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Cute cafe curtains are ornamental items that have long been used to improve the appearance of cafes and diners. They are window treatments that hang halfway up the window, allowing enough light to enter while also providing some seclusion..

In the event that you are a fan of cafe curtains’ functionality and aesthetic appeal, you’ve come to the ideal place. With the help of this guide, you’ll learn how to hang cafe curtains and where they can be hung.

4 Easy Steps For Hanging Cafe Curtains

Once you’ve decided where you want to hang your cafe curtains in your home — whether in a dining room or a cafe — you can begin the installation process. Cafe curtains can be hung in a variety of ways.

The following items are required:

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Measurement with a tape
  • Drill
  • Achievable benchmark
  • Screws

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Step #1: Measure Your Preferred Space

Taking measurements is the first step in hanging cafe curtains. Make sure you measure your window’s real width and height. As a result, your cafe curtains will be a perfect fit for your window treatments..

Choosing curtains that are at least 2 to 2 and a half times the width of your window is the best. As a general rule, cafe curtains should be at least 4 to 6 inches longer than the length of your curtain pole.

Step #2: Choose Curtain Rods

Choosing the correct rods for your cafe curtain installation is the next step. In terms of curtain rods, you have two options: basic or return rods.

Step #3: Consider the rod Placement

The rod is the next step in the process of hanging cafe curtains. Cafe curtains should be hung a few inches above the middle of the window. As a result, you’ll have more privacy on the lower side of your window, while still allowing light to get in from above.

Step #4: Install the Curtain rod

Mark the locations of the curtain rods on either side of the window with a pencil. Before you mark holes and attach the brackets, double-check that the lines are all at the same height.

Secure the brackets to the wall with a drill once you’ve made sure they’re in the correct location and level.

How Should Cafe Curtains Hang?

Cafe curtains are usually hung on a rod that runs across the middle of the window glass rather than being hung from the top. For a little privacy and sunlight, this is adequate.

Lower hems are required on the grommet and cafe curtains. The hem should be four to six inches wide so that it sits flush with the bottom of the sill as viewed from the outside.

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Where Should Curtain rod Brackets be Placed?

Your window frame should be four or six inches away from the top and bottom of each of the brackets. This will allow you to fully open your drapes.

4 Steps on How to Connect Cafe Curtain Rings?

You begin by laying your curtain out on a flat surface, with the top edge looking toward you. Spread out the curtain on a table or another flat surface with the top edge of the curtain toward you.

Open the cafe curtain rings or clips you’ve chosen by squeezing them. Alternatively, if the ring is a solid one, you can pry it open by squeezing the loop. Open the ring by squeezing the top of the clip linked to the ring.

Next, open the claw and place it on the cafe curtain top edge, holding it in place with your fingers. When you let go of the pressure, the claw or clip will be able to secure itself to the fabric and begin its work.

Step #4: Attach one cafe curtain ring to each of the cafe curtain’s upper left and right ends. The rest of the cafe curtain should be hung evenly across the top.

Where can I Place Cafe Curtains?

In the kitchen

Cafe curtains were used as kitchen window treatments in historic dwellings. For the sink, they’ll look great in the large window above it. While doing the dishes, you can enjoy the natural light and see what’s going on outside thanks to these windows.

In the Bathroom

Cafe curtains can also be used in the bathroom of your home. Your bathroom windows will benefit from the additional light and privacy provided by these treatments.

In a Home Office

Having an office in your house where you can be more productive while working from home is a good perk. Consider adding some plants with stress-reducing and productivity-enhancing properties to your garden.

Cafe curtains will provide the necessary natural light for the plants’ growth in such a location.

An Entryway

Your home’s front door is the first thing visitors notice, and the more beautiful it is, the more welcome it will seem. You can get the right amount of light for a pleasant welcome by installing cafe curtains on your front door’s glass panes.

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In a Nursery

You and your children will both benefit from letting some natural light into your home as you spend time together. You can also use them in the nursery if you add adorable embellishments to the delicate and sweet fabric.


Cafe curtains are typically made from thin, airy fabrics like lace or muslin. It’s easy to see why Cafe curtains are so popular in kitchens, bathrooms, and other small spaces.

It’s possible to slide rods through the top of some cafe curtains, although it’s not as common as it used to be. Cafe curtains without pockets are easier to make. Cafe curtain rings are all you need to hang the curtains with these.

Cafe curtain rings come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including solid metal pieces with curved ends that form an oval loop with a claw on the bottom, as well as circular rings with a swiveling clip attached to the bottom. Reading this article on how to hang cafe curtains has convinced me that it is possible.