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When it comes choosing curtains for bay windows, the decision might be a bit of a challenge. Bay windows are frequently left open to take advantage of both their aesthetics and the amount of light they let in. Because of this, it can be difficult to find the right curtains and to hang them in the right place.

The question now is, how do you hang drapes on the windowsill of a bay house? Use three different curtain rods and thread the curtains through each one to hang drapes in a bay window. As long as the curtains aren’t continuously opening and shutting, a single huge curtain will suffice. If the windows are close to the ceiling, choose lengthy curtains. For a more dramatic effect, drapes can be hung at the opposite ends of windows that are closest to the walls.

Bay window curtains can be hung in a variety of ways, depending on the appearance you want to achieve and the type of curtain you want to use. Besides the size and height of the bay windows. Shopping for curtains can be a difficult undertaking because of these variables. There’s no need to be concerned; this article contains suggestions for bay windows of all shapes and sizes. Continue reading to find out more.

How Do You Hang Curtains In A Standard Bay Window?

Option 1: Use Three Different Curtain Rods

The majority of bay windows feature three slits where a window protrudes three inches from the wall towards the exterior. Both others are inspired by a nearby wall. Three different curtain rods are required if you want to hang practical curtains. This will allow you to open and close your curtains as you wish while still allowing them to follow the shape of the window.

How Do You Hang Curtains In A Bay Window? | Decor Snob

Option 2: Use One Curtain

Elements of Style by Jessica Dauray Interiors

To cover the entire bay window, use a long curtain that fits over all three rods or a rod mounted on the wall above the bay window. Just be sure to measure the area before you begin to put up your curtain. A beautiful look can be achieved if you don’t intend to open and close the curtain frequently.

How Do You Hang Curtains Over A Tall Bay Window?

Bay windows that almost reach the ceiling will necessitate different curtains than those seen on standard bay windows. This is due to the fact that you have less wall space to hang curtain rods and more windows to cover with drapes in this situation. To ensure that your bay windows are completely covered, pick a curtain that is the exact same length as the window itself.

Option 1: Use Longer Curtains To Fit The Bay Window

Curtains for a bay window should be longer than those for a conventional window because of the increased size. Three-fourths of the way down the window, buying curtains that stop won’t look nice at the. You want to cover the entire window so that it can block the light when needed and still looks beautiful in the room…….

Option 2: Opt For Two Curtains Over One

Curtains by Jo-Anne

As a rule, larger bay windows tend to occupy more of the wall area. Better to buy two curtains and hang them on either side, rather than trying to squeeze one enormous curtain over all the windows. Both open and closed, this will look great. Additionally, they can serve as much-needed accents of color in a space.

What If My Bay Windows Aren’t Angular?

It’s possible to have a bay window in any shape or size. In other cases, this could mean softer angles instead of sharp corners. Because regular curtain rods don’t bend, it can be difficult to install curtain rods on this type of ceiling In these cases, you have a few options. Either purchase more flexible curtain rods or limit the placement of curtains to the extremities of windows.

You Can Buy More Flexible Curtain Rods

With more flexible curtain rods, you can hang curtains across all windows, even if their angles aren’t as acute as standard curtain rods. The effect of traditional bay windows with curtains can be achieved with these. Some are available for purchase here. Your curtain rod can be adjusted to fit any bay window’s unique slant with this method.

Set Up Two Curtain Rods On Either End Of The Bay Windows

Curtains can be hung only at the ends of the window if you don’t like the look of flexible curtain rods or they don’t fit well. If you don’t want to worry about making sure the curtain rod is long enough to cover all of it, you can still hang curtains. You can only cover the exterior windows with this approach, but the curtains will likely be hung to the side if you decide to go with it.

Curtain Ideas for Bay Windows (And Other Strange Arrangements)

I’m hardly the first person to discuss curtains today. As a matter of fact, curtains are something I write about at least once a time we relocate. Why? So because they are the only things that never (ever) change. In addition to varied window heights, widths, and numbers, we also deal with a variety of styles and configurations in different houses. We’ve never had to deal with bay windows or arched windows in our previous homes, but we now have both in our new one. I’d like to share some curtain options for bay windows with you today, as well as explain our decision-making process. It will also be your chance to see the progress we’ve made on our first level.

The Bay Windows | Before

There are three bay windows on the first floor of this house: two on either side of the front door and one in the back. First impressions were made of the wonderful window curtains when we viewed the MLS ad. In my heart, I begged that the owners would either demolish or remove them. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. With three sets of ornate bay window treatments to deal with when we moved in, it was a daunting task.

Tutorial : Hanging Curtains in a Bay Window - Deuce Cities Henhouse

I hate it when landlords forget to remove window treatments from a rental after they’ve vacated. We’ve had this happen to us time and time again, and the only solution is to take them down and keep them till we can get them back. Owners may assume they’re being considerate by leaving something on the windows rather than nothing, according to my theory. Renters don’t need to “live with,” maintain, store, or replace any more items if there are blinds to provide some level of seclusion, in my opinion. In the same manner that you neutralize walls or floors, home owners should do the same for their windows. That was my rant, and I’m done now.

Room For Formal Living (that we use as a playroom)

Formal Dining Areas (that we use as my office)

It made me laugh when my father commented, “You won’t need to acquire curtains for the family room because there are already blue curtains in here!” when we eventually went through the house in person.

“Um…sorry Dad… This is definitely not going to remain!”

The Living Room

Curtain Ideas for Bay Windows

We’ve never had bay windows in any of our homes previously, and I had no idea what kind of drapes to use. So… Before making any purchases or grabbing the drill, I performed a little homework. Emily Henderson’s posts were quite useful in helping me make some decisions. These two posts discuss a wide range of window options, not only bay windows. They are a must-read if you’re unsure how to style your windows.

  • By Emily Henderson Designs, “How to Dress a Wrong Window”
  • In this post, Emily Henderson Designs tackles three awkward window issues.

To outfit a bay window, I turned to two previous blog entries and a slew of inspiration on Pinterest. I came up with the following three options:

  • In order to hang curtains within the bay window’s cased opening, you might use a specialist rod that is installed within the bay window itself.
  • Each bay window part has its own set of custom shades, as shown in the photo to the right. Each window would necessitate a roman-style shade, which could either be purchased or custom-made.
  • Standard rods and panels (above, center) can be used to enclose the bay window. In this design, the bump out is completely ignored and the bay windows are framed like flat windows by hanging curtains on the exterior.

Bottom Left | Bottom Right | Top

Curtains for Our Bay Windows

They both have a very customized feel about them that I really like. It made no sense for us to spend money on custom/unique rods or blinds that we would only use for a short period of time, as tenants. As a result, I decided to go with the third choice, which was also the quickest and most cost-effective.

To avoid having to buy new curtains and hardware for each new home, I started using inexpensive black rods with grommet-style curtains instead of custom-made panels and hardware for each room. Even though these elements are uniform throughout our home, they are also generic enough that we can acquire more or replace them as necessary. For example, the house’s bay windows required the addition of two extra, extremely long black rods. Thanks to my stash of panels, I was able to complete the project!

  • My personal favorite is the black rod, which is both inexpensive and easy to hang.
  • I love grommet curtain panels since they’re long and thicker/sturdier than most off-the-shelf panels. They’re my personal fave. My navy ones have gotten increasingly difficult to replace because of the seasonal availability of hues.

TIP! In my opinion, curtain panels purchased off-the-shelf are either too narrow or too thin to appear acceptable. A simple panel might have more impact when it is paired with another simple panel. Using a two-toned effect here adds visual intrigue, but you can instead use the same hue on both sides for a more cohesive appearance.

How to Choose and Hang Curtains in a Bay Window | Houzz UK

We had to lower our curtain panels because of the heavy crown molding, therefore I normally prefer to hang them as close to the ceiling as possible (nestled between the cased opening and the trim). After following this technique, I was able to successfully hem them all…

As a result, our front bay window now appears to be in excellent shape!

Through a set of French doors, the bay windows on the back of the house are immediately across from the bay windows in the playroom (above). As a result, the window layout was mirrored to provide a more seamless aesthetic throughout the room.

With no moldings, I could hang the drapes higher on the ceiling. When it comes to curtains, this is a great example of why you should never hem them until you’re ready to hang them!

Because the windows have built-in blinds, we’re able to put up a more ornate curtain arrangement. Since the curtains are left up (in every room), we can easily close up the blinds as necessary.

The drapes hung outside the window surround the couch and give the area a sense of height and openness. ‘

We hung more white panels in the dining room-turned-office using the same rod arrangement in order to maintain a consistent look.

Curtain Ideas for Arched Windows

One of the biggest challenges was dealing with the three sets of bay windows. Arched windows were a completely new experience for us in our dining room, which was located in the back of the home. When we moved in, these were the window treatments on the windows:

Isn’t that scary? (Is anyone else singing Surry with the Fringe on the Top?!?!)? Even though I didn’t hesitate to remove the window treatments, the arched window in the middle of the room had me stumped. The same study that led me to the conclusion about bay windows also led me to believe that I had two choices:

  • Above the Windows, a Curtain Rod. However, beneath the arch – in the upper row —
  • Curtain Rod for the Arch and All of the Windows – see bottom row, below

Left | Right | Left | Right | Top | Bottom

Curtains for Our Arched Windows

In our Kansas home, I made some of my favorite curtains, and I wanted to hang them again. The only problem was that they weren’t long enough to reach the ceiling. We couldn’t hang the rod completely above the arch because of the sloping ceiling. In the end, the aesthetic solution that I favored and the practical solution that we could implement were both a rod below the arch.

My favorite flower panels are purely ornamental because, like our other windows, these have blinds that can be lowered for privacy. Despite this, they help to balance out the space’s overwhelming brightness and add a splash of color and design.

My curtains looked no different than they would have if the windows had been normal and flat. Even so, it is a positive thing. First impressions led me to believe that these windows would necessitate the purchase or creation of special window treatments in order for me to get the look I desired. As a result, I’m thrilled to have been able to pull off this clean, fitted, and elegant outfit utilizing materials that we already owned!

It is my aim that this post will not only provide you with some inspiration for decorating your unique windows, but it will also serve as a reminder that (sometimes) solutions aren’t as difficult as we make them out to be.