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It’s an easy way to jazz up your home decor, but how do you wrap a pillow? Do you want your living room’s focal point to be a pillow?

Gathering materials, cutting, stitching, and embellishing are all simple phases in the process of wrapping a cushion.

I spent a lot of time researching this so that you may easily make a beautiful pillow wrap on your own.

These instructions are simple to follow, and you only need a few basic ingredients to make your own pillow wrap.

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What Are Pillow Wraps?

When a cushion is wrapped in a piece of cloth, it is known as a “envelope.”

Pillows can be embellished in a variety of ways, depending on your personal taste, such as with buttons and calligraphy.

There are many different designs of pillow wraps to choose from. If you’d like, I’d encourage you to take a look at those.

However, if you prefer to make your own, the following guide is for you!

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Steps To Wrap A Pillow

When it comes to wrapping a pillow, it’s a simple task. It’s simple!

Wrapping a pillow is as simple as following these four simple steps:

Step #1. Gathering of supplies

To make your own pillow wrap, you’ll need the following items:

  • A half-yard of 44-inch wide fabric (can vary based on your pillow size)
  • The iron-on adhesive is six inches by thirteen inches.
  • For instance, consider the following: (Applique)
  • An already-wrapped 12″x18″ pillow
  • An 11-inch hook and a loop tape
  • a choice of three colossal decor items

Your adornments should not be excessively heavy. You are free to use any kind of motivational or inspiring language or figures that you like.

Additionally, an iron is helpful for activating the heat n bond glue, which securely attaches the embellishments to your pillow wrap.

Step #2. Cutting

The paper side of the iron-on sticky sheets is where you’ll want to trace the letters and embellishments.

Maintain an adhesive spacing of at least 1/8″ until the desired aesthetic is achieved.

Cut the letters apart, leaving a seam allowance of about a quarter inch. To make an applique, iron-on adhesives should be applied to the “wrong” side of your fabric.

Set the letters aside after cutting them to the proper size.

Cut the cloth for the main pillow wrap to the desired size before assembling the pillow. For this one, I utilized a 14′′ x 29′′ piece of wood.

Step #3. Sewing

Press the pillow’s long edges by folding it over and pressing a half-inch into them.

Make a double-fold hem at the bottom of the wrap to keep it snugly wrapped around the pillow.

You can match your adornments’ colors by stitching their hems. Repeat the entire operation on each of the two shorter ends. ‘

We’re now going to make the actual wrap!

Stitch one half of the hook and loop tape to the end of each wrap.

Hook and loop tape should be positioned so that you can wrap the cushion snugly and provide a small margin for error.

Wrap the center of the applique with the ornaments you made. To draw attention to the adornments, stitch them in using a free motion or a distinctive pattern.

Step #4. Decorating

In the final step, you’ll decorate a pillow with your homemade pillow coverings. Buttons and other embellishments can be added to your pillow covers.

Apply hook and loop tape to the pillow and fasten it around the pillow by wrapping it securely around it. Make your own arrangements with the pads.

You no longer have to deal with drab-looking pillows!

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How to Wrap a Pillow for a Gift

Gift wrapping a pillow, whether it’s a tiny or huge one, can be a struggle, regardless of the size. If your pillow is particularly fluffy or atypically formed, you may be inclined to give up on wrapping it by hand. Try these ideas before you go to the gift-wrapping counter to make your present feel more special. You won’t need to battle with wrapping paper to present your cushion in an elegant manner.

Step 1

Place a piece of tissue paper on the floor. Take a small cushion and place it in the middle of the present wrap. Then, gather the edges of the gift wrap together and place the pillow inside. Make sure the pillow fits snugly within the bag so it doesn’t jingle about when you give it as a gift. Create a pleasing fluff of wrapping paper at the extremities of the gift bag.

Step 2

Large pillows should be stored in strong boxes. To prevent the cushion from moving, find one that is the proper size. It is still possible to make use of an extra-large one by stuffing it with wads of plain recycled paper. If the box is appealing on its own, you can finish it off by tying a bow around it and enclosing it with gift ribbon. If not, use your favorite gift wrap paper to cover the box before adding the ribbon.

Step 3

Whether your pillow is little, medium, or huge, consider using a less typical and more environmentally responsible method of gift wrapping. Wrap your pillow in an eye-catching material. Make the fabric a part of the gift; for a small to medium-sized pillow, use a scarf or shawl; for a bigger cushion, use a thin throw blanket. Placing the pillow in the center of the cloth will help keep it in place. Knot the two ends of the material that are on either side of the cushion together tightly. Knot the remaining two ends in the same manner, if necessary (see Resources for a video). Now that the pillow has been wrapped in the fabric, it should be safe and sound.

Step 4

A tiny gift card is a great way to provide a personal message to the receiver. You can attach the card to a present bag, box, or cloth-swaddled cushion.


The fabric you choose to gift-wrap your cushion in should not be slick and be fine enough to tie a knot in.

Here are some of the most often asked questions and answers:

Can I wrap an entire pillow?

Definitely! If you wrap the entire pillow, you’ll end up with a pillowcase or pillow cover-like pillow wrap.

You could also follow the methods outlined in this article.

Just choose a larger fabric and sew and stitch the cloth in the same way you would for a pillowcase to encompass the pillow’s entire dimensions.

How do I wrap a pillow for Christmas?

If you’re looking for a festive theme for your pillow wrap, consider incorporating Christmas or other holiday-themed decorations!

Reusable, inexpensive and better than gift wrapping paper, these around-the-pillow wraps are a great option for present-giving.

In addition to making your pillows more visually appealing, these covers make for a wonderful present.

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What materials should I use to decorate my pillow wrap?

In addition to phrases and typography, you can also use figures or even minimalist photographs to match the aesthetic and appearance of your pillow.

In addition, you can embellish your pillow covers with buttons, sequins, and patterns that enhance the overall décor of your rooms and beds!

Final Words

To summarize, there are four critical processes in the process of wrapping a pillow. Gathering materials, cutting, stitching, and embellishing are all part of the process.

It’s a technique that requires practice, but it’s also a creative way to decorate your home.

When you give your pillows to someone you care about, they look and feel even better. Wishing you the best of luck!