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How do beige walls look with what color curtains? This is a common query, and making a decision on it might be a challenge. Because beige is such a neutral color, it works well with any other color. However, some hues are better suited to a particular space than others.

The greatest colors to combine with beige walls, as well as some advice on how to choose the correct curtains for your room, will be covered in this blog post!

What is the complementary color of beige?

Purple is beige’s complimentary color. Because of this, purple curtains with beige walls will appear fantastic. As an alternative to the complementary color, other colors that are on the color wheel’s antithesis to beige are also acceptable. For a space with beige walls, green or blue curtains would look excellent.

For a room with beige walls, keep in mind the general aesthetic of the area while selecting drapes. Sleek and simple black or white curtains would look fantastic in a modern or minimalist home.

Use vibrant red or yellow patterned drapes if your decor is more classic or eccentric. Try blending multiple shades of blue together if you’re looking for something a little more vibrant!

Choosing Curtains for Beige Walls - Designing Idea

How to Choose the Right Curtains For Beige Walls?

Curtains are a vital choice that might be challenging if you don’t know what type of look you want. A few pointers to make the procedure go more smoothly:

The room’s other colors should be considered as well. Why do you need the atmosphere to be this way?

-Take into account the design of your house. Modern, traditional, or eclectic is the style you’re striving for?

If you want to create an atmosphere, what would that be?

The easiest way to figure out what works is to experiment with different fabrics and textures.

Curtains in white or cream can give your room a more neutral appearance. Colors like reds and oranges blended with yellows can create an eye-catching effect in an eclectic home! Turquoise and navy blues, for example, can be combined to create a playful yet elegant design.

25 Best Curtain Colors To Pair With Beige Walls

1. Black curtains

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Beige walls look nice with black drapes. They’ll give the room a richer, more opulent look and feel by providing a stark contrast. When coupled with beige walls, black curtains are an excellent choice for any decor.

2. Brown Curtains

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For neutral curtains, brown is a terrific choice. It will blend well with the hue of your walls. Depending on how much contrast you desire between brown and other elements in the room, it can go from very dark to very light in color.

3. Gray Curtains

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A pair of gray drapes looks fantastic against beige walls. Gray is a color that can be paired with a wide variety of other colors and styles of furniture and decor, making it easy to achieve a cohesive look.

It’s possible that if you have dark walls, gray curtains may not stand out as much.

4. Green Curtains

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Green curtains are a terrific way to inject some color into your space without going overboard. Green is a lively color that will bring life to your walls. As a result, it’s easy on the eyes when both elements are combined.

5. Blue Curtains

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There is no better choice than blue curtains for a refined look in your home! In any area, but especially those with beige or white walls, they are ideal because they will show out more against them than other hues.

6. Light Purple Curtains

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Purple curtains are a great way to add a dash of opulence or glamor to your decor! Using them in conjunction with other opulent features will elevate the look and feel of the room.

7. Red Curtains

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To add a splash of color to a room with beige walls, hang crimson drapes. Red is a powerful color that, depending on your intentions, can either enliven or arouse emotions in a room. If you want your curtains to stand out, go with this choice!

8. Bright White curtains

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Bright white curtains are the best option if you’re going for a minimalist aesthetic. To brighten up the space, they might be painted to match the color of the walls. Additionally, they’ll open up the space around your windows and give them a more spacious appearance.

9. Burgundy Curtains

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With beige walls, burgundy drapes will add a dash of elegance to your decor. They can be utilized in any room, but they look best in spaces with white or tan walls because of their rich hue.

10. Turquoise Curtains

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In a space with beige walls, turquoise curtains will make an impact. You can add strong color to a room without going overboard because they complement each other so well and provide life to the space.

11. Charcoal Grey Curtains

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It’s a terrific way to give some contrast to a beige-walled room with charcoal grey curtains. When coupled with other items in the room with a similar aesthetic, such black furniture or decor, the walls will feel more modern and streamlined.

12. Navy Blue Curtains

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If you’d like to add a nautical theme to your space, navy blue curtains are ideal. You may use them in any home with white or tan walls to create an oceanic feel. As a bonus, the colors aren’t overpowering, so they won’t compete with other decor items like artwork or furniture.

13. Tan Curtains

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You can bring color to your space in a more subtle way by using tan curtains. To compliment any decor, they can be used in rooms with beige or light-colored wall surfaces. Additionally, they’ll increase the sense of space and openness in the rooms they’re installed in.

14. Dark Blue Floral Curtains

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What color curtains should you go with if you have beige walls in your home? Dark blue floral curtains are a beautiful option.

The blue will give the area a pop of color, and the flowers will liven things up a bit. In addition, there are many other sorts of decor styles that this curtain style can readily compliment.

15. Goldenrod Yellow Curtains

Curtains in goldenrod yellow will brighten up a room with beige walls by contrasting with the color. In addition, the goldenrod yellow shade can be used in a wide range of interior design schemes. It’s also a common hue for curtains, so you should have no trouble finding some that meet your demands.

16. Light Brown Curtains

Light brown curtains are a choice if you want to preserve your home’s beige walls but want to inject some color into them. Aside from adding coziness, they go well with a wide range of design schemes.

18. Light Yellow Curtains

If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your beige walls, consider pale yellow curtains. If you’re looking for a way to brighten up a room, these items are a great option. As a bonus, they’re ideal for welcoming the new season.

19. Maroon Curtains

Maroon curtains are another excellent option. These are a great way to infuse your room with color and warmth without going overboard.

They may also be paired with a wide range of decor styles, so you can use them in a variety of ways in your home.

Choosing Curtains for Beige Walls - Designing Idea

20. Mauve Curtains

If you’re searching for a versatile solution that can be used in a variety of settings, consider mauve curtains.

In terms of style, they’re exquisite but not over the top; they’ll match any color wall. It’s also worth noting that, when mixed correctly, they can help bring all the hues in your space together.

21. Natural Burlap Curtains

Curtains made of natural burlap are an excellent method of bringing some texture and interest to a room with beige walls. To mitigate the severity of the wall color, they have a rustic style that brings texture into the area.

22. Natural Floral Curtains

Natural floral curtains could be a nice choice for your beige walls if you want to bring in some natural charm. With their lovely floral print, they’ll liven up the space and add some much-needed color. In addition, they can be worn all year round.

23. Neutral Linen Curtains

Linen curtains in a neutral color are the best choice for beige walls. Warmth and earthy tones work well with linen, which has a natural texture that enhances a room’s coziness. They’re available in a wide range of neutral shades, so they’ll go with just about any decor.

24. Olive Green Curtains

Olive green curtains are also a viable alternative. In addition to looking great with beige, this shade has a natural, earthy vibe.

25. Orange Curtains

Another wonderful color combination is beige walls with orange curtains. With the bland beige, the orange is a nice accent color.

26. Pink Curtains

Pink curtains are a pleasant and feminine way to bring color to your beige walls. Adding a dash of color and flair to the area while keeping things classy is what these pieces are all about. Then there’s the fact that they look great in a small girl’s room.

27. Sage Green Curtains

Sage green curtains are an excellent choice for a more subdued color to match beige walls. To counteract the starkness of the beige walls, they have a soothing effect.

28. Silver Curtains

Adding silver curtains to a room with beige walls is another method to add interest and glamor to it.. If you have gray or white furnishings, they look wonderful with them.

29. Sheer White Curtains

With beige walls, sheer white curtains work nicely, especially if you want to create a light and airy atmosphere. Because of their transparency, these curtains are ideal for compact rooms or locations that may otherwise feel claustrophobic.

To remedy a lack of natural light in your home, sheer white curtains are an excellent solution.

30. Solid Beige Curtains

The use of solid beige curtains with beige walls can also serve to unify the aesthetic of the space. Beige curtains are a great alternative if you’re searching for something a little more subdued than sheer white curtains.

It’s critical, though, that the curtains match the color scheme of the room; otherwise, they’ll stand out.

31. Subtle Stripes

Stripes are a great way to add visual interest to a room without going over the top. It is possible to break up the monotony of a white or beige wall with a few strips of light tan or beige fabric.

32. Taupe Medallions

Taupe medallions are a great option if you’re searching for something a little different. In addition to being available in an array of colors, these curtains feature a huge circular pattern centered on the cloth.

Because taupe goes well with both beige and brown walls, it’s a fantastic choice if you’re undecided about what color to go with.

To sum it up, beige walls will look wonderful with these four curtain styles. Make sure to measure the width and height of your window before purchase, as well as the length of your curtain rod, to ensure that the curtains fit.

Bright White Curtain

White curtains are the best option if you’re looking for bright and light drapes that will work in a space of any color. For a curtain that can go with any color scheme, white is your best bet because it’s the most neutral of the bunch.

Dark Brown/Black

Dark brown or black curtains can work nicely with beige walls, even if you don’t think so at first. The strong contrast that white offers can be off-putting, so consider one of these hues instead. Make your home feel more open and breezy by matching them with light-colored furnishings.


Another option for beige walls is sage, which is a color that looks great against beige. It’s relaxing and goes well with beige, so you may use it in any room.

Dark Blue Floral curtain

Dark blue floral curtains are a great way to inject some color into your space. In a space with beige walls, they are feminine and work well since they add depth without overpowering the wall color.

Neutral Linen curtains

Neutral linen curtains are another option for adding a splash of color. They are light and airy, allowing more natural light to enter your space. As an alternative to white curtains, I believe these would be the greatest choice if you want something that doesn’t look overly bright or heavy.

Burgundy patterned curtain

Curtains with burgundy patterns are a good choice for an eclectic style and for adding a splash of color. If you have beige walls in your bedroom, this is a great idea because it provides privacy while yet adding depth and individuality without being too loud or overwhelming.

White sheer curtain

White sheer curtains are another alternative for bedrooms with beige walls. Because it’s see-through, it’ll let more natural light in while still providing privacy and letting in more light than beige patterned curtains.

Mauve patterned curtains

Curtains with a mauve design are a terrific way to add color and tone down the beige walls. This is ideal for bedrooms since it provides privacy while still letting in enough light, and it will brighten up the area without being too overbearing on your senses,”

Subtle Stripes curtains

Striped curtains are a good choice for a room with beige walls. Adding dimension and individuality without going over the top is a great option if you want something that stands out but doesn’t dominate the space.

Blackout curtains

For a bedroom with beige walls, blackout curtains are a great option for blocking out the sun.

If you want your bedroom or living area to be nice, dark and peaceful, then blackout curtains are the best option for you. There will be no need to worry about waking up early or being awakened by the rising sun again.”

White voile curtains

Voile curtains are an excellent alternative for beige walls if you want a more feminine appearance. Hanging from the ceiling or wrapped around the windows, they’re often constructed of translucent cloth with frilly edges.”

Charcoal Grey curtains

Charcoal grey curtains are another alternative for beige-colored walls. Your living area or bedroom will have a sophisticated and elegant feel to it with the addition of these pieces.”

Taupe Medallions curtains

Taupe medallions are a great option if you’re searching for curtains with a more formal appeal. If your living room has an open floor plan, these drapes are a terrific option.”

Navy Blue Sheer Curtains

With beige walls and furniture, many people wonder what color navy blue sheer curtains to choose. Lighting in your space is the key to this question’s response.

Dark Turquoise Sheer Curtains

In order to achieve a striking appearance, choose for dark turquoise sheer curtains. A terrific way to add color and vibrancy to a room is to use these.

Sage Green Sheer Curtains

It is a good option for those who want something with a more natural feel. Sage green sheers are ideal for rooms with a strong connection to the natural world.

What Color Curtains Go With Beige Walls? - 15 Ideas

Blue and Beige Striped Window Valances

Blue and beige striped window valances will look wonderful in a room with beige walls and furniture. Colorful accents like this won’t compete with the rest of the room’s color scheme.”

These translucent curtains are ideal for adding a beautiful splash of color or liveliness to a room, as stated in the previous phrase.

Natural Floral curtain panels

Natural flower curtain panels will add a splash of color to your room’s beige walls. These have a feminine feel to them because of their delicate pattern.

What Color Curtains Go With Beige Walls?

When it comes to decorating, the number of windows in a room and the amount of wall space they take up can create a variety of issues. It’s possible that the color of your curtains might make or break a space if you have bay windows or many windows on a wall.

The undertones of beige can range from warm to chilly. Yellow, brown, and red tones in beige are considered warm; grey, lavender, and blue hues are considered cold. The following are some of the best beige wall curtain colors.

Beige Curtains

In any room, beige curtains give a quiet and simple aesthetic. Be sure to select a shade of beige that is in the same color family as the wall but differs from the wall when choosing beige curtains to go with beige walls.

Beige becomes boring and lifeless when used consistently. As a result, the space feels drab. Alternatively, you can choose curtains in a “nearly beige” tint to go with the wall color, or go with a darker or lighter shade to create a subtle difference. It is possible to achieve a dreamlike atmosphere by using a warm ivory or light mocha colored curtain.

White Curtains

Adding white curtains to a beige room helps to draw attention to the window lines. Hanging white curtains against beige walls creates a soothing atmosphere.

Nautical Blue Curtains

It’s best to use a darker nautical blue for curtains with cool beige wall paint. In a space with darker hues, nautical blue curtains can be utilized as a way to tie it all together or to match other design components and furniture.

Sage Green Curtains

A warm beige or sage green goes well with the earthy tones of sage green. Colors such as blue and white, which are also earthy, can be brought out by using a darker shade of beige. Find out more about earth-toned living room ideas here.

Maroon Curtains

In a room where the walls are beige, but the drapes are maroon, the warm beige tone is accentuated. Beige walls and red maroon curtains are accentuated by the reddish hue of maroon drapes.

Dark Grey and Black Curtains

Adding black and dark grey drapes to your beige walls will create a dramatic contrast in the room. However, the beige is not obscured by dark colors; rather, they help define and harmonize with furniture and décor. This is a great mix for modern designs.

Curtains For Light Beige Walls

Beige Curtains

Curtains in deeper beige tone down the light beige walls while yet maintaining a gentle and welcoming feel. Select a change that is just noticeable enough to stand out.

White Curtains

It is a neutral setting for any kind of décor to work with white curtains against a beige wall. This beachy rustic look can easily be transformed into a more modern black-and-white contrast with the white drapes.

Light Blue Curtains

To set the tone for the room’s style and concept, light blue drapes are paired with beige walls of a lighter tint. Using light beige walls and light blue drapes in a country-themed room, floral-themed room, or a parlor-looking room works beautifully.

Yellow Curtains

Beige walls are cheered up with a yellow curtain. If you’re remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, this is a great material to use, and it’s equally at home in a sunroom. Instead of a beige with reds or browns, use a light beige with a warm tone and a dash of orange.

Pink Curtains

Pink drapes in tones of rose, rouge, coral, or peach go well with light beige walls. The combination of floral accents and light maple furniture creates a lovely dining room.

Light Grey Curtains

To retain the walls as the backdrop, choose light grey drapes to complement your cool beige walls with a hint of grey. It is a great color combination for rooms with a lot of artwork on the walls, since it allows the art to take center stage.

What Color Curtains Go With Beige Walls And Dark Furniture?

It is recommended that drapes in a room with beige walls and dark furnishings should be of a comparable or matching color family.

For the curtains, select a hue from the room’s furniture or decor and employ that color in a medium to dark tone. The curtains will blend in with the rest of the space and not stand out from the rest of the decor.

What Color Curtains Go With Beige Walls And Brown Furniture?

A warm color palette is created by using brown furniture to contrast with beige walls. For the curtains, they should be a warm color that highlights the furniture’s design while still blending in with the beige wall color You can learn more about what colors go well with brown here.

Grey, blue, or lavender curtains will work well if your walls are a cold beige and you’re trying to create an opposite impact. Be careful to match a color in the space.

Visit our Colors That Go With Beige Design Guide for more suggestions on how to choose curtains for beige walls.