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It’s simple to put tab top curtains up. In less than 30 minutes, you’ll have them up and running!

The task of hanging tab top curtains does not necessitate the services of a professional.

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Step #1

Touch up the tab-top curtains with an iron, making sure to iron each tab flat. It’s important to iron the linen curtains on the linen setting. This will ensure after hanging tab top curtains, they look their best.

Step #2

Using an iron, iron each tab on the tab-top curtains until they are flat. It’s important to iron the linen curtains on the linen setting. Tab top curtains will look their best after being installed in this manner.

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Step #3

An iron can be used to iron the tab-top curtains, making sure that each tab is flat. Be careful to use the linen setting on the iron if your curtains are made of that material. This will make sure that the tab top curtains look their best when they have been hung on a rod.

Step #4

Do not forget to read and follow the instructions on your curtain rod brackets box. To install most curtain rods, you’ll need to use a drill bit smaller than the screws you’re planning to use to drill a small hole in the rod. Insert the screws through the holes in the brackets and into the pilot holes in the wall to attach the brackets to the wall.

Step #5

Make sure the correct side of the curtain is facing out by inserting the curtain rod through each of the tabs on the first drape from right to left. One tab at a time, slide the second panel onto the curtain rod from left to right, positioning the tabs on the rod.

Step #6

To hang the curtains, use the brackets to hang the rod and adjust the distance between the drape tabs as desired. When the curtains are open, the tabs are pushed together, and when they are closed, they are uniformly spread along the rod. Make sure the rod is level by standing a few feet away. Hanging tab top curtains is a breeze now!

What You’ll Need When Hanging Tab Top Curtains

  • A Board for Ironing or Heating an Iron
  • Masking tape with a light stick
  • The aforementioned tape measure
  • drilling with a drill and drilling with a drill bit. Using a drill bit smaller than the curtain rod screws is recommended.
  • a drill bit for a screwdriver

If you’re attaching to drywall that doesn’t have any studs, a molly may be necessary.

What are Tab Curtains?

Sewing tabs to the bottom and top edges of a curtain panel allows you to make tab curtains, which hang from a curtain rod. There are two loops on either side of the top tab, which is folded over itself to produce a “X” shape. There are numerous various methods to hang these loops based on one’s personal preferences.

  • Other window treatments, including drapes, are frequently lined with them.
  • Most often, they’re used to add a layer of privacy to small spaces like restrooms, kitchens, or even powder rooms.

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What are the Advantages of Tab Curtains?

  • Tab curtains are popular because of their many advantages. These are some examples:
  • For cleaning or replacement, the tabs can be readily removed.
  • The tabbing design makes it impossible for those outside a window to look inside, making them more private than other curtains.
  • Since they don’t require any rods or hardware, tab curtains are a pretty simple and inexpensive option.

What Should you Consider When Hanging Tab Curtains?

If you’re not sure how to hang tab curtains or if you like a certain technique of hanging them, it’s advisable to engage a professional installer to handle the job for you.

Using this method will ensure that they are placed appropriately and professionally throughout time. Building codes in your area may also have restrictions on the hanging of tab curtains from the outside of a building.

How to wash tab curtains

Before washing your tab curtains, be sure to review the manufacturer’s care recommendations. When you’re washing them, be sure to keep the windows and doors closed in the room to prevent them from becoming damp and shrinking when they’re dried.

To soften the fabric and make them more pleasant to touch, consider applying a fabric softener if you plan to put them out on the line.

Ensure that your dryer is set to low heat to avoid shrinking your curtains while they are in the machine. If you’re dealing with fragile materials, you’ll want to keep this in mind. If at all feasible, hang the tab curtains outside to dry.

As a final resort, you can hang your delicates by hand over a shower rod or another line to remove all of the remaining water from them. Put as much of it in your back pocket as possible before hanging.

Then hang them up and appreciate the ease with which you may modify their position after they are dry. You can move the tab curtains by pulling the tabs straight down on one side and then across to make a loop for some slack so that you can do so.

If you need to shorten the length of the loop or shift it higher or lower depending on the size of your window, you may do it here! As an additional precaution, you may want to place drapery weights (or anything heavy) on either side of the curtain rod.

Can I Iron Tab Curtains?

Ironing tab curtains on a low heat setting with starch and an old towel is recommended by experts to achieve a crisp finish. Remove any wrinkles in your curtains using this method!

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Can I bleach tab curtains?

Tab curtains, because of their delicate nature, should never be bleached. It’s recommended that you use the lowest feasible setting (typically 30 degrees) and rinse them with cold water before hanging them to dry, according to a specialist.