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Back tab or concealed tab curtains are ideal if you want a clean and pleated design. The tailored and floaty look of these simple and elegant fabric pieces can be achieved by draping them across your windows. Clip rings can be used to hang back tab curtains.

Hidden tab curtains have an issue when it comes to opening and closing your shutters because of the fabric’s movement. To help you hang back tab curtains with clip rings, we’ve got a few tips and tricks up our sleeves.


With a pinch of the tabs and a clip on the curtain ring, the extra length can be added by securing it to the top of the curtain or hidden behind the cloth. The stylish rear tab curtain may be easily opened and closed by sliding it onto the rod.

Back tab curtains

The interior decor of the space is enhanced by the use of a variety of curtain styles. The back tab curtain is a great option if you desire a well-pleated, fitted, and refined aesthetic.

There’s a built-in tab on the rear lining of the curtain header for this piece of cloth. By slipping the rod through the tabs, it’s virtually undetectable from the front. The floating curtain effect is created by the concealed tabs, which keeps the design simple.

Sadly, these tabs are made of cloth as well. It makes it difficult to move the drapery’s top edge, giving it a sturdier feel. On the bright side, it helps to keep the tabs and pleats in place and in their correct positions.

As a result, why use rings to hang it? It’s possible that some of you will argue that the very aim of back tab curtains is to provide a fitted appearance without bothering over the sight of clips and pins. Seeing clips linked to the curtain, on the other hand, completely undermines its purpose.

Using clip rings

Your rear tab curtains won’t be impeded by the fabric’s clean edge when you use clip rings for their opening and closing. They’re also great at helping customers adjust the curtain’s length.

When it comes to hanging back tab curtains, using clip rings is a great option for individuals who want a simple, beautiful look, but still want the freedom to open and close their curtains as desired.

Hanging process

To begin, gather your necessary equipment. If your brackets and ornamental rod are already assembled, this process will go much more quickly. You’ll also need a curtain, a curtain rod, and a pencil if this is your first time installing a window treatment.

Step 1: Securing brackets

To save time, you can skip this step if your brackets and rod are already in place

Make a mark on the page where your brackets will go. A minimum of four to eight inches above the window sill is considered typical. The screws should be marked with a measuring tape. You’ll need to drill holes and secure your brackets.

Step 2: Attaching clip rings

The tabs on your back tab curtain should face you when hanging it. Clip rings can be attached in two ways.

Option 1 – Attaching it at the top of the tab.

Attach your curtain clip to the top of the curtain. This is all there is to it. You can lengthen your curtain without having to adjust the fabric with this option. A classy and magnificent impression can be achieved by achieving fabric pooling on the floor.

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When you employ this trick, you may extend the length of standard-length curtains. For neat-looking pleats, use rings on each tab. When adding clip rings, skip one or two tabs for a loosely-hung curtain appearance.

Option 2 – Concealing it behind the tab.

The ring can be hidden under the cloth if you wish to keep the back tab curtain’s clean, floaty appearance. A few inches below the top of the tab, pinch and clip the ring.

Before you slide the ring across the rod, try pulling the ring so that you can see its entire length. If it’s attached too high, lower it an inch or two to make it more accessible. Keep in mind that you don’t want to get too close to the hem of the curtain tab. Slide the ring across your rod once it’s fastened to the desired length.

Step 3: Hang your rod

Attach the last components to both ends of the rod with your neatly slipped ring already attached. Once you’ve hung your rods, adjust them as needed. Slide your curtains to the left or right and open or close the shutters as you like.

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Using clip rings to hang back tab curtains is a simple and effective technique to adjust the length of your curtains without having to make any changes. To have the best of all worlds, you can opt for an elegant back tab curtain that can be opened with a clip ring, or you can opt for an elegant floating curtain.

When making a decision, it’s important to remember that details are important. As little as they may appear, they really help us put the final touches on our projects.