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Do you want to know how to transform your low-cost curtains into something that appears to be more expensive and opulent? Here are three rules from the pros that will immediately improve their appearance.

I’ve looked everywhere for curtains that are just right. I want them to appear pricey without actually costing a lot of money. It’s not as easy as you think, though.

So we’ve come up with three professional advice on how to make cheap curtains appear swanky! Stop searching and start creating your residence into the place you’ve always wanted to be.

3 Tips to Make Cheap Curtains Look Expensive

Even if the curtains are draped along the floor, 97-inch curtains look best in the normal living room.

When I first saw the curtains, I thought they were excessively long, and while some might disagree, I like the effect of them draping over the floor. To me, more material equals more money, thus the curtains appear to be more expensive because of this.

3 Expert Tips to Make Cheap Curtains Look Expensive - Cottage Living & Style

Rule #1: Get the Right Length of Curtains

This gets me to the answer to the question everyone has. If you want your curtains to look costly, how long should they be? The solution is straightforward.

If your ceilings are 9 feet high, you should be looking for drapes that are at least 96 inches wide.

If your ceilings are even higher, you’ll need to use longer drapes. The rule of thumb is to hang your curtains higher and have the bottom of the curtains contact the floor in order to make your ceilings and windows appear taller.

I don’t recall ever using 87-inch drapes on windows on purpose. The 87-inch curtains have been employed in closets and other home renovations, though. However, and this is something I cannot stress enough, you should never be forced to buy curtains that are less than 97 inches wide.

Cheap curtains can be transformed into high-end ones with a few simple tweaks.

To make things simpler, I’ve included a diagram showing you how to hang your curtains properly.

Rule #2: Choose the Material and Color for Your Home

Window treatments come in a wide variety of colors and materials, and the choice of fabric, color, and pattern is entirely yours.

However, we adhere to a set of guidelines while working with clients on their new residences.

The Heavier the Material the More it Costs

When it comes to material, pricey curtains and beds have a lot in common. When it comes to the cost of different materials, heavier and thicker ones tend to be more expensive. Unless they’re made of silk, in which case the higher the quality, the heavier the curtains will be.

As a result, we tend to stay with these materials when it comes to making curtains.

How to make store bought curtains look EXPENSIVE- NO SEWING & NO MEASURING! - YouTube


Cotton and hemp fibers are increasingly being employed in place of flax fibers, which were previously used. It’s opulent and long-lasting at the same time.


Natural mohair and silk fibers are used in the construction of this scarf. Soft and comfortable, velvet drapes wonderfully.


Cotton’s softness, breathability, and diversity of weights make it an ideal material for clothing.

Synthetic Material

Natural textiles like wool and linen are being replaced by synthetics like nylon and acrylic. To seem like natural materials, yet can withstand staining and water.

Color Rules for Cheap Curtains

The color of your curtains is entirely up to you and your own taste and the design of your house.

If I’m working with a client on their house, I’ll probably go with white to give it a light, airy feel. A warm shade of forest green or a muted tone of taupe might work well in a house. Then again, I’m a fan of a few brightly colored curtain panels.

What other low-cost options are there? Find out more here.

How to Make Thin Curtains Look Better

Get two or more curtain panels to create the illusion of a thicker curtain, I recommend.

We’ve actually done this with both our Amazon and Ikea curtains (I’ve included a link to some examples in the gallery). We have a living room that has four panels, and six panels in our dining room.

I can promise that it will cost you less than a fraction of the price of custom draperies.

Adding a few flat weights to the bottoms of curtains that are too light will help them to hang straighter and look nicer in the end. With the help of some nail scissors and thread, I was able to quickly and easily mount them.

Rule #3 The One Curtain Harware You Absolutely Need

Ring clips are the final trick I have for making cheap curtains look expensive. I purchased mine at Walmart (the link is provided for your convenience) for less than $20.

Depending on how many panels you’re using, you may need more or less clips per curtain. I used the pockets in the drapes I described above as a guide to evenly space the clips.

On my stories, I have a guide on how to clip the curtains, including a really cool method for hemming the curtains without sewing. Because of this, you don’t have to purchase a seam ripper or matching thread to use with this item.

All you have to do to get the desired height out of your curtains is fold them up from the top rather than the bottom. Clips are used to keep them in place while hanging them from the rod.

This video is a little more in-depth, but I think you get the gist. It’s also easier if you pull the rod down to the ground and put the rings on it..

Three simple tips for making cheap curtains appear more expensive.

All of my favorite low-cost curtains, curtain rods, ring clips, and even some pom pom trim have been added as shoppable links for the DIY enthusiasts.

Let me know if there are any more tips or suggestions you’d want to share! In the meantime, I’m eager to see what everyone else is up to.

A room isn’t complete without well-dressed windows. It’s expensive to have custom-made curtain panels sewed by a decorator, and sewing window treatments on your own can be time-consuming and complicated. A few simple changes can give ready-to-hang curtain panels a designer look for a fraction of the cost. Take a peek at some of our favorite budget-friendly options for a high-end style!

Decorating Plain Curtains To Look More Expensive

Here are the ways:

#1. Flowers decorated with a tassel

Redesign your basic window curtains if you like.

Makeover your dining room or master bedroom with only a few easy tweaks and you’ll have a whole new appearance and feel.

See? Two-toned curtains have evolved into a more complicated and fashionable design.

Flowers and pearls adorn a three-tonated pendant that is further adorned with tiny beads.

My friends, it’s a piece of cake to put this together. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Make a loop or knot in the curtain cord with pearl beads to give the illusion that the cord is looped or tied.
  • Think about the tieback style when gathering your curtains. A pearl and flower tieback can then be added to complete the look.
  • To add a touch of class, a sheer in white and silver should be used.

#2. Pompom trim

Curtains with pompom trim look really amusing.

Use a hue that contrasts with the curtains.

Rather than limiting yourself to a single color, play around!

The combination of orange and blue or green and red could be interesting.

Purple and yellow are excellent high-contrast choices.

Use a multi-colored pompom curtain as a colorful backdrop for a child’s room, or any room for that matter.

#3. Satin scrunchie bow tiebacks

Your windows can be dressed up with a pair of glittering gold and white drapes.

You may obtain this look by following these steps.

Alternatively, you can use a contrasting fabric for your bow to create satin bows.

If you don’t have any extra fabric, you can use satin or elastic to construct a scrunch for your curtains.

Traditional (normal) designs will still look dull.

There is a simple tip you may use if your curtains aren’t what they used to be.

Pick a neutral fabric instead of a striped one, such as plaid, to make a huge compromise.

You may always go with neutrals like plaid for the materials in your den.

#4. Scarf swag with tassels

You can now transform your curtains into striped scarf swags with this new method.

Then there are the scarves, which can be fashioned of a light fabric and lined with a darker material, to create some contrast.

Either in a dining room or a bedroom it will look fantastic.

Using two large cords, twist or swirl them together to achieve the wrinkly scarf effect.

The length of the swag necessitates that the measurement encompass both the back and front.

Ensure the rope is secure by tying it in a stylish knot. Be sure to leave enough rope to accommodate extra-large tassels.

Your design will look more polished if you add a sheer to your windows after the treatment is complete.

#5. Bead tieback

For a quick and easy method to jazz up an otherwise boring curtain treatment, consider using acrylic beads.

Definitely, it can be used in a wide range of settings.

IKEA Hack: How to Make Inexpensive Curtains Look Like Custom Drapes

For a living room, dining room, or even an attractive bathroom, this contemporary style would be an ideal choice

Instead, you can use a “tieback” like this:

Experiment with beads of varying sizes, shapes, and colors.

Apply an elastic band on the cord to keep the beads from sprinkling.

You can express yourself through this piece by using a wide selection of different colored beads to create a one-of-a-kind tie pattern.

It’s A Wrap!

You’ve just learned how to make a modest set of curtains appear to be a significant investment.

Isn’t it obvious how simple this is?

I hope you all have a great time, my friends!