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I was watching “This is Us” earlier this week – have you seen it? If you haven’t done so already, please do so right now (guaranteed tears). Anyway, Kate was feverishly preparing her flat for a visit from family in one scene. A blanket over the couch, “This throw will not fling!!!” she cries out each time she does it. I couldn’t stop laughing because it was MY MORNING EXACTLY!

Throwing a blanket on the couch and having it seem presentable? Is it just me, or is there something wrong with my computer? On Pinterest, I see blankets that look simply thrown, but when I do it, it never looks that way. I determined this week that I needed to learn how to throw a blanket properly. It’s an art form, really, you guys. I’m not kidding. In this post, I’ll show you how to decorate a throw blanket in ten different ways. A lot of folding and primping goes on before you even begin throwing! Those lies, those people. LOL.

The first thing I did was gather two throw blankets and two matching throw pillows. Check out my Etsy site for a custom-made canvas pillow with your state and “home” or “roots.” Here they are, without further ado…

Choose a folded or draped look

When it comes to folding a throw blanket, Susan Davis Taylor of Davis Design advises that the method you choose should depend on where you intend to use the piece. As an example, Davis Taylor suggests folding a blanket neatly over the sofa’s arm and underneath any throw pillows. If the blanket has a fringe or an unusual pattern on its border, make sure that it can be seen to give it some flair, she continues. A clean, modern aesthetic is achieved by this arrangement, Smith claims. As an alternative, you can place a throw blanket and a few throw pillows on the couch’s corner to create a “lived-in” look. Fold the blanket in thirds lengthwise and place it on the corner seat. Then, place pillows on top of it for an ultra-tidy appearance.

The Fold & Throw

how to style a throw blanket - fold and throw

The most “classic” of the looks, perhaps? Using the centre of the folded edge of a throw blanket as a launching point, hurl it into a corner of the couch and secure it there. To acquire the desired aesthetic, play about with the blanket’s edges and add ripples to the top layer. We were inspired by the magazine Better Homes and Gardens in our home decor choices.

The Orderly Approach

This “orderly” technique will help you achieve a more structured aesthetic. To use as a throw, fold it in thirds lengthwise and drape it over the couch’s back so that it touches the cushion’s bottom edge. Motivated by an episode of Better Homes and Gardens.

The Lazy Throw

This is another another timeless ensemble! It’s time to get cozy on the couch! Fold a blanket in half vertically, then throw the piece over the back and gently stretch it out toward the bottom. Make ripples in the blanket’s top layer for a super-casual appearance.

The Flip & Flop

how to style a throw blanket - flip and flop

It couldn’t be much easier. Wrap a throw blanket around your forearm, then fold it in half vertically. Just throw it on the couch. That’s all there is to it. We were inspired by the magazine Better Homes and Gardens in our home decor choices.

The Over-the-Arm Lazy Throw

This is one of my favorites so far! It appears to be quite comfortable! LOL. Vertically fold the blanket in half, then in half again. To keep it in place, drape it over the couch’s arm and gently tuck it between the arm and the seatback. To achieve a casual look, spread the bottom of the throw blanket over the seat cushion to create ripples.

The Waterfall

There are similarities between this approach and the Orderly Approach, however this one is more overt. It is best to fold the blanket into thirds and then place it over the couch’s front and back, as well as the couch’s crevices.

The Casually Uneven Throw

You can truly show off your throw’s fringes by using this approach. Just like you’re going to fold the throw blanket in half vertically, make one side about four inches wider than the other. Lay it across the back of the couch so that the raw edges are visible. For a cozy appearance, add ripples to the blanket’s top layer.

The Up & Over

how to style a throw blanket - up and over

This is a clean and straightforward design. Tuck each side of the chair’s cushion into the blanket by folding the blanket in half vertically two times.

The Nautical Knot

how to style a throw blanket - knot

This one is a little different, which is why I really like it so much! In a space with a nautical theme, it would look particularly good. Vertically fold the blanket in half, then in half again. To make a loose knot at the end of the blanket, grab a third of it and wrap it over your arm. The loose end of the blanket should be thrown over the couch and fanned out. Make sure the knot is well-tied, as well.

The Oh-Crap-There’s-a-Stain-on-My-Throw

how to style a throw blanket - stain

Hehehehe. You may disguise a stain in a variety of ways; however, this one is perfect for when guests are expected! The throw blanket should be folded in half and draped over the couch’s back. Finally, open the blanket so that the stain fades to the backside.

Hung on a blanket ladder or a blanket stand


Having all of your blankets in one area makes it easy to grab one when necessary. At the same time, it’s both practical and beautiful.

Tucked in baskets…


Again, this is a great method to keep your blankets out of the way while yet allowing them to be seen.

Strung across the arm of a sofa or chair…


You can’t help but want to cozy up with a good book or a hot cup of cocoa in front of a roaring fire. Just pick it up, and it’ll be ready for you!


You may accomplish this draped look by pinching and then letting part of your blanket fall around your palm while you hold it up.

Folded neatly and hanging from your bed or chair…


Even though I’m a huge fan of the “lived in” aspect of blankets, there are occasions when a neat fold is preferable (seen here with this comfortable throw).

Strewn across your bed length wise…


If you’re planning on taking a Sunday nap, this is a great idea to have an extra blanket ready for you.


Draped together as a pair…


Put them all together so you’re not restricted to just one. Layering on the texture can be a lot of fun!


Whether it’s raining or cold outside, these blankets are ideal. Any time of year, really, when you’re looking for a bit of extra warmth. They’re hefty, plush, and in the most beautiful hues.

Use the corner of your sofa for displaying…


The corner of a sofa can be used in the same way as the end arms of a sofa to hold a throw. After a long day at work, you’ll be ready to curl up with a good book and a cup of hot coffee. Can you not feel the coming of fall by looking at this?


There’s no way I can leave out pillows when discussing throws! Fluffy square pillows that look just like the throws! Those plush sweater-like throws have all the qualities of these.


Consider your couch’s size and style

The Identitè Collective’s Anastasia Casey suggests folding your throw blanket in thirds and tucking it behind the cushion for a standard-sized sofa. The blanket can be used to cover the bottom of a chaise lounge if it’s part of a sectional.

Think about where your sofa is situated

If you have an open floor plan, “the back of your sectional—and the seam that goes across the back once the sectional is put together” is often visible, according to Smith, so make sure it’s hidden. In these cases, he advises folding the blanket behind the cushions and over the sofa’s back to hide the seam. It doesn’t matter if the couch back has a seam or not; it’s still a great place for a throw blanket. In order to introduce a different design or textured fabric into a room without having to commit to mixing upholstery, Davis Taylor recommends using a throw over a sofa. Put it in a long rectangle long enough to wrap over your back and under your pillows, then place it on your lap. Using this method, you can instantly add depth to the design of the entire room. Davis Taylor says, “From the front, you have a surprise fabric peeking out behind the cushions, and from the back, you get a nice clean line and an unusual pop.”

Respond to the weather

You need to be practical when you’re actually using the throw blankets, not just admiring them visually. Multiple folded blankets draped over one sofa to accommodate multiple guests isn’t the most visually appealing solution. After completing the aforementioned methods, Smith advises placing a bulky basket in the corner of the room and filling it with additional blankets. So that guests can get what they need without spoiling a more tidy look, this arrangement is ideal.


  • You may want to ask a friend to assist you fold the blanket. Some of them hold the edges while meeting you in the middle.
  • Even if your blanket doesn’t fold perfectly the first time around, don’t worry! Try it again by laying it flat. Your blankets may require some skill to fold nicely.