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If you’ve ever been curious about how to make a pom pom blanket, we’ve uncovered the easiest method possible. As you read this post, you will notice a variety of approaches to constructing a pom pom blanket. However, we have developed the greatest, hassle-free three-step procedure. Put simply, by adding pom poms to the corners, you are making a warm blanket.

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It doesn’t even require a sewing machine or expert sewing skills to complete. You’ll need to cut two squares of fabric to the dimensions you choose for your blanket. But if you’d rather loom your own pom pom blanket, we’ve got you covered there, too, with a do-it-yourself tutorial on building your own loom board.

How Do You Make A Pom Pom Blanket?

Step 1. Pin the two fabric pieces together

Make the main throw in the desired size before adding the pom poms. Get the exterior fabric, like fake fur, and the second lining, like polyester or silk, ready. Assemble the two pieces by cutting them to the same size and then pinning them together with the right sides facing.

Step 2. Sew the materials to construct the blanket

Repeat this process until you have completed stitching around the entire blanket. Check both fabrics for any excess that can be trimmed before continuing with the long edges of the blanket. Sew the long edges together using pins, and take sure to trim any fabric that extends past the seams.

Iterate until the blanket is complete, leaving an opening on one side. Once you’ve used it to flip the blanket the right way out, you can add the pom poms. As long as the pom poms are tied securely, any yarn will do.

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Step 3. Sew the pom poms on each corner to finish

Sew a pom pom onto one of the corners by threading it through its long tail. A tidy attachment can be achieved by aiming slightly away from the corner. If you’re satisfied with the position of the tail, you can tie a double knot to keep it in place.

Remove any excess yarn and repeat at the other four corners. Last but not least, a ladder stitch might be used to close the earlier gap.

How Do You Make Pom Poms Out Of Fleece?

In addition to yarn, a wide variety of other materials can be used to create pom poms. Making pom poms from leftover fleece fabric is a fun way to personalize a project. Avoid fraying by simply cutting along the flexible side of the fabric when working with thin fleece.

  1. Make a pom pom of the desired size by cutting the fleece to the appropriate length. The minimum length for a little pom pom is 12 inches, while the maximum length for a large pom pom is 27 inches. Each part might be around 2 inches tall.
  2. Keeping one end in your hand, lay the strip horizontally on a surface and fold the top edge over the bottom edge.
  3. You can get to the fold you formed in the fringe by cutting it lengthwise.
  4. Wrap the rolled-up strip tightly with string.
  5. Improve the separation of the fringe by fluffing up the pom poms.

How Much Wool Do You Need To Make A Pom Pom Blanket?

A pom pom blanket could need as many as seven 100-gram balls of wool yarn. Since a square blanket of this size would only be 15 by 15, this calculation assumes that 25 pom poms will be required. Two 12-gram balls of Aran wool yarn are required to make a single pom pom.

How Many Stitches Do I Cast On For A Pom Pom Blanket?

For a smaller blanket, say 26 by 28 inches, you might need to cast on around 130 stitches. Since the size of the blanket is a factor, this is only a rough estimate. If you need help figuring out how many chain stitches to make a blanket, feel free to consult our handy guide.

How to cast on pom pom yarn

If you want to make a blanket out of pom pom yarn, there are several ways to cast on. However, some techniques end in producing too tight or too loose of a fit. Make the first stitch by winding the pom pom yarn around the needle, detaching it, and twisting it, and then re-attaching it to the needle to knit the second stitch, rather than casting on two stitches between each pom pom.

Can You Make A Pom Pom Blanket Without A Loom?

Blankets can be knitted with pom pom yarn and US size 4 needles, so there’s no need to invest in a special loom for the project. The first step is to thread the needle with the pom pom yarn and twist it. Take the next strand, twist it, and thread it onto the needle to create a new row of stitches.

How to DIY Easy and Fun Pom Pom Blanket

Depending on the desired size of the blanket, you can make as many stitches as you like and then continue knitting as usual with the next strand. Cast off when the blanket is the desired size. That’s it; if you don’t have a loom, making a pom pom blanket is actually quite simple.


Pom pon blankets are quite adorable. Adding pom poms to the four corners of a blanket is all that’s required for this guide on how to build a pom pom blanket. Knitting with pom pom yarn is another option for making a pom pom blanket without a loom.