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Knitting on a loom eliminates the need for needles, making the process quicker and easier. However, you may be confused by the wide variety of knitting looms available and wonder what you could possibly construct on them. You can loom knit anything from a modest scarf to a large blanket or a beautiful shawl.

Make something easy like a scarf or cap in stockinette stitch to get the hang of the loom first, then go on to more complex patterns. After that, you should learn some more stitches so that you’ll be prepared to work on a wider variety of projects.

The big gauge looms required for many of the patterns on this list may be found at most major craft retailers. Knitting Board, among others, manufactures narrower gauge looms that are used by some. Among the numerous free patterns available is a sweet little toddler tunic in a range of sizes.

If you prefer visual instruction, you may find several loom knitting tutorials on YouTube. You may find great stitch tutorials and finished items like hats, bags, socks, and mittens on the channel Valena DIY. Also, if you’re looking for more loom-knitting patterns, I highly recommend Joanna Brandt’s.

Are you ready to begin encasing the pegs? Pick out a knitting design for a loom and you’re good to go!

Make a Scarf on a Knitting Loom

Airam from “The Sweetest Journey” instructs you in the art of double-knitting on a loom. Starting with the E-wrap and ending with securing the stitches for a finished edge, as seen in the video guide, makes this the ideal first project.

How to Loom Knit a Garter Stitch Striped Blanket / Rug using a Round Loom (DIY Tutorial) - YouTube

Create a Loom-Knit Pillow for Your Home

This pillow is knit in the round since tubes are among the simplest objects to create on a knitting loom. Simply knit the pillow cover in the round, stuff it with a pillow form, and finish it off with some homemade tassels. There are also instructions for working with flat panels (which will require more seaming) if that is your preference.

This pillowcase pattern can serve as a template for a variety of other projects. Try color blocking the knitting or some yarn embroidery in place of tassels as the primary design feature.

Simplicity Knitting Pattern for a Lumbar Pillow with Tasseled Edges

Loom Knit an Oversized Cowl

The purl in 8 was used by Denise of Looma Hat to produce this extremely textured cowl. You can watch her tutorial video on YouTube or buy a PDF pattern for the cowl. But the oversized cowl is just one of many excellent loom knitting patterns and tutorials that Denise offers. Trying to think of a quick and easy present idea? Pair her mug rug pattern with your favorite beverage.

Knit a Double-Brim Beanie on a Loom

Making a beanie is a breeze with a round knitting loom, but this article takes it up a notch by showing you how to knit a brim that is doubled over. That little touch really makes this otherwise plain hat stand out as something special. The hat is a fantastic first project because Emily tells you how to make it from start to finish, complete with clear photographs.

Wrap Yourself in a Loom-Knit Shawl

Are you kidding me? A knitting loom produced this delicate shawl. You can’t tell that Renee Van Hoy’s patterns were woven on a loom just looking at them, thus the name of her website is spot on. You may get this beautiful shawl and five other patterns for scarves and other accessories in a single eBook. The fact that this design can be used with any sized loom (thanks to the clear directions) and that it also comes in a large print/screen reader format are both major pluses. As a result, a wider audience can take advantage of the enhanced features of this work.

Create a Star-Studded Blanket on a Knitting Loom

Although there are other loom knitting patterns, this one may provide the most unusual blanket shape. For the star, simply knit across 10 stitches and then outward in a spiral formation. Whether the infant is on his or her stomach or in school, this soft blanket would be a welcome companion.

Use Loom Knitting to Make an Infinity Scarf

Many of GoodKnit Kisses’ patterns are available in both loom and needle knitting formats, designed by Kristen Mangus. One of the joys of experimenting with new designs and techniques is seeing the unexpected results, like the dropped stitches in this infinity scarf. If you’re looking for guides, tools, and advice, her blog is where you should be spending your time.

Craft a Messy Bun Beanie on a Knitting Loom

With a messy bun beanie, you can drag your bun or ponytail out through the top of the hat for a stylish and functional head warmer. Isela Phelps, who creates a number of patterns for Knitting Board, is responsible for this charming loom-knit rendition. She has written multiple books on loom knitting, so she is a fantastic go-to for any pattern you can think of.

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Loom Knit a Textured Cowl

This cozy cowl may give the impression of luxury with only a few yards of even the cheapest yarn thanks to its understated chevron pattern. Although Lisa Clarke’s collection of loom knitting patterns is small, each and every one of them is exquisite. As an added bonus, she explains how to adapt a knitting pattern for use on a loom. There is no limit to what could be done.

Create a Whole Blanket on a Small Knitting Loom

Check out the Tuteate channel on YouTube if you want to be inundated with loom knitting possibilities. You can discover squares for producing patchwork knit rugs and blankets with patterns for animal and Star Wars caps, mug cozies, slippers and mitts, ornaments, and more. This striped garter blanket is knit in rows instead of squares, using only a round loom.

Make a Wrappable Scarf With Loom Knitting

This knotted scarf is a combination shawl and scarf, further demonstrating the versatility of loom knitting. It’s adaptable to your personal taste and can be worn in a number of different ways. You might even want to make one in every hue, given how much quicker loom knitting is compared to conventional knitting.

Use Loom Knitting to Keep Dishes Squeaky Clean

These loom-knit Scrubby-Os are an eco-friendly addition to the environmentally beneficial alternative of handknit dishcloths. To make the scrubbers more abrasive, Bethany from Gettin’ it Pegged demonstrates how to crochet little circles out of cotton yarn held with tulle. These would go perfectly with some knit dishcloths as a housewarming present.

Can You Make A Blanket With A Circle Loom?

As can be seen in the two-step procedure above, a blanket can be woven on a circle loom utilizing e-wrap stitches. Another useful piece of advice to bear in mind when loom knitting a standard-sized blanket on a round loom is to knit, purl, knit, and purl the first rows to prevent the edges from rolling. When knitting on a circular loom, the number of panels you knit does not matter so long as the finished blanket is the right size.

Knitting in the round is the most efficient method for creating tubes. On the other hand, if you work back and forth on the pegs instead of following the round frame of pegs, you can create a flat object, such as a blanket, on a round loom.

How Do You Finish A Blanket On A Round Loom?

Similar techniques used to complete a blanket or flat panel on a circular loom can be applied to the flat loom. Still, it’s important to think about the blanket’s edge and whether or not you want it stretched. If you’re just getting started with knitting, here are some quick pointers to help you master binding off.

Basic bind off technique

You want to work the first two stitches as you normally would and shift the second peg loop to the first one. Moving the new loop from the first to the second peg, repeat from the bottom over the top and the peg. Make a third stitch, then pass the loop from the third peg to the second.

In addition, you’ll need to pull the bottom loop over the top loop and peg, and then slide the new loop from the second peg to the third. Did you understand what binding was all about? This process will be repeated until all of the stitches have been bound off.

What Can I Knit With A Round Loom?

You can knit in a circle or flat panels with a round loom, making it more flexible than its rectangular counterpart. Simply wrap the yarn around the pegs and pull the bottom loop over the top loop to create a new stitch on the round loom, which will hold all the stitches for you. Considering this technique, the scope of what may be accomplished on a round loom is truly staggering.

Blankets, cowls, hats, and other items with huge patterns can be woven on a large round loom. In contrast, a smaller loom is preferable for narrower and smaller crafts, such as socks, gloves, or baby goods like hats. Be careful to practice, as there are numerous patterns available online for circular looms.

How Do You Loom Knit A Blanket?

A blanket can be woven on either a square or a round loom. The former is the norm, and casting on the first peg with a slip knot makes things easier. Then, using a stockinette stitch, you will knit the yarn across the rectangle of the loom until you have the desired length of blanket.

If you want your blanket’s edge to last, be careful you bind it off with a knitting hook at both ends.

How To Loom Knit A Blanket On Round Loom For Beginners

1. Knit four panels

It is customary to knit four panels using the e-wrap stitch before beginning work on a blanket on a round loom. Depending on the design of the blanket you’re making, you can choose from a wide variety of yarn colors. The four panels are knit in one piece by alternating between 48 rows of one yarn color and 10 rows of another yarn color on a round loom with 31 pegs.

How To Loom Knit A Baby Blanket In 3 Easy Steps - Krostrade

For example, your first panel can be a specific color of yarn for 48 rows, followed by another color for 10 rows, and so on. Do this up until the fourth panel to finish the blanket in the style you wish. It will be 48 rows, 10 rows, 48 rows, 10 rows, 48 rows, 10 rows, and 48 rows of the different or alternating colors of yarns.

2. Connect the panels and finish

The blanket can be put together once the panels are complete by sewing them together using a mattress stitch. Place the first and second panels right sides together on a level surface with the right sides out. Thread your needle with yarn of the same color, and sew through the loops along both sides of the two parallel panels.

Once the opening has been closed, draw the ends securely, tie a knot, and weave them into the panels for a clean look. Half an inch of polyester ribbon will be used to cover the stitching. Every fifth row of knitting, at the conclusion of the row, you should sew two strands of ribbon in the opposite direction to create a bow.


It’s not true that a circular loom can only be used for tubular items like socks. Our instructions for making a blanket with a round loom boil down to knitting four panels and sewing them together using a mattress stitch. If you know how to bind off on a circular loom, your blanket will be finished in no time.