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Washing microbead pillows by hand and machine carefully is recommended. Your pillows that contain this type of filling can be kept clean by following these simple steps: Be aware that each pillow type requires a separate set of care instructions.

You must be kind with your microbead pillow just like you would with your Pillow Pet. Small styrofoam beads, known as microbeads, can break if the pillow is washed carelessly. To keep your microbead pillow clean, you may either wash it in a machine or wash it by hand.

Microbead Pillows Can Help You Sleep Like No Other Pillow

To put it bluntly, a microbead pillow can improve your quality of sleep. Great, not just good. There’s no shortage of new research on the significance of getting enough sleep: it improves your appearance, lowers your stress level, sharpens your mind, and just makes life better in general. Honestly, who doesn’t want that? A microbead pillow is a great place to start if you want to sleep better. CushiePillows.com’s microbead pillows provide additional neck and head support as you sleep thanks to their unusual microbead construction. As with its memory foam counterparts, microbead pillows mould themselves to the user. Memory foam pillows, when used by other people, can’t accomplish this as readily. When you order a microbead pillow today, you’ll have it tomorrow so you can sleep better.

Easy Ways to Wash a Microbead Pillow: 8 Steps - wikiHow

Microbead Cushie Pillows Will Support Common Pressure Points

Our microbead pillows contain small polystyrene microbeads that allow you to support typical pressure areas that may cause pain-related diseases comfortably. Microbead pillows help you relax and sleep better, both of which will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Microbead Pillows Have Hypoallergenic Properties

The hypoallergenic properties of microbead pillows are one of their major advantages. Despite what you might think, these pillows have a lot more advantages than they appear to. In addition to being exceedingly comfy, these pillows also offer excellent back support. These microbead pillows, in contrast to regular ones, do not retain moisture. You don’t have to worry about dust mites in your bed because the pillows don’t store moisture, and you also don’t have to worry about any bacteria developing in your pillow.

Comfortable And Convenient Microbead Airplane Pillows

Pillows filled with microbeads are incredibly soft and cozy. They closely follow the contours of your body. The geometry of microbead products can take on almost any configuration. A bag, backpack or suitcase is all that is needed to fit them. Carry a pillow in your carry-on bag and use it once you’re on the plane for a more restful experience. For a long automobile ride, the same holds true. Arrive with a rested and rejuvenated demeanor. If you’re behind the wheel, please don’t do this!

Easy Ways to Wash a Microbead Pillow: 8 Steps - wikiHow

Try A Microbead Pillow And You Are Hooked

I love my microbead pillows. It’s impossible to deny it. Even if you only give it a shot once, we’re convinced that you’ll become a fan. It’s impossible to put this fun-feeling, soft, stretchy, and incredibly light cushion down once you pick it up. Take one with you on vacation or in the car. You can give them as a gift to your loved ones or friends. The fact that these microbead pillows flatten when placed in a suitcase, backpack, or other travel-friendly container is also a plus. Because the beads in these microbeads are so little, they may move and shift with your body in a more natural way. Once you’ve settled in, they’re there to stay until you decide to relocate again, which is rare. Microbead pillows are light enough to move with you as you sleep, making them ideal for those who are prone to nighttime snoring.

How To Wash A Microbead Pillow: 2 Methods To Choose From

By hand

Step #1. Wipe

Initially, you should avoid soaking a microbead pillow in water. The exterior of the pillow should be cleaned with a wet cloth dipped in warm water and mild laundry detergent instead. No matter if you’re hand-washing or running a machine, never use strong detergents on microbead pillows.

Completely clean the pillow’s exterior by wiping it down and focusing on the dirty regions. You don’t want to end up ruining the pillow by getting it too damp. To avoid damaging the microbeads, you should only clean and dampen the outer cover with soap.

Step #2. Rinse

It’s akin to wiping the pillow’s exterior with a clean cloth. To get rid of the suds, rinse the pillow with warm water, but be careful not to saturate it. The surface of the pillow should be cleaned as needed until it is clear of soap residue.

Step #3. Dry

Lay a towel over the microbead pillow and place it in a well-ventilated area to allow it to dry naturally. It may take up to 24 hours for the pillow to completely dry before you can use it again. The pillow should be rotated a few times a day or hung from a railing or line to dry more comfortably.

By machine

Step #1. Preparation

Microbead pillows can be washed in the dishwasher without fear. In order to avoid injuring the pillow, you must first place it in a pillowcase before using it. Using the same color pillowcase or wash bag as the pillow prevents the pillowcase from getting stained.

After you’ve inserted the microbead pillow, close the pillowcase with a ribbon or string. To keep the microbeads in the bag intact, this should prevent the pillow from ripping.

Step #2. Washing

Adding other objects in the same color as the pillow is a good idea before you turn on the washer. Generally speaking, this is true for most types of pillows because the cycle can stretch or damage the fabric if it’s too big inside the washer. Gentle cycle can be used with towels inside the load.

You should use a light detergent and warm water in the machine like you would for hand-washing. You won’t have to worry about the pillow’s fabric colors fading, and the washer won’t have to worry about damage it. When cleaning a microbead pillow, avoid using fabric softeners or bleach because they are too harsh for the beads.

Step #3. Drying

Microbead pillows may now be dried in a dryer. You must dry the pillow at the lowest possible temperature and remove it before it has dried entirely. To avoid damaging the microbeads, use a drier with a low heat setting.

To dry the pillow, remove it from the pillowcase and hang it in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. Don’t forget to flip the towel over so that it dries evenly on all sides.

Easy Ways to Wash a Microbead Pillow: 8 Steps - wikiHow

What Is A Microbead Pillow?

Polystyrene microbeads fill a microbead cushion. Microbead pillows are so soft and supportive that some people compare them to memory foam pillows. They are also less expensive and more breathable than foam, but be aware that synthetic polymer materials may cause allergic reactions in certain people.

Who Should Use A Microbead Pillow?

This type of cushion is ideal for those who need strong support and prefer to change positions of their pillows frequently. You’ll note that even though they’re soft, the pillows are very supportive when you put pressure on them. The little beads also contour to your head and neck to assist keep your spine in an upright position.


Because of how cozy they are, microbead pillows are becoming increasingly popular. When it comes to washing microbead pillows, you need to know exactly what you’re doing so that the materials don’t become harmed and the pillow deforms. Cleaning a microbead pillow can be done by hand or with a machine.

To clean the cushion by hand, wet a towel in soapy water and wipe the exterior of the pillow. In order to avoid damaging the microbeads, don’t soak the pillow. Instead, wipe the cushion with a damp cloth and then dry it again to remove any suds left behind. Alternatively, you can put the pillow in a pillowcase, tie it up, and wash it on the mild cycle of your washing machine.

Alternatively, you can dry the encased pillow by hanging it from a drying rack. It’s even possible to put the cushion on a towel to dry it. Microbead pillows can only be used once they have completely dried.