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If you’re wondering how to create a border on an uneven crochet blanket, a simple single crochet around the perimeter is the way to go.

It’s an easy way out of a difficult circumstance!

When things don’t go as planned, it might be disheartening.

You imagine a mouthwatering dish, but when you try to make it, it turns out to be very dry.

You have a fantastical tale in mind, complete with dragons and deep philosophical reflections, but when you sit down at the computer, you find that no words will emerge.

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Same same applies to crocheting. It’s frustrating to put in a lot of time and effort into a project only to discover, upon laying it flat, that it’s not even.

The thought of it makes one want to shout.

Don’t fret, though; all you need is some knowledge of how to make a lovely border, and your uneven blanket will be good as new in no time.

Why Is The Crochet Blanket Uneven?

When you unroll your blanket and notice that it has a wave design, the sense of disappointment is overwhelming. In what way did things go awry?

For some reason, your stitch count is off. Many reasons could affect this such as:

  • It seems like you didn’t get off to the best possible start in the first row.
  • You didn’t complete the row properly.
  • Too many stitches were inserted, as you crocheted two into one spot.
  • Your stitching is sloppy.

Keeping track of your stitch count is a foolproof method for preventing this from happening.

If a row consists of thirty stitches, then that is the exact number of stitches that should be present in every row.

How Can A Border Help With Uneven Crocheting?

A border is a ring of stitches around your finished project. Depending on your taste, you can add just one layer of color, or you can add many.

You may strengthen your project with the fresh yarn, and pulling the stitches will help you straighten them up.

It will make your blanket look more substantial and give your room a more squared-off appearance.

Add more layers to achieve a stunning effect.

If you want your blanket to seem nice, use a color that is close to the main color as the first border layer.

The straightest of borders can look a little wonky at times.

Simply changing the size of your hook will solve the problem. Incorporates and aligns your work.

Step-By-Step Process On How To Put Border On Uneven Crochet Blanket

The unevenness of your crochet work can be quickly and easily remedied by using this method. There is a low barrier to entry in terms of skill level and the number of materials required.

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Step#1: Prepare your materials

If you know how to crochet, you already have everything you need to build your border. Besides using plain wool and a standard crochet needle and thread size, there are no further requirements.

Step#2: Make your edge

You can begin your project at the bottom, where you made your first stitch. Create a “X” with the thread to represent the phrase.

Create a chain, and then begin working in single crochet. Maintain the rowing motion while you reach the tail.

Step#3: Change the direction of the corner

After completing one chain at the end of the line, you should switch directions and begin a new corner. It’s imperative that the same steps as the first line be carried out once more.

Step#4: Finish up your piece

After you’re done with all four sides, you may build the closing chain.

A gorgeous border can be created with just a single row of single crochet, but if you want more precision, you can always use a double crochet around the perimeter.

Because the number of stitches in your fabric will determine the number of stitches in your border, careful planning is required before beginning work on your border.

How To Ensure Your Crocheting Will Be Even

You can avoid the frustration of an uneven blanket by adhering to a few simple guidelines and using the appropriate technique for the specific type of stitch you’re working on.

Flat crochet

The rotating chain is the most frustrating part of making flat crochet.

This is the stitch that facilitates row transfers; nevertheless, it may be unclear to novice crocheters as to when they should work into a turning chain.

You should never work a single crochet into the turning chain or the space immediately adjacent to it.

The turning chain in double crochet counts as one stitch in the pattern.

Round crochet

When working in the round, you don’t have to worry about rotating chains, making it a simpler technique than flat crochet.

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One stitch per “V” in the pattern is all that is required to keep the pattern looking right.

In some cases, working in the round requires a slip stitch, which is not counted as a stitch.


Learning how to place a border on an uneven crochet blanket will save you a lot of stress and frustration when working on a project that requires a lot of fiddly details.

It’s a simple solution to a widespread problem that can affect anyone.

When you’re done, your blanket will be neat and even more stunning than before!

The Four Simple Steps to a Perfectly Even Crocheted Blanket Border