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Grommet curtains have a casual elegance that is hard to beat. It looks best when it’s fastened to sheers or if sheer curtains are used as a base.

Because sheers don’t have metal rings like grommet curtains, they’re frequently utilized as a base for grommet curtains, either on the background, that is, independent grommet curtains, or the sheers, these metal ringed curtains, to be in between them where they’ll take their place at both edges.

Sheer curtains can be made to hang in a squished form in the middle of the rod while grommet curtains hang at the edges, or sheers can be made to form a base that hangs backward from grommet curtains.

What are Grommet Curtains

It is possible to refer to grommet-top curtains as grommet-edged drapes. The grommet curtain is a common type of curtain design. Because they’re so simple to hang, this is a big factor. In addition to their beautiful appearance, they are also easy to maneuver around the curtain rods.

Open and close your curtains with ease, letting in light and providing privacy. The grommets at the top of this curtain make it a lot like a shower curtain. There is nothing more to grommets than a little ring that is fastened to curtains and is also used to mark holes in the cloth.

The grommets on these curtains make hanging them a breeze because the curtain rod goes through them. Metal is the most common material for grommets, however plastic and rubber are sometimes used.

Stylish window treatments are easy to achieve when you combine the proper hardware with these fabrics. All of the finishes are available: ancient brass (black), blackened brass (white), brushed brass (chrome), and copper and more. Grommet curtains are among the cheapest and most straightforward to install.

What are Sheers

It’s easy to brighten up a room with these curtains. A feeling of openness and spaciousness permeates the space. They’ll provide you a little bit of seclusion while also diffusing the light a bit.

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With so many colors and lengths available, you may choose one that matches your decor perfectly. By alone or with additional drapery and curtains like grommet curtains, sheers are versatile.

How to Hang Grommet Curtains

The first step is to measure the width of your window, taking into account any molding that may be present. Single windows should add eight inches and double or bigger windows should add fourteen inches. In the end, you’ll have to buy a curtain rod based on the total.

The additional millimeters provide you more room to store items on either side of the window. Using this method will allow you to open them without blocking too much of the window.

Determine the grommet opening’s diameter. The metal rim should not be included. In order to acquire the maximum curtain rod diameter, deduct a half-inch from the aforementioned value. Choose a smooth, pole-style curtain rod for the greatest results.

Measure the width of one of the grommet-topped panels. The length of the curtain rod should be doubled after the first step has been completed. Take the answer and divide it by the width of the panel. For the amount of panels you require, round up to the next even number.

A 50-inch wide window requires 100-inch-wide curtain panels, for example. If you have two curtain panels on one side of the window, you must also have two on the other.

Lay one of the panels flat and measure from the bottom hem to the inner top of one of the grommets to determine where to hang the curtain rod. Two to four inches above the window frame is a good place to designate where the brackets should go when installing the window. Once the brackets are attached to the wall, hang the curtains and insert the curtain rod.

You can obtain grommet curtains that are longer than the normal 84″ length. As a rule of thumb, the curtains should fall to the ground. When hanging a curtain rod, check sure it is level.

How to Hang Grommet Curtains With Sheers

To hang grommet curtains and sheers on a double curtain rod is the easiest method.

On each side of the window, measure three inches from the top of the frame. Make a small mark on the ground to indicate this distance.

From the first of the aforementioned marks, take a measurement of three inches and create another mark. This is where the curtain rod brackets will be installed. Each of these brackets will hold the grommet curtain brackets, while the back one will hold the sheer curtain.

Make careful you put the right bracket on the right side of the wall and the left one on the left side when installing the brackets on the wall. There will be a mark on the brackets. With each one, trace the screw holes on the mark.

Use the screws that came with the curtain rods to attach the brackets to the wall once you’ve drilled holes through the marks. Install drywall anchors and screw the screws into the anchors for a more secure fit.

If the curtain rod doesn’t hang level, you need to make sure that both brackets are leveled before putting in the second one. To install the grommet curtains’ second set of brackets, do the same.

Both the sheer and grommet curtains should be hung on different curtain rods. Fit the curtain rod into the brackets and hang the sheer curtains. Curtains with grommets should be done the same way

The rods can run parallel to one another at times. Inner rod may be slightly lower and behind outer rod at other times. The sheers must be hung on the curtain rod nearest to the window.

The curtains can be adjusted to hang in the desired location by sliding them along the rods until they are positioned as desired after they are already up.

Grommet Curtains

Grommet curtains are elegant, well-balanced curtains. To create a luxurious and grandiose modern look, they are often paired with sheers. Metal rings at the top of these curtains make them simple to hang on curtain rods even for a toddler.

Grommet curtains, on the other hand, are just as pricey and well worth it. In any room of the house, it can be utilized in conjunction with blinds or sheers. It is offered in a variety of fibers to suit the needs of the homeowner. To put it another way, there are both thin and thick fiber-based grommet curtains.

Grommet curtains are simple to install, but the combination with sheers or curtain blinds can be tricky, and in this case, it’s imperative that you seek the help of a professional.

In order to hang grommet curtains, a homeowner only needs an equal-sized metal curtain pole with its ends knotted where it is knotted at the conclusion of the installation, and a grommet curtain.

Continue by attaching your grommet curtains to the rings given above, and then secure the pole by knotting it at the edges so that it doesn’t fall off.

Types of Grommet Curtains

Several varieties of curtains rely on the usage of a rod to hold them in place. The curtains themselves are beautiful, but they’re even more beautiful when they’re installed.

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It’s no secret that everyone’s tastes and specifications differ when it comes to home decor, and many individuals struggle to articulate their vision for their windows and doors.

As a result, only a few examples of curtains with rod elements will be discussed in this section. Grommet curtains such as these can be used in conjunction with grommets.

1. Grommet Top Curtains

Eyelet curtains are another name for this type of curtain because of the rings on it. The simplicity and sophistication of this type of grommet curtain has wowed the majority of home designers. You can slip it on your curtain rods with no problem at all because of the ease of this design.

2. Back Tab Curtains

The most common place to find back tab curtains is in the average family’s house. Backsewn for a rod sliding, it looks stunning when dropped. This is a beautiful design that hides curtain rods in a stylish way.

3. Rod Pocket Curtains

When it comes to drapes, rod pocket curtains have a distinct advantage over rear tabs in that their tab pocket is in the middle rather than the back, allowing them to accommodate heavier drapes. The design of this curtain is definitively balanced.

4. Sheer Curtains

Lightweight sheer curtains can be created from numerous materials, including chiffon, silk and linen, as well as cotton, polyester, chiffon and polyester. Curtains with grommets or any other design can be used as a base for this type of curtain. Sheer curtains, on the other hand, can make a space appear light and airy simply by themselves.

Can You Hang Grommet Curtains with Sheers?

Grommet curtains can be hung with sheers to achieve the softness required to make them opulent and legitimate. In the bedroom, living room, or dining room, you may combine grommet curtains with sheers for a luxurious look.

Grommet curtains, like cheers, have a classy look. Because of their lighter texture and need to be matched with thicker curtains in any large living space, cheers are used to create a complementary luxury look in the bedroom, living room, or dining room.

As a result of sheer curtains’ softness, grommet curtains are often connected with sheer curtains. However, don’t be fooled; grommet and sheer curtains can both work just as well on their own.

Grommet curtains and sheers have been shown to complement each other extremely well. Because of their compatibility, sure, they can both be hung together.

How to Hang Grommet Curtains With Sheers

One of the simplest curtains to hang on your windows is grommet-style drapes. Making this happen is as simple as it seems, and I can attest to the fact that it is.

  • Since you’ll be hanging both curtains in one window, you’ll need to buy double curtain rods first.
  • Install these rods and double-check that they’re the right length, especially for the window panels that extend slightly past the top of the frame.
  • Make a sheer by putting it on one of the rods and tying it in the middle, and then tying it in two knots on each of the rods’ edges.
  • As directed, use the eyelets on the grommet curtains to attach them to the second rod.
  • Distinguishing the grommet curtains from one another will help them hang more closely to the rod’s edges. This is so that the previously placed sheer curtain can be seen wonderfully behind these elegant grommet curtain designs. This is why.
  • A simple knot on both ends of your luxury grommet rods will do the trick. Sheers with grommets are a great combination.
  • Make sure the curtains are hung evenly on the rods to make the room look more refined. Here’s how to put sheers on grommet curtains.

How to Measure Grommet Curtains

The best place to begin your search is in a store selling curtain accessories or by using Amazon’s online shopping service. The significance of this text implies that grommet curtains can be installed. When it comes to grommet curtains, this is a must.

Grommet curtains can be made by following a few simple steps:

Measurement tape, a Grommet rod set, and a Pencil are among of the items you’ll need to stock up on.

  • To begin, use a measuring tape to get an accurate reading on the size of the window panels.
  • For an accurate measurement, use a pencil to draw out the regions where the window’s length and breadth can be measured.
  • If you want sheers or grommet curtains, take measurements of your windows and use those specifications to guide your shopping.

Can I Hang Grommet Curtains on a Double Rod?

Grommet curtains can be hung on a double rod, but not just any double rod; a double rod curtain bracket is required. This merely serves to enlarge your grommet curtain’s opening.

However, a sheer curtain is still required as the foundation for this design. The combination of sheers and grommet curtains will enhance the aesthetic appeal desired by any home owner.

Tiebacks should be used to make the grommets appear fuller, which will enhance the aesthetics of this pairing.

Pros of Hanging Grommet Curtains with Sheers

This combination is a luxury standard bearer. Does the term “elegant and stylish” belong here as well? Standard and sophistication are also important. Is all there is to any living space.

Grommet curtain sets are the simplest to put together and the most eye-catching of all curtain sets. Since the rings are implanted, a single slide is all that is needed to put it all together.

For hotels, bedrooms, living rooms, and libraries, it’s a standard luxury. There’s nothing further to say about it. It’s an air and vent controller that may be used in any room. Even if the tiebacks are utilized, the attractiveness will not fade.

How to Hang Grommet Curtains with Sheers | 7 Painless Steps to Follow

Grommet curtains can be fashioned from a variety of fabrics, just like sheers. Curtains with grommet rings implanted can be made of any fabric.

Cons of Hanging Grommet Curtains with Sheers

There are only a few drawbacks to this combination, and they’re easy to spot.

Because of the grommet on your walls, the rods are visible, especially when used with tie backs, which is one of the negatives I mentioned earlier. As a result, grommet curtain rods have a specific recommendation.

Keeping this combination clean is a challenge because it’s not just anyone’s curtains, but rather a custom-made set. Due to the approaching dust and poor air, the curtain sheers can readily transmit filth. It would be difficult to maintain a group of this size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you hang sheers and curtains on the same rod?

In most cases, customers prefer to use two curtain rods to hang grommet curtains on one rod, while sheers are hung on other rods. The only exception is if you don’t have the resources or don’t like the look of two separate curtain rods. Instead of using sheers, the rod can be threaded through the centre of a thicker curtain. On both ends, hang grommet curtains. Sheer can be made visible using grommet curtain tiebacks.

Can you hang grommet curtains with hooks?

There are no hooks required to hang grommet-hung curtains. Hanging panels is the most cost-effective and pleasant method.

Can you hang grommet curtains on a double rod?

Make sure you use a double curtain rod bracket when installing the hardware. As with grommet curtain rods, take precise measurements. Layer Curtains: Begin by constructing your foundation. To begin, hang a sheer curtain as the first layer, followed by a second layer of grommet curtains. Complete the look: Decorative finials can help keep the curtain in place as it slides, preventing it from dangling to the other side. Sheer can be made visible using grommet curtain tiebacks.

What size rod do you use for grommet curtains?

Set the length of your curtain rods:

  • In the case of a single-window, add an additional 8 inches to the rod’s length measurement.
  • Double-paned windows will necessitate an additional 14 inches.
  • Using this measurement, the window will appear to be larger.
  • When the drapes are pushed to the side, you may make more room with these extra numbers.
  • Set the curtain rod diameter:
  • Measure the distance between the grommets on your curtain panels.
  • You can now deduct 12 inches from that measurement. This is the largest possible rod diameter.

How thick should your curtain rod be?

Measure the length of your grommet panels to determine the diameter of your curtain rod. You can now deduct 12 inches from that measurement. This is the largest possible rod diameter.


If you pair grommet curtains with sheers, you’ll have the ultimate in opulence. There is a lot of shopping to be done, and it takes a lot of time, so this combo isn’t exactly inexpensive. When you take a step back in appreciation, everything is worth it. Because of its ability to block or soften sunlight and dust, it has been recommended for offices and living spaces. Because of the ease of installation and design, this combination is a definite yes for any of your interior decorators.