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Even though bunk beds were originally designed for children, many teenagers and adults now choose them over regular beds. Others enjoy them for more pragmatic reasons, such as safety and anonymity. Bunk beds can be styled in a variety of endearing ways. The use of curtains on bunk beds, for added discretion, is discussed. Check out our comprehensive guide to bunk bed add-ons and learn how to strengthen your bunk bed for added safety.

Drapes can be hung on a bunk bed by following these steps: measuring for a curtain rod, selecting curtains to complement the room’s design scheme, installing hooks on the bunk, and finally hanging the curtains.

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Below, in the rest of the essay, we’ll delve into greater depth.

Older children and teenagers typically prefer to have their own private bedroom. Rather than forcing your children to sleep in separate beds, consider purchasing bunk beds. Even while the bunk’s two levels offer some separation, more privacy can be achieved by installing curtains between the beds.

If you’re sharing a dorm room with a roommate or you just want to give your bunk bed the look and feel of a canopy bed, hanging drapes from the ceiling is a simple and effective solution. Curtains can be hung on either the upper or lower level. Curtains on a bunk bed can be hung in a number of different ways, some appropriate and others not, depending on the bunk bed’s design, the material it’s made of, and the curtains themselves.

If you’re looking for manufacturer-provided instructions on installing bunk bed curtains, Max & Lily has you covered with this set of step-by-step instructions. You may also be interested in our detailed instruction manual on how to drape a scarf over your canopy bed, as well as our advice on how to hang sheers, if your concern is less about privacy.

Step 1. Take Measurements to Determine the Length of the Bunk Bed Curtains and the Curtain Rod

Start by determining the length of your curtain rod. The width of the bunk bed will determine the size of the curtain rod needed. To determine the appropriate width for your drapes, use the same measurement. It’s standard practice to make the width of the curtain larger than the rod so that it can be folded over. In order to get the desired number of folds, the curtain’s width must be increased.

If you have a twin-sized bunk bed, you can use these curtains from Amazon. Both the front and side panels are 33 inches tall and 75 inches in length. These ready-made curtains, for example, can be hung without a rod thanks to the handy velcro fasteners.

Taking measurements for the curtains’ length is the next stage. The length of the curtains you purchase should match the measurement you take. If you plan on making your own curtains out of unfinished fabric, you should buy a length that is two feet longer than the finished curtain would be. As a result, there will be enough material for hemming.

Step 2. Get Curtains Whose Fabric Meets Your Purpose

After careful measurement, you can shop for drapes. You should select curtain fabric according to how you intend to utilize them. Choose a dense fabric for your curtains or purchase some ready-made curtains if you value your privacy.

Curtains that are just decorative should be made of a light, see-through fabric. Infuse the space with a dreamlike ambience with this. Curtains can be purchased from a number of different internet retailers, and some shops even offer custom-made options. When shopping for curtains, it’s important to get exactly what you want and to get a good price.

Here are some polyester bunk bed curtains from Amazon that strike a good balance between longevity and elegance.

Step 3. Attach Curtain Rod Hooks of Good Quality

Hooks and rods come into play once you’ve gotten the curtains and are ready to hang them. Purchase some high-quality curtain rod hooks and securely fasten them to the underside of the upper bunk of a bunk bed.

In order to secure the hooks to the bunk bed, holes will need to be drilled in it. Invest in hooks with a tightening mechanism to secure the curtain rod and prevent it from wriggling.

If you need some curtain rod hooks, you can find some on Amazon right here.

Step 4. Install the Curtain Rod

After securely fastening the hooks to the bunk bed, you can install the rod. Installing a curtain rod into the hooks requires slipping the rod into the rod hole of one hook and then pushing it toward the other hook. Do NOT secure the curtain rods by tightening the screws.

These curtains from Amazon, for example, don’t require a curtain rod because they hang on a string.

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Step 5. Hang Curtains on the Bunk Bed

To do this, remove one end of the rod from one of the hooks and hold it limply with the other hook. Put the rod back into the hook and slide the curtain or curtains onto the rod. You can now move the curtain rod to its proper location in the middle of the window.

Once the rod is in the right spot, tighten the hooks using the included tools to keep it there. If you’re using a bunk bed, take advantage of the extra space between you and your roommate.

Please note that some curtains come with hooks that allow them to be hanged by an already fixed rod. Elect the course of action that best suits your needs.

Reasons to Hang Curtains on a Bunk Bed

Curtains can be hung over a bunk bed for a variety of reasons, including (but not limited to) increased privacy, a more comfortable resting environment, a neater appearance in the room, and distinctive bed decor, such as a princess or knight theme (which is especially fun for children).

Curtains on a Bunk Bed Increase Privacy

In some cases, the sharing of a bedroom by two children may not raise concerns about personal space. However, if two teenagers or adults are sleeping in a bunk bed, each is likely to demand their own space. Curtains hung around the bunk bed will do this (IKEA’s quaint curtain design is a good illustration of how curtains can be used to create a private space).

Curtains Block Light to help you Sleep in a Dark Environment

Curtains can be useful if the occupants of a bunk bed have very diverse preferences in terms of light and noise reduction. If one bunkmate is scared of the dark and the other likes to sleep in darkness, for instance, whomever hangs the curtain can satisfy the needs of both occupants.

Bunk Bed Curtains Separate You from Your Clutter at Night

Curtains do more than just provide an extra layer of seclusion around a bed; they also help set the limits of the room. Draw your bunk bed curtains and you’ll instantly create a peaceful sleeping environment, no matter how chaotic the rest of the room is.

Hanging Curtains on a Bunk Bed Creates a Dreamy Effect Using Fairy Lights and See-Through Curtains

As an added bonus, you can make your bunk bed look even more like something out of a fairy tale by hanging curtains around it. When combined with fairy lights, sheer curtains can completely modify the look of your bunk bed and the entire room.

Curtains Can Add a Pop of Color to the Room

Add some color to your bunk bed with some vibrant curtains if your room is too plain and your bunk bed is too similar to the rest of the walls. Incorporating this into your decor will give the space a more vibrant feel.

Curtains on your Your Children’s Bunk Bed Can Give them an Illusion of a Little Sleeping Castle

Kids appreciate having hiding spots and pretend play areas. You can use brick-printed curtains and hang it on your kids’ bunk bed to give it an illusion of a castle.

Curtains help Make the Room Look Cleaner without much hassle

With a hectic schedule, it might be a pain to get up and make the bed every morning. This can easily be remedied by installing drapes over the top bunk. As simple as closing the bunk bed curtains, your room is instantly neat and tidy. This is a great solution for those who are either too lazy or too busy to do anything else.

How to Hang Curtains on a Metal Bunk Bed vs. a Wooden Bunk Bed?

Hanging curtains from metal bunk beds is quite similar to hanging curtains from wooden bunk beds, with the exception that you may require a different drill tip. If you have metal bunk beds, you can hang drapes from them with suction cups or glue.

Hooks are significantly more difficult to drill into metal, so you’ll need a different drill bit than you would for wood.

Metal bunk beds present an additional difficulty because of their many rounded surfaces. Consequently, it is more difficult to install hooks on these contoured surfaces than on flat hardwood ones.

Make sure the top of your bunk bed is smooth if you plan on hanging drapes that have suction cups rather than curtain rods. Suction cups work well on flat, smooth surfaces like metal bunk beds or polished wood. Suction hooks don’t adhere well to rough or unfinished wood. Hooks with suction cups, courtesy of Amazon.

Tips to Hang Bunk Bed Curtains on the Top Bunk

Hanging a curtain across the bottom bunk of a bed is a topic we’ve already covered. For personal space, some people choose the upper bunk. Students in a shared dorm room, for instance, may prefer separate privacy for each bed.

You can hang curtains from the ceiling, use a prefabricated bunk bed canopy, add bed risers with screws, or purchase a bunk bed that already has an enclosed structure to use as a roof.

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It may appear difficult to hang drapes to hide the higher bunk. Due to the typical height of a bed, a curtain rod cannot be mounted over the headboard. An alternate solution is to mount the rod on the ceiling and drape the curtains from there. We provide here a curtain track that can be installed in the ceiling over a bed.

A bunk bed canopy can be purchased to fit your bed and simply placed over the top bunk. You’ll be able to relax in full seclusion.

If you want to make the upper bunk into a four-poster bed, you can install bed risers that screw into the bunk bed frames to elevate the mattress. Lightweight curtains can be hung from a thick wire that is connected to all four posts. An Amazon basic: a strong wire curtain for the top bunk.

In addition, you might choose a bunk bed that has a roof over it. The use of drapes will be rendered superfluous. It’s common to find roofs and walls on bunk beds styled after houses and castles.

Examples of Easy-to-Install Bunk Bed Curtains

These are a few examples of simple-to-hang bunk bed curtains.

It’s important to remember that if you can’t locate curtains that are the proper length for your bunk bed, you can always trim the bottom and hem the ends, or glue some ornamental lace at the end, to make the curtains look nicer.


No longer are you limited to the skill of sewing bunk bed drapes. You’ve also got some additional tricks up your sleeve to make use of that bothersome piece of furniture.

Avoid the stresses of dormitory life by turning your bed into a fortress and impressing your fellow students. The aim is that you found some use in it. Please share your thoughts in the discussion below. Please get in touch with us, since your feedback is highly desired. I hope to see you again sometime.