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Rookie Mistakes is a collection of the typical errors a DIY and interior design newbie like myself makes. And no, I’m not passing judgment because I’ve been there and do it myself.

Following are the five most popular entries in the Rookie Mistakes series. (The rest of them will be posted at the end of this thread.)

Don’t forget that there will be absolutely NO JUDGMENT here at Rookie Mistakes. I’ve made ALL of these mistakes in my home and I simply want you to learn from me so you can make your home look amazing.

Rookie Mistake – Displaying Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are a staple in our home. They offer warmth to an otherwise cold sofa and a splash of style to the living area. As an added bonus, they are a must-have for the family room when you want to relax in complete comfort. Sure, a throw blanket is a necessary addition to any sofa.

How and Where to Use Throw Blankets | Living room decor, Couch throw blanket, Room decor

When it comes to throw blankets, though, there is one common rookie mistake.

How NOT to Display Throw Blankets

We see this habit of leaving napping blankets out for all to see all too often. But the worst part is that they throw the thick blanket over the back of the sofa so it’s always within reach. We are not passing judgment, but this seems like a beginner error to us.

We do not think it is ever a smart idea to drape a blanket over the back of the couch (again, not being judgy just trying to keep it real). In the above image, the blanket has been “hot dog folded,” or folded in half lengthwise, and is resting on the back of the couch.

Another alternative is the “hamburger fold,” in which the blanket is folded in half lengthwise but then again thrown over the back of the sofa.

Since doing either of these things can make even the most modern sofa look old and unattractive, we don’t recommend them. However, we have a secret weapon to elevate your couch style without giving up your comfy blanket, and we’re going to let you in on it today.

Throw Blankets Done Right

Now that you’ve seen some very awful ways to design a blanket, I’d want to share with you some of the ways that my family and I like to utilize and display throw blankets in our living rooms.

Secret Storage

In our homes, everyone has one of those enormous blankets that are very cozy. You are familiar with this group of people. When it becomes cold, you and your significant other quarrel over the blanket you use to keep warm. This blanket isn’t exactly eye-catching (and is typically too big for its intended purpose), but it’s quite comfortable.

Although you wouldn’t know it from looking at our living rooms, we both have and regularly employ the use of such blankets. They are, instead, concealed in plain sight.

Check out Casey’s couch; there’s a basket on the very end. It’s stocked with warm (though unattractive) blankets. Each evening, Casey and Finn snuggle up on the couch with their allotted blankets (always arguing over this one…). At bedtime, simply toss the blankets into the basket.

This basket was a fantastic bargain at HomeGoods. We appreciate the lid since it hides the mess of blankets we keep inside. Finn, though, is convinced the basket is more at home with a snake charmer. But what the heck, I dig it!

This Serena & Lily basket was used in the newly renovated family room. Lots of blankets can fit in there, too!

To further expand your options, you can also use baskets without a cover (the one above is old from Article). However, you need exercise some caution while selecting blankets for indoor use. It should complement the existing furnishings and architectural details in the room.

Let’s talk about those beautiful throw blankets you can’t wait to show off on your couch. This is how we often showcase them…

Folded Neatly

A folded blanket on a couch seat or arm is a failsafe arrangement. When the blanket is thin and decorative, we enjoy doing this. You can prop it up on the arm of the sofa, drape it across the back of the couch (folded in thirds, off-center), or set it on the couch’s seat.

How to Fold or Arrange a Throw Blanket | Martha Stewart

Casey does this with a throw that has tassels on the side of her couch…

Bridget has been enjoying herself on her new couch while she experiments with various throw blankets. These throw blankets perk up our gray couches with texture, pattern, and color. They’re also convenient to have on hand for a rapid heat boost. Despite the fact that they are not quite as cozy as the blankets we keep in secret baskets.

Draped Casually

Casey: Bridget has perfected the art of the carefree blanket draping on her sofa. My fear of having my couch seem untidy prevents me from ever attempting that style. Still, she can just toss the blanket over the back of her couch and make it look stylish and carefree. Seriously, where does she get the energy from?!

Bridget: To be honest, Case, you’re being far too nice, and I’m not nearly as talented as you make me sound. Here, a thin, fairly small blanket is the key. A huge or heavy blanket will not work here.

To use it, I simply unfold it, pull it up the back of the couch, and drape it down into the seat. I let it hang loosely and experiment with spreading out the sections that look too full. Pillows placed atop the strewn throw allow me to conceal any remaining malfunctioning components. To the contrary, it’s much simpler than it sounds! And here’s a little known fact about me: if there are slouchy spots on the couch, I apply this styling technique. In other words, this is an excellent method for disguising flaws. Check out this post for more information on how to cover up a couch’s flaws.

Favorite Throw Blankets & Baskets

There you have it: several solutions to one of the most irritating problems in the living room. We love hunkering down at home (hello, Netflix bingefests), but there is no need to sacrifice style for convenience.

We should all be able to resist the urge to put our hot dogs in the back of the couch, right?

And have some assistance from a new basket and some throw styling to finally upgrade our settee. The question is, “What do you think?


I know what you’re thinking; why not just throw a dice and call it good? No, you need to add your own flair to it. If the throw is spread out on the couch like that, it will look like we just woke you up from a slumber.

This article will focus on the art of strategically tossing a throw blanket over a sofa.

The Folded Arm

If you fold the throw in half along its length and then in half again, you’ll have a stylish and compact package. Then, fold the width of your throw in half. Throw blankets should be draped over the sofa arm with the fringe or other ornamental feature hanging down the couch’s side. A throw blanket shouldn’t dangle off the couch’s legs.

The Waterfall

Make the throw seem chic by folding it in thirds along its length. This creates neat, folded edges on all sides. Your throw should be thrown over the back, over the front of the back cushion, and then down onto the seat. It’s not required, but I prefer to have an accent pillow in the front.

Your throw can drape over the front of the couch cushion even if it has legs. To avoid scratching the skirt or legs of your sofa, always rest your feet on the seat instead on the floor.

Back and Beyond

The back of the sofa may occasionally be turned toward the doorway. Some couches have intriguing designs on the back, while others are just a giant blank slate begging to be filled.

Fold your throw in half across the width and place it in the middle of the sofa for a chic look. To make the most of a throw with a beautiful edge, drape it over the back of the couch and tuck the folded end between the cushions.

Lengthen the throw so it almost touches the floor at the rear. What differentiates this technique from the conventional approach of draping a throw over the back of a couch is the extra fabric draped down the back.

The Cozy Corner

The Cozy Corner technique is great for a casual, relaxed aesthetic. My personal preference is for the throw to extend onto the seat from behind the decorative pillows.

Fold the throw in half lengthwise, so that one end rests over your back and the other reaches down over your seat. To achieve a more relaxed look, open up the fold a little bit as the material cascades from the rear to the front.

The Tidy Corner

Similar to the Cozy Corner, but with a focus on cleanliness, this is the Tidy Corner.

Fold the item in half lengthwise to create a stylish fold. The best method to do this is to begin from the back of the couch and drape it over the folded cushion.

The Over Arm

Similar to the Tidy Corner, but designed for reclining chairs and couches with a low back. The back is not needed for this procedure; instead, it is draped across the seat from the arm.

Fold the throw in half along its length and drape it across the arm, across the seat, and then down the front of the seat a little bit for a stylish look. This final piece is crucial for avoiding a flat, unnatural appearance and maintaining an organic feel to the overall design.

How to Fold or Arrange a Throw Blanket | Martha Stewart

The Folded Seat

Simply folding your throw and leaving it on the couch is a quick and easy way to update your seating arrangement. In order to avoid having a bulky pile when folded, this method is ideal for thinner throws.

Fold the throw in thirds along its length to create a stylish look. After then, fold it in half lengthwise. Then fold it again, this time almost in half. Keep it a little longer than necessary so that it cascades down the front of the sofa (see pic).

But don’t cram it into the middle of the couch when you’re done! Instead, join it to something else so that the two touch each other. It’s okay if it grazes the arm or the decorative pillows. Consider it instead as a piece of a larger vignette.

The Basket Case

Throws are versatile and can serve multiple purposes, thus they are often stored out of the way.

If you’re going to store your throw in a basket (without a lid), I like to leave one corner out so it appears like you can easily grab it and cuddle up on a chilly day.

Throws can be folded and stacked for a neat appearance, or rolled for a more compact storage solution.

Here are a few of my favorite basket and storage solutions that would look great on the arm of a sofa.

What throw blanket should you use on your leather couch?

Some blanket fabrics may slide off leather, so keep that in mind. Avoid using blankets made of slippery materials like silk or fur. Wool, suede, and cotton, on the other hand, should all function fine with leather.

In addition, double-check that the throw you plan to use is the right shade. Some colors really benefit from being set off by a strong contrast. On the other hand, maintain the same style throughout to avoid overwhelming the eye.

What Is The Purpose Of a Throw On Sofa?

Did you know that the word “throw” comes from the action of hurling a blanket onto a couch or bed? You can put them down on the ground if you want to, but it’s still interesting to know. Why, therefore, do people bother to toss blankets upon their couches?

How To Dress A Sofa With Throws And Cushions?

Remember coordination

You can arrange the throws and pillows on the couch whichever you choose. Please keep in mind the importance of the word coordination. Avoid making the mistake of thinking that coordinated means monotonous; instead, maintain a steady color scheme and material palette.

Add some vibrancy

Using decorative pillows and cushions in the same color scheme is a great way to spruce up a sofa. Then, complement the room’s existing hues with a throw blanket of a contrasting hue. The use of a neutral throw on a bright sofa, or vice versa, is one example.

Play with contrast

Contrasting textures and patterns can be used in the same way that colors are. You don’t want the couch to appear lifeless, but you also don’t want to overdo it. You should not put patterned items over solid-colored furniture or lay a printed throw over a glossy table.

Aim for coziness

Finally, keep comfort in mind. The simplest method to do this without making the couch look too crowded is to pile the pillows together and cover them with a blanket. Similarly, you might select a throw that is soft and comfortable to the touch.


Dressing up the couch can do wonders for the overall aesthetic of the living room. With the knowledge you gained here, you can confidently toss a blanket over your couch. Can you recall the top two fashion trends?

Drape the throw over the back or side of the couch for a laid-back feel. If you like a more fitted look, you can fold the throw. Overall, focus on maintaining consistency and contrast, and you will reign as the master of couch decorating.