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Let us know how we can help with your shipping questions. You’ve come to the correct site, then. We’ll walk you through it step-by-step in this article.

You may be wondering how the pillow is shipped before it arrives at your door.

And what you need to keep in mind in order to ensure that your shipping goes off without a hitch.

Shipping a pillow the right way can save you both time and cash. With the help of step-by-step directions, it’s a cinch to complete the tasks.

The following are the measures to take, so be sure to pay attention.

Steps To Ship A Pillow

To ship a cushion, simply follow these steps:

Step #1. Know the “before ship essentials”

It is imperative that you grasp the fundamentals of cushion shipping right from the start in order to avoid costly mistakes.

How to Make Your Own Air Pillows for Shipping - YouTube

Prior to delivery, please verify the following information:

Product categorization:

Pillows fall within the category of cushion products due to the fact that they are made of lightweight materials. Accurately classifying your goods is critical.

Customs laws, taxes, and tariffs may be affected if the goods is misclassified.

Suitable delivery time:

You, as the pillow’s sender, should choose a shipping time that works best for you.

To avoid delays caused by seasonal sales, choose a non-holiday shipment date instead.

Confirm recipient detail:

Your recipient’s precise location will help you avoid delivery mistakes.

Step #2. Researching requirements and regulations

If you want to transport a pillow successfully, you’ll need to learn about the relevant rules and restrictions in your area and abroad.

Once you’ve done your homework, you’ll know exactly what documents you need to submit and how to submit them.

Step #3. Selecting the courier services

Make no fuss about finding the best courier service, especially if you’re running a business.

How come? As a result of this, your customer’s perception of the quality of your pillows may be tainted.

Things to keep in mind when searching for the finest courier service:

  • The whole cost of shipping.
  • Keeping an eye on the quality
  • Delivery services that are quick and reliable

You can now create a shipment after selecting your preferred courier service.

Decide if the payment will be covered by you or the recipient to avoid any additional complications that could extend the time it takes to receive it.

Step #4. Filling up shipping documents

In order to ship your pillow, you must fill out and compile the necessary shipping paperwork.

It is important to keep track of the date of delivery, the receiver, and the shipping process when filling out these papers.

Airway bills, bills of lading, and insurance documents are all examples of shipping documents.

Step #5. Packing a pillow

You’ll need “scissors,” “tapes,” and “plastic bags” for this phase.

Follow the steps below to pack your supplies once you’ve gathered them all:

  1. Brush the pillow to remove any dust.
  2. Organize your pillow by placing it inside a clean pillowcase.
  3. To make compressing the pillow a breeze, wrap it up neatly in plastic wrap.
  4. Wrap the plastic wrap tightly around the pillow and tape it in place.
  5. Once you’ve packed the cushion, we recommend compressing it to avoid huge boxes and to save your shipping costs from soaring.

Two ways to compress a pillow:

“Compressing a pillow with a vacuum.”

Using a vacuum, you can quickly flatten a cushion;

To begin, lay the pillow flat on a table and poke a hole in the plastic wrap that has been placed over it.

Put the vacuum hose in the hole and wait for it to flatten the cushion completely before removing it.

The hole should be covered with tape once it has shrunk.

Wrap the shrinking pillow in duct tape after this step.

“Compressing a pillow without a vacuum”

It is also possible to minimize the pillow’s dimensions by rolling it.

Put the cushion in the plastic wrapper of your choice, then roll it up using the palm of your hand.

Step #6. Turning over the pillow package

You’re all set to go now!

Check to see if the courier provides a handover.

When it comes to picking up your pillow delivery, rest confident that you already have your pillow packaged, wrapped and labeled to go.

Your pillow shipment can be dropped off at a nearby drop-off location if the service is not available.

Step #7. Tracking your shipped pillow

Track your shipment online.

Use the cargo tracking ID provided by the courier to keep an eye on your package’s whereabouts.

Provide your recipient with the tracking ID so they can keep track of their package’s progress.

Tracking information from the best carriers tends to be of a higher quality and customer service is generally greater.

Even though pillows can be shipped in a variety of ways, it’s still preferable if the recipient accepts the packaging in a reasonable manner.

Hence, placing a fragile sign on the box’s outside is a smart move to prevent it from becoming too damaged during transportation.

How to Ship Pillows, Bed Sheets, or Linens

What do you know about the amount of time we spend sleeping? If you live to 75, you’ll spend 25 of those years asleep, and that’s a fact. The amount of time spent in bed is staggering. Pillows, bed sheets, and linens, as well as most other products, are among the most often supplied items. You’ll learn everything you need to know about shipping pillows and linens, as well as how to calculate their dimensional weights, in this article. LET’S GET INTO IT!

USPS is the Cheapest Option for Shipping Pillows and Bed Sheets

USPS is the best option if you’re looking for a carrier to mail pillows or bed linens. For the most part, the US Postal Service has the best price-to-performance ratio of any major carrier. Larger, heavier products are best shipped by UPS, whereas overnight delivery is best handled by FedEx.

Parcel Select Ground is the cheapest USPS option for shipping pillows when you buy discounted postage online. While at the Post Office, this service will be referred to as USPS Retail Ground. we don’t endorse it, on the other hand Why go to the post office when you can ship for a fraction of the cost and time utilizing free shipping software?

Use standard Priority Mail if you can fold the bed sheets and fit them in a smaller box if you’re only shipping them. Since Priority Mail only takes 1-3 days to deliver and comes with $100 of built-in insurance, it is a better alternative than Parcel Select Ground. Pillows, comforters, and duvets are all out of the question because this method doesn’t work. For certain packages, your only option is Parcel Select Ground.

Dimensional Weight Particularly Affects These Types of Packages

Dimensional weight costs have a particularly hard time with deliveries including pillows and sheets. Pillows, sheets, and linens are all huge, light-weight materials. Because of this, they must be carried in large containers. A larger dimensional weight suggests that these packages will be heavier in terms of volume than they are in pounds. As a result, shipping will be more expensive than usual, regardless of the shipping company you select.

How Dimensional Weight Works

dimensional weight (or DIM) has nothing to do with real weight, contrary to what some novice shippers may believe. DIM is the metric used by shipping companies to gauge how much room your cargo will occupy on their vehicles. The same volumetric divisor, 166, is used by all major transportation companies to calculate dimensional weight:

(Length x Width x Height)/166 = DIM.

What if you have an 18x18x10-inch box of pillows?… There are 3240 cubic inches in this box’s total volume. 3240 divided by 166 equals 19.52 pounds. Dimensional weight is always rounded up, so in this case it’s 20 pounds. Your shipping company will charge you the 20 pound cost, regardless of how light your pillows are. Although pillows and sheets are typically under 20 pounds, this can be shocking!

Properly Packaging Bed Sheets, Pillows, and Linens

Even though you’ll be charged DIM fees if you ship pillows or linens, the good news is you won’t have to use a lot of packing material! They aren’t fragile materials, so you don’t have to worry about them getting crushed or destroyed if you just throw them in a box. Neither bubble wrap nor packing peanuts are required for this shipment.

Contrary to Priority Mail, Parcel Select Ground does not feature any built-in USPS insurance. In the unlikely event that your bed linens or pillows are damaged while in transit, you can always purchase shipping insurance to protect yourself.

How do you pack a pillow for shipping?

For shipping pillows, what is the most cost-effective method?

How do you post a pillow?

Organize your pillow by placing it inside a clean pillowcase. To make compressing the pillow a breeze, wrap it up neatly in plastic wrap. Wrap the plastic wrap tightly around the pillow and tape it in place.

How much does it cost to ship two pillows?

A two-pillow order typically costs between $35 third-day delivery to $120 Next-Day Delivery in terms of shipping costs.

How to Pack: Pillows

How do you pack a body pillow?

The best way to store a body pillow is in a vacuum bag. Using them is a fantastic space-saver because they keep their contents safe from dust and water. Vacuum bags that are exceptionally large and double-sealed like this are recommended. Zip up the bag with the pillow inside.

How can I ship a pillow cheap?

Shipping pillows and bed sheets is the most affordable option with USPS. When it comes to transporting pillows and bed sheets, there’s no better carrier than USPS. If you’re looking for a carrier that combines low prices with fast service, the US Postal Service is your best bet…

Can pillows be compressed?

In general, polyester filled pillows can be safely compressed in a vacuum storage bag, but you should check with the manufacturer if you have any doubts or questions. Due to the smaller volume of air that can be evacuated from the inside of these pillows, other synthetics such as latex and memory foam should not be stored in vacuum bags.

How much does USPS cost to ship?

Comparing Postal Services

Starting Price

Priority Mail®
$7.95 (at Post Office & Online) $7.41 (Commercial)6

First-Class Mail®
$0.58 (at Post Office & Online) $0.426 (Commercial)6

First-Class Package Service®
$4.30 (at Post Office) $3.31 (Commercial6)

USPS Retail Ground®
$7.95 (at Post Office)

What is USPS Parcel ground select?

FedEx Priority Mail International

The US Postal Service’s Parcel Select Ground mail class provides low-cost ground delivery for large or heavy goods. Shipments weighing up to 70 pounds can be sent in this postal class, which takes between 2 and 8 days to arrive. Rates are determined by the distance traveled, the weight of the mail, and the dimensions of the mailpiece.

How do I figure out shipping costs?

Using the USPS Calculator for Shipping

  1. Go to the US Postal Service’s Postage Price Calculator.
  2. Specify the contents of your mail or package. …
  3. Decide on the method of delivery.
  4. Compare the costs of shipping.
  5. Add Extra Services….
  6. To see the outcome, click “Continue.”
  7. Pay for shipping and print down the postage for your package.

How do you open a vacuum packed pillow?

  1. To expedite shipping, your cushion is vacuum-sealed. If it hasn’t reached its maximum density yet, leave your pillow unpackaged for at least 24 hours.
  2. My preferred method is to remove the pillow from its packaging and plastic bag and let it fluff itself….
  3. Over time, it appears to decompress a little.

Can you vacuum seal throw pillows?

Other bed linens, such as toss pillows and bed skirts, can easily become cumbersome when packed in a moving box or rolled up for transport. To avoid feeling terrible about how much space your favorite fluffy goods are taking up in the moving truck, use a vacuum-sealed method to pack them.

How do you protect pillows when moving?

Your pillows and blankets should be bagged and packed into boxes before you put them away. For both dust and wetness, the plastic pouch will be a wonderful solution. Seal them with duct tape after you’ve stuffed them and compressed out any air.

How do you use a maternity pillow after pregnancy?

The pillow can be used in a variety of ways. A pregnancy pillow, however, is best used by tucking it between the legs, utilizing it as a belly support while laying on one’s side, or plopping on it to support one’s back. The goal is to keep the neck, back, and pelvis as stable as possible.

What is flat rate USPS?

To use the word “flat rate,” we mean that the cost of shipping is not dependent on the item’s weight or dimensions, which is why it’s called “flat rate.” It’s dependent on how much you can cram into the box provided by the US postal service.

What is the cheapest way to mail a large box?

USPS is frequently the most affordable shipping option for single boxes. Priority Mail from the United States Postal Service is the most cost-effective option for large light boxes. Consolidated freight is one of the most cost-effective shipping alternatives for big, large boxes or multiple-box shipments.

How do you pack a memory foam pillow?

Tie a knot at the open end of a trash bag or use packing tape to seal it after you’ve stuffed all of the cushions into the bag and vacuum cleaner hose is inside.

What is Space bag?

Ziploc’s Space Bag is an unique vacuum-sealed storage device that saves space while providing superior security for your belongings. You may use it to store everything from blankets and pillows to blankets, pillows, and patio cushions. In addition to being simple to use, the bags may be used for multiple uses.

Is it cheaper to ship UPS or USPS?

Due to fees and surcharges, UPS is frequently more expensive than USPS when transporting small packages. When sending smaller packages weighing less than two pounds, USPS normally gives lower prices, but UPS typically provides greater value when shipping larger, heavier packages.

Does USPS charge by weight or size?

The item’s postage cost is based on either its actual weight or its calculated dimensional weight. USPS Retail Ground may be affected by dimensional weight (excluding Limited Overland Routes parcels)

How much does USPS charge per pound?

Per pound, how much does US Postal Service shipment cost? If the package weighs less than one pound, the cost is $2.74; if it weighs one pound or more, the cost is $7. For parcels weighing more than one pound, the USPS normally charges an additional 10 to 25 cents per pound.

What is vacuum pillow?

These pillows are made using the finest materials and under the watchful eye of our trained craftsmen. …

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Does USPS offer ground shipping?

Packages, thick envelopes, and tubes (with a maximum weight of 70 pounds) that do not require First-Class Mail® service can be shipped with USPS Retail Ground® service. There is no extra price for USPS Tracking®.

What is the slowest USPS shipping?

FedEx Priority Mail International

USPS Parcel Select Ground is known for its long delivery time. It’s true that USPS Parcel Select Ground is one of the slowest USPS shipping options. Delivery will take between 2 and 8 business days.

Who delivers USPS Parcel Select Ground?

Using Parcel Select Ground is a cost-effective way to ship large quantities of goods. The Postal Service’s basic ground delivery service is used to deliver the parcels. The US Postal Service’s trademark name for large package shipments is ‘Parcel Select.’ Any shipment that contains more than 50 packages is often referred to as a bulk shipment.

What is the cheapest way to ship?

If you’re shipping a lot of small things but they’re light, USPS Priority Mail is usually the best deal. In order to expedite the arrival of your parcel, parcel shipping is the most cost-effective choice. As a rule of thumb, UPS is slightly less expensive than FedEx.

How much does it cost to ship a 5 lb box USPS?

Ground shipping rates for USPS Parcel Select in 2021

Does UPS pack for free?

Select air and UPS Worldwide Express® services include free UPS packaging for UPS account holders. Additionally, both The UPS Store® and the UPS Customer Centre sell a wide range of packaging materials.

What is Refluff?

Transitive: To make fluffy again.

How do you decompress a memory foam pillow?

Within Minutes of Unpacking

  1. To begin, place the pillow in a dryer and turn it on. Tumble the pillow for 20 to 30 minutes on a medium heat setting.
  2. Compress and decompress any areas of the pillow that have not to fully inflated. Let go of your grip. …
  3. Re-do the first step in the third step.

How do you inflate a compressed pillow?

How to Re-Inflate a Compressed Seat Cushion or Camp Pillow

  1. To begin, open the valves on your seat cushion/pillow and allow it to fill on its own for a short period of time.
  2. Close the valves and begin rolling the air toward the bottom of the cushion/pillow (rolling begins at the valve’s end—the opposite of the pack away motion).

What can I do with extra pillows?

How to Recycle Your Old Pillowcases (Other Than Toss Them Out)

  1. Pillows can be recycled or composted….
  2. They’re Great for the Garden.
  3. Make Them Into Throw Pillows by Reupholstering Them…
  4. If You Want to Use Them Outside, You Can….
  5. Provide Additional Floor Seating…
  6. A Pet Bed for Your Dog or Cat.
  7. Make Your Own Draft Blocker.
  8. Fertilize with Down Feathers.

Final Words

For the first time, shipping a pillow may be difficult for everyone.

If you have no idea what you’re doing when it comes to shipping, you could end up wasting more time, money, and effort. As a result, a well-structured lesson plan can be extremely beneficial.

Your curiosity about how to ship a pillow should be satisfied now that you’ve read this article. The actions outlined above should serve as a clear roadmap for you.

It’s a delight to get to the end of this article, and I appreciate all of your efforts.