to add a dash of luxury or keep things simple, there’s a curtain out there for you.

Even if you change your mind, switching between the two types is extremely simple.

Closet doors that can be drawn or left open give a space a fresh look and feel, as well as the flexibility to reveal or hide what you desire at any given time.

If you’re looking for something new and distinctive to impress your friends with, and if you believe your home or apartment interior may use some freshening up, give these a try.