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Is it on your mind how to make lined curtains with tab tops? If this is the case, you’ve found the proper site!

It’s surprisingly simple to make your own curtains out of whatever type of drapery fabric you choose.

As a window treatment, it’s a terrific choice as well.

This is due to the fact that you can make one to match your room’s decor.

What Are Lined Tab Top Curtains?

Let’s take a look at the different types of window treatments first, before we get started on the lined tab top curtain process.

Tab top curtains, as the name implies, are hung using the tab at the top of the curtain panel itself. The style of these drapes is consistent from top to bottom.

It’s common for individuals to install these because they may be used in any style, from traditional to contemporary.

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When you open them, the tabs create pleats that drape beautifully while remaining unpretentious.

Our term “lined tab top curtain” means that the curtain has an additional layer of protection against moisture and sun damage by way of drapery lining.

Curtain Styles

Curtains vs. Drapes

In contrast to drapes, curtains just cover a portion of a window. Drapes, on the other hand, are made of heavier textiles.


For curtains, dotted Swiss, chintz, organza, toile, and calico are four of the most common fabrics. Light may be let in through sheers and lace curtains without sacrificing privacy.

  • A home’s seclusion can be enhanced with the use of curtains.
  • Light may be let in through sheers and lace curtains without sacrificing privacy.


Headers are the tops of the curtains and are used to attach the curtains to the curtain rod. Many different styles of smocked, pleated, slotted, and tabbed tops can be found, as well. Types of interior design can be seen in samples provided by www.interior design it yourself”.


Curtains are made more appealing by the addition of decorative accents. The addition of ruffles, tails, swags, and rosettes to simple curtains gives them a more luxurious feel. Style can be enhanced by using tie backs.

  • Headers are the tops of the curtains and are used to attach the curtains to the curtain rod.

Style can be enhanced by using tie backs.


In addition to windows, curtains can be hung on doors or walls. You don’t need to completely cover the windows with curtains. Only the lower section of a window is covered with cafe curtains, with a valance at the top.

What Are The Things Needed?

Begin by gathering all of the materials you will need for your lined tab top curtains project.

The following materials and tools are included:

  • The material of the drapes
  • Fabric for the interior of a garment
  • Thread
  • Ribbon or tape with a bias
  • Edge of the cliff
  • Board for ironing
  • Iron
  • An oscillating tool
  • Scissors
  • Gauge for sewing
  • Slicing and piecing
  • Marker for clothing
  • Tape measure instead of a ruler
  • Pins

Steps To Make Lined Tab Top Curtains

Now that you’ve gathered all of the materials and equipment required for this project, you’re ready to get started.

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Follow the procedures outlined below and keep in mind the advice offered to ensure that the entire process goes as smoothly as possible for you.

How to make lined tab-top curtains is as follows:

Step #1. Measuring and cutting the fabric

Using a measuring tape, take measurements of your window’s length and width.

To acquire the length of the curtain fabric to cut, multiply the measurement by inches to get the required length.

A one-inch hem allowance can be added to the curtain’s bottom hem. This gives you a bit of wiggle room when it comes to where you want your curtain to fall.

Nine yards of lining and 10 yards of the main fabric were utilized in the construction of my garments.

It is 25 x 95 inches for each curtain panel.

Because your curtain’s measurements will vary, be careful to take accurate measurements and have extra fabric on hand.

A three-inch margin of error is acceptable for the breadth.

The selvage edge can also be used to obtain additional breadth.

Following the cutting of the main cloth, the lining can now be added.

In addition, cut it to the same size as the curtain panel .’s

Step #2. Making the tabs

The tabs are now open for business.

Begin by slicing the fabric into squares no larger than 4 by 6 inches. This will yield tabs that are 2 inches wide when finished.

You’ll need around six inches of space between each of those tabs. As a result, you’ll require around four tabs each panel.

Keep in mind that the right side of the tube should always face outwards while turning the tube. When you’ve done that, flat iron the seam.

Once you’ve done this to all the tabs, put those tabs away.

Step #3. Pinning fabric and lining

After that, center the drapery lining 5 inches from each end and 2 inches from each side of the main cloth.

You’ll want to begin pinning from top to bottom.

Step #4. Sewing the bottom and sides

Fold and iron the sides of the garment. After that, iron and pin it one more time.

Make a fold in the fabric about one inch wide and press it for the hem at the bottom.

Then, fold it in half and iron it for another four inches.

Step #5. Sewing the top and the tabs

When sewing the top and bottom of the curtains, don’t stitch the bottoms first.

Fold each tab’s end by an inch and iron.

To finish off, fold the bottom edge of the top fold over the folded end.

After that, repeat the procedure with the remaining tabs, ensuring that you leave equal distances between them.

Then, secure the tabs by pinning them in place.

Fold the tab’s top end down to match the curtain’s top, and you’re done! Pin them in place using your hands.

Continue with the remaining tabs in the same manner.

The final step is to sew all around the tab top to keep the tabs from falling out.


Your lined tab top curtains are finished.

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It’s A Wrap!

You’ve probably figured out by now that making lining tab top curtains isn’t that difficult.

There are just a few steps to complete your project.

Even if you’ve never sewn before, you can still create a gorgeous window treatment that will match your home’s decor.

Lined tab top curtains are easy to make with this tutorial!