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Many cultures have used swaddling as a means of soothing their newborns for centuries. This swaddling blanket is designed to make it easier for parents to wrap their babies in a standard square blanket, which can be difficult to fold properly unless one has prior experience. The unique construction of the ties ensures a safe and secure fit for your baby.


  • One yard of 44/45-inch flannel cloth
  • Coordinating thread, one spool
  • Dimensions (width x height) when completed: 42 x 35 inches (not counting ties).

How To Make A Swaddling Blanket At Home

1. Cut your fabric and prepare it for sewing

The first thing you need to do while making a swaddling blanket is to get the fabric ready by cutting it to size. Try to get something lightweight and breathable to serve as a swaddling blanket; we’ll get into the best fabric and dimensions in a bit more detail. Two and a half yards of fabric can often be enough to make two blankets.

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Some fabrics shrink when washed and dried, therefore it’s best to do that as soon as possible after purchase. The correct measurements can then be obtained in this fashion. After you have the fabric cut to size, you may sew the blanket by rounding the corners.

2. Hem and sew the edges of the blankets

Fold the fabric in half along its length, creating a crease of about half an inch. Hem the blanket by ironing the edges in place and sewing with a half-inch seam allowance. When straight stitching, you have the option of using a sewing machine or completing it by hand.

Finally, the end! You just used your basic sewing skills to whip together a swaddling blanket. Alternately, you can use a serger or zigzag stitches to finish the raw edges if you choose not to hem the fabric. Swaddling blankets are made by cutting a square of cloth and then simply binding the raw edges.

How Much Fabric Do I Need To Make A Swaddle Blanket?

One swaddle blanket of 36 x 36 inches can be made with a yard of fabric. With the remaining 2.5 square yards, you may make two more extra-large swaddle blankets. Two 44-by-44-inch swaddling blankets are yours for this price.

Swaddling blankets come in a variety of sizes, so you can always get more material if you need it. Using 3.5 square yards of cloth, you can make a blanket that is 60 by 60 inches, making it ideal for swaddling a newborn.

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What Is The Best Fabric For A Swaddling Blanket?

To learn how to make a swaddling blanket, the best material is one that is lightweight, soft, and has some elasticity to it. The finished blanket should also be easy to care for, as in it should wash and dry fast without losing its texture. Best examples include flannel, double gauze, cotton, muslin, and interlock fabric.

The swaddling blanket you use for your baby can be found in a wide variety of colors, allowing you to give it a truly unique look. However, before you begin cutting your cloth, keep in mind our earlier advice. Don’t risk having a smaller completed blanket by not washing and drying it beforehand.

What Is The Best Size For A Swaddle Blanket?

The standard size for a swaddling blanket is 36 inches by 36 inches. However, you can always use a much more manageable swaddling blanket for your infant. With extra materials, why not try making a 44 by 44-inch blanket or even 60 by 60-inch swaddle blanket?

Swaddling blankets typically measure 36 inches by 36 inches. However, you can always use a much more manageable swaddling blanket for your infant. If you have enough fabric, you could try sewing a blanket that is 44 inches by 44 inches or a swaddle blanket that is 60 inches by 60 inches.

How To Use A Swaddling Blanket Correctly

A standard swaddling blanket is 36 inches by 36 inches in size. Swaddling your kid in a blanket may seem like a daunting task, but you can always use something much bigger. If you have enough fabric, why not make a blanket that is 44 by 44 inches, or even a swaddling blanket that is 60 by 60 inches?

  1. Place your infant face up on the blanket, which should first be spread out flat with one corner folded over.
  2. Before straightening the baby’s left arm and wrapping the same blanket corner around his or her torso, make sure the baby’s head is above the folded corner.
  3. Wrap your infant’s right arm and side with the blanket.
  4. Fold the same corner of the blanket over your child’s torso and tuck it under his or her left side as you tuck in his or her right arm.
  5. Tuck the loose end of the blanket below one of your baby’s arms.
  6. First, make sure the blanket isn’t too tight by placing two fingers in between the baby’s chest and the fabric.

When to stop swaddling

When your baby is two months old, or when he or she learns to roll over, you can stop swaddling. If you have any further questions about swaddling, you should ask your child’s pediatrician.

How to Make Muslin Swaddle Blankets - Farmhouse on Boone


Swaddling can help soothe a newborn who is experiencing sensory overload from their new surroundings. A swaddling blanket can be made in in two simple stages, with no special skills required. Simply decide on a size for your blanket, grab some light and soft fabric, and cut it to size, finishing the edges as you go.

This two-part tutorial should have you swaddling a baby in about an hour. Have you attempted to create one recently? Leave your comments below!