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Adding a curtain tie back is the finishing touch that will make your curtains truly stand out. DIY curtain tie back projects are easy to make, therefore I’ve included a list of 24 of them in this article.

My guess is you’ll locate the right DIY curtain tie back for your home after reading this post.

1. DIY Beaded Curtain Tie Back

Hey, are you a fan of beadwork? Because if so, then we’ll proceed. If that’s the case, you’ll enjoy this one. You’ll learn how to construct a gorgeous beaded curtain tie back in this video. All you’ll need are the appropriate supplies to complete the project.

2. DIY Curtain Tie Back Out Of Old DVDs

These DIY tips teach you how to repurpose outdated items that you were about to throw away. Old DVDs came in in for this DIY curtain tie back. A sophisticated, luxurious home might not be the best place for this, but I think it’s a great idea that certain people would enjoy.

How to make curtain tiebacks - YouTube

3. How To Make Curtain Tie Backs

These curtain tie backs are easy to construct, and you can use any fabric you like to match the color of your curtains. To construct this curtain tie back, all you need is an iron, some pins, and a sewing machine. It’d look fantastic in your house, in my opinion.

4. DIY Curtain Tie Back

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In your bathroom, are there any outdated shower curtains that need to be replaced? Is this lesson for you if so? Using curtain hangers from his shower curtains as a simple DIY curtain tie back is a brilliant idea. To my knowledge, this is the simplest curtain tie back I’ve ever seen.

5. DIY Brass Curtain Tie Back

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There is a lot to admire here. When it comes to developing a product, it is not as difficult as it appears. A brass swivel eye snap hook, scissors, needle and thread, and cream cotton cord are all you’ll need to build your own DIY curtain tie back. If done correctly, this might be stunning.

6. DIY Rope Curtain Tie Back

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If you want to give your home a rustic feel, I recommend that you pay close attention to the smallest of details. This curtain tieback is ideal for rustic interior design. There is no difficulty in making this DIY rope curtain tie back; you’ll be finished in no time.

7.  How To Make Gold Chain Curtain Tie Backs

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This one’s bound for the stratospheric stratosphere. A DIY curtain tie back made from a chain is a great idea. The piece may not be genuine gold, but I believe it looks fantastic. In my opinion, a silver chain curtain tie-back would also look fantastic in this room. Check the color of your curtains before purchasing gold or silver chains for curtain tie backs.

8. Glass Door Knob DIY

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Despite the fact that this isn’t a how-to guide, I believe anyone with working hands and legs could easily DIY this. A gorgeous glass doorknob is all you need to transform the look of your home. After purchasing, attach the glass doorknob to the wall using screws or nails and use it as a curtain tie back.

9. Simple Twine Curtain Tieback

Another easy, yet stunning, craft you may do, thanks to an idea I came across. The curtain tie back was created using a thin rope by the designer. Is the knot bothering you? As long as you can tie a shoelace, you’re good to go.

10. Jute Rope Curtain Tie Back DIY

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You might enjoy this one as well. Fabric and steel pipe couplings are required for this curtain tie back. On the source page, you can find the complete instructions for making one of them. Following the step-by-step instructions is a breeze.

11. DIY Curtain Tie Back WIth Beads

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The maker of this stunning curtain tie back pieced it together with artisan beads. The steps used in making these are quite easy to follow. These can be made with a few simple materials. I love this idea, if you are into artisan beads, you would love this DIY curtain tie back.

12. How To Make Curtain Tie Back Out Of Rope

Rope can be used to create the most stunning curtain tie backs ever! Making a curtain tie back out of rope isn’t going to be easy at first, but you’ll get the hang of it eventually.

13. How To Tie A Curtain Tie Back Having Tassels

Imagine yourself in a situation where you are required to tie a curtain tie back with the tassels that are provided. It may be impossible for you to perform it if you’ve never done it before. You’ll be able to tie a curtain tie back with tassels like a pro after watching this guide.

14. Belted Curtain Tie Back

Here’s one of those unique concepts that you’ll probably like.. After watching this curtain tie back, I was speechless. To be honest, I’d never considered using a belt as a tieback for a curtain. Put this together and it’s a cinch to do. Just wrap the belt around the folding curtain and secure your seatbelt to keep you safe and secure. If the belt won’t buckle, you can puncture a hole in it.

15. Luxe Texture

This incredibly fantastic DIY curtain tie back demonstrates a sumptuous approach to your DIY curtain tie back requirements. Colored fabric can be used to connect your curtains together if you have white curtains as seen in the picture.

8 Curtain Tie Back Ideas: Different Ways To Tie Back Curtains

16. Matching Beads

Here’s a new one for you to experiment with. All the beads on the curtains are the same color. You can use any color beads to match your curtains, even blue. Colorful beads can also be used to match the colors of your curtain. You won’t be disappointed.

17. DIY Boho Curtain Tie Backs

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During my study into the best DIY curtain tie backs, I stumbled across this interesting curtain tie back. It also has a rich appearance. When it comes to developing a product, it is not as difficult as it appears. You could make one of these in a matter of minutes if you had the necessary supplies.

18. DIY Braided Yarn Curtain Tie Backs With Tassels

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Make a stylish curtain tie back with this easy-to-follow tutorial. For curtain tie backs, braided yarns are rarely used, but there is always a first time for everything. DIY braided yarn curtain tie backs may be made with this step-by-step guide.

19. DIY Crystal Door Knob Curtain Tie Back

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You’ll need a couple of little crystal doorknobs for this DIY project, which should be easy to find. If you’ve got the necessary tools, installing the software should be a piece of cake.

20. DIY Wooden Beads Curtain Tie Backs

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My grandmother like wooden beads, and she has a considerable assortment. If you’re a fan of wooden beads, this curtain tie is a must-have for your home decor. Overly simple to build and install. One of them would be a great addition to a home with a lot of wooden furnishings.

21. DIY Curtain Tie Back Coastal Farmhouse

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This wooden beads curtain tie back, in contrast to the first, makes use of less beads while still looking stunning. You’ll learn how to make this curtain tie back in this DIY guide.

22. DIY Curtain Tie Back With Tassel

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This easy-to-do curtain tie-back project captivated me from the moment I saw it. The spherical leather cord was the first item that caught my eye. For the creating procedure, you’ll need a few items, but most of them are readily available. Within a brief period of time, you should be finished with the creating process.

23. DIY Pokemon Magnetic Curtain Tie Backs

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If your child is a Pokemon fan, this would be a perfect addition to their room. It’s a lot of fun to make this curtain tie back.

24. Easy Upcycled DIY Curtain Tiebacks

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To save money on materials, you might use this inventive and cost-effective method. You’ll learn how to construct your own curtain tie backs using household items in this DIY article.

6 Easy Steps To Make Curtains Tie Backs

Fabric tie-backs, as previously stated, are simple textile rectangles with plastic hooks attached.

These hooks are attached to the end of each other.

Alternatively, the ends could be linked together to form a loop.

So, how do you attach curtain tiebacks??

To make one, choose any fabric you like, buy a measuring tape, and then follow these instructions.

Step #1. Measuring the fabric

To accurately determine the length of your tie-backs, you must first hand your drapery or curtain.

If you’ve already hung your curtain, take a peek at it from behind with a curtain tieback.

Measure the length of your tie back by wrapping the tape measure around the gathered curtains.

However, if you plan to bow, knot, or tie it, you’ll need to add a few more inches.

Step #2. Deciding the width of your tie back

Several factors must be taken into account while determining the tie-width. back’s

For example, the weight of your curtains should be taken into consideration.

Keep in mind that the broader the tie-backs must be, the heavier the curtains must be.

Additionally, you’ll want to take into account your own preferences while choosing on the width.

You need to know what kind of look you’re going for.

Make sure to double your desired width once you have decided on this.

In addition, a one-inch seam allowance would be beneficial.

Step #3. Cutting the fabric

Now that you have all of the necessary measurements, you can go out and buy the fabric you choose and lay it out in your working area.

Afterwards, cut the fabric to the correct dimensions.

Step #4. Sewing the fabric

Make the seams on the fabric by sewing it into a long tube.

A quarter of an inch is a good guess.

The incorrect side of the material needs to face outwards at all times.

A final step is sewing a curtain tie back end and then turning it inside out, so that the fabric’s right side is exposed.

A ruler will come in handy for this task.

Step #5. Sealing the fabric’s open end

The open end of the cloth might benefit from a little tucking in.

This can either be done by hand or with a glue gun.

How To Make Curtain Tie Backs The Easy Way!

Step #6. Finishing your curtain tie backs

Your tie-backs are now complete.

Alternatively, you can tie a loop at the end of the cord to serve as a hook for connecting it to the wall.

It’s up to you whether or not you want to use wood or plastic rings.

Curtain tie-backs are now complete.

You can now put the finishing touches on your curtain or drapery, if you will.

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However, that’s all there is to it.

It’s A Wrap!

An great curtain or drapery finishing touch is a curtain tie-back.

It’s a great way to jazz up your window treatments.

In addition to being a cute adornment that goes well with your home’s decor, this material has a practical purpose.

Finding tie-backs that complement your curtains and your decor while also serving their intended purpose can be a challenge in most circumstances.

You can, however, learn how to do it yourself so that it matches your curtain.

It’s also a terrific opportunity to include your own personal flair into your home’s decor by making your own.

In addition, you will be able to select any fabric that will compliment or match the drapery or curtain fabric.

It’s all up to you now.

It’s important to keep in mind that the color scheme of the room should be reflected in the cloth.

Adding a tie-back to a plain window treatment is a great way to add a dash of color and interest to the overall design.

From the room’s decor, select a color or pattern that contrasts with the rest of the design.