Updated at: 22-09-2022 - By: Sienna Lewis

So, you have two shower curtains in your bathroom. However, there is only one curtain rod in the room. Two shower curtains on one rod – how do you do it? Is it even possible to do that?

Even if you already have two shower curtains and a single curtain rod, you may not know the solution to this issue.

We’re here to help you out. But first, do you need to use two shower curtains?

Do You Need to Use Double Shower Curtains?

It’s ideal to utilize two shower curtains at the same time. It’s a shower curtain and a shower liner, not two separate shower curtains. Your shower area’s privacy and aesthetic appeal are provided by the curtain you hang over the door. While showering, a shower liner prevents water from dripping onto the floor.

Both a shower curtain and a waterproof liner are required for complete privacy and protection of your bathroom.

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What Shower Curtains Can Go Without a Liner

Fabric and plastic are only two examples of shower curtain materials. You don’t need to use a shower curtain liner with plastic shower curtains, such as those made of vinyl or some polyesters.

In contrast, cloth shower curtains may necessitate a liner due to the high water absorption rate of the fabric.

Can You Hang Two Shower Curtains on One Rod?

On a single shower rod, you can hang two shower curtains. When it comes to crafting, all you really need is a little bit of imagination and a few common household supplies. Hooks, cord, and curtain rings are all examples of these objects.

It doesn’t matter whatever method you use to hang your dual shower curtains.

How to Hang Double Shower Curtains on One Rod

If you don’t have an extra curtain rod or don’t want to spend the money, you can use a single rod to hang two shower curtains.

Below, you’ll find a list of possibilities.

Bungee Cord Method

For shower curtains, bungee cords are an easy method to update your existing curtains. In addition, bungee cords can be used to place additional shower curtains on top of the one you already have.

Which Method Should You Use?

  • a spool of rope
  • Hooks for curtain rods

How to Proceed:

  1. Determine how long you want the bungee cord to be before making a cut of that length. It should be four to five inches longer on both ends than your present shower curtain pole. When you tie the rope to the curtain rod, you’ll need a little more room to work with.
  2. The curtain rod hook should be tied to one end of the bungee cord. Regardless of the position you like, you may attach it to the hook at the front or the back of the fishing rod.
  3. Use the bungee rope to secure the second shower curtain. It is important to tie the opposite end of your bungee to another hook after you’ve completed stringing up a layer of shower curtain.
  4. You’re done if you fluff the curtain. If you don’t like the look of the bungee cord sticking out of your curtain, you can fluff it up a bit. Double shower curtains on a single rod are now at your disposal!

You can either maintain your bungee rope totally tight or loosen it to create a distinctive dropping sensation. However, if you do this, be sure to add enough length to the cable before cutting it to achieve the desired dropping effect.

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Hook Method

Coat hooks aren’t only for jackets, either. A second shower curtain or liner can be hung on these rods instead of a separate curtain rod. If you’re hanging a hefty shower curtain, be sure you have a strong enough hook.

Which Method Should You Use?

  • Coat hooks with double hooks.

How to Proceed:

  • Make a mental note of how many hooks you’ll require. Every shower curtain loop will necessitate one hook.
  • The hooks are ready to go. Hooks should be hung on the rod properly spaced after measuring the distance between each loop.
  • Your second shower curtain can now be hung! Stand back and take in the fresh look of your shower as you place each loop of your curtain on each hook.

To prevent it from slipping off the hook every time you bump into it, you might want to fasten the shower curtain to the hook. In order to keep the curtain in place, you can use whatever kind of clip you like.

Curtain Ring Method

If you want to hang two shower curtains on the same rod, you can use curtain rings as an alternative method. If your shower curtain does not have loops or holes for the rings to go through, this approach will not work. There is also the option of purchasing a shower curtain that does not have loops or holes, and attaching it to the shower curtain using a curtain ring with a clip on one end.

Which Method Should You Use?

  • Curtain rings that are at least half the diameter of your existing curtain rod are recommended.

How to Proceed:

  • Determine the number of curtain rings you’ll require. If you want your shower curtain to droop, you’ll need to decide if you want it to be tight across the curtain pole or loose. Determine how it will look when hung and the number of rings you’ll need to get the desired effect before beginning.
  • Hang your rings from the curtain rod. Keep track of the rings and make sure the curtain looks the way you want it to by spacing them out properly.
  • Hang up your shower curtain now. Starting with one end and working your way to the other, attach the ring to each loop. Afterwards, you can marvel at how easy it was to hang two shower curtains on one pole.

DIY Grommet Top Shower Curtains Method

Grommets make it easy to hang two curtains side by side on a single rod. A grommet-top shower curtain isn’t always available in stores, but if you’re willing to take on a little DIY project, you can construct one yourself.


Which Method Should You Use?

  • Rings for the grommets
  • Tape for grommets

How to Proceed:

  • Set the two shower curtains next to one another. Install the grommets afterwards and then use clips to hold them in place.
  • Install the grommet tape on the shower curtains’ tops. The tape should be pinned in place with a pin. Using the directions that come with the grommet tape, sew the tape on as needed.
  • Make holes in the grommets and then attach the rings to them. Fabric circles should be cut out according to the grommet tape’s instructions. Attach the grommet rings after that.
  • Install the shower curtain with a double grommet top. Using a single pole, you can now hang a two-panel shower curtain.