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Relax on a large and attractive beach blanket while taking in the sights and sounds of the ocean. In only 5 simple steps, you can make your own own beach blanket to enjoy this summer.

How To Sew the Perfect Beach Blanket This Summer

The best way to enjoy the summer is to lay back on a beach towel and read a good book. Everyone in your group can kick back and relax while at the beach when you bring along a large and attractive blanket. Nonetheless, a large beach blanket can be quite expensive and typically comes in a gaudy design that can obscure your view. Making your own beach towels is the greatest option here. Read our detailed instructions to learn everything you need to know.

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Materials You’ll Need to Make a Beach Blanket:

  • Used Towels
  • Needles and Thread, or Sewing Equipment
  • Iron
  • Pins
  • Scissors

Step 1. Prepare Your Towels

We used a striped towel and a floral towel for this lesson. You can either use a comparable item or choose a different pattern altogether. Towels should be ironed to create a crease as we will be using this crease in our sewing project. This will serve as a template from which to work while slicing up the towels.

Step 2. Cut Your Towels in Half

Prepare your sewing table by spreading out the towels. Cutting the towels in half is as easy as following the crease with your fabric scissors. All you need to complete your beach blanket at this stage are the four corner pieces. Each of these will be a quarter.

Step 3. Match Your Towels

Towels can be cut into quarters and then matched together. We’ll be learning how to pair floral and striped patterns in this session.

Step 4. Sew the Quarters Together

Assemble your towels as you see fit, and then stitch together the appropriate halves. Towels should be sewn together with a regular running stitch and the ends should be secured with a back stitch. You now have two completed sides of your blanket.

Step 5. Assemble the Halves Together

Put your sewing project together after you’ve joined the identical fabric squares. While you stitch, you can use pins to keep the parts in place. Join the right sides together to complete your beach throw.

Detailed instructions for making this beach blanket are provided in this Craft Forest video.

Making your own beach blanket is simple with the right supplies. Your whole family, including the little ones, may snuggle up on this blanket. Take up your needle and thread, for this summer’s beautiful beach blanket is waiting to be made.

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How To Make A Beach Blanket

Step #1. Preparation

To start making your dream beach blanket into reality, you must first prepare the materials needed.

The first step in turning your vision for the perfect beach blanket into reality is gathering the necessary supplies.

Towels come in a variety of colors, patterns, and prints, and can be used to add visual interest to a blanket.

Put a crease in the middle by folding them in half and ironing them.

Following this outline as a guide, the next step is to begin cutting.

Step #2. Cutting

You can use a large table or your sewing table to spread out your towels. Towels are easily folded in half by following the crease with your fabric scissors.

In the end, you should have four sections of your beach blanket. This may be called as pieces quarters.

Step #3. Matching

Following the initial step of cutting the parts into quarters, the next step is to ensure that they are all a perfect fit for each other. Towels will be matched after they have been trimmed to fit the desired pattern.

The designs you create can be based on a color scheme or a predetermined pattern.

Step #4. Sewing

Put your towels together in whichever pattern you’ve settled on.

To prevent your towel’s ends from unraveling, sew them shut with a backstitch and sew them together with a standard stitch.

It’s time to sew the two ends of your blanket together.

Step #5. Assembling

You can finish the other half now, and put it together with the first. Stitch it in place with the help of pins.

Join the two pieces by stitching them together, and get excited to see your finished beach blanket!

How to wash a beach blanket?

You will need the following items to clean your beach blanket:

  • Detergent for large loads of laundry
  • Chemical-free spot remover that uses enzymes
  • Bleach that uses oxygen to disinfect
  • White vinegar, which has been distilled
  • Automatic washing machine
  • Dryer
  • Clothesline

Shakeout and dry

Any sand or soil that has worked its way into the fibers of your blanket must be eliminated.

After each usage, whether or not you moisten it, a quick shake is recommended to dislodge any remaining particles.

After that, hang it up to dry entirely, and every once in a while, give it a good shake.

Check instruction labels

Even though cotton is the most common material for blankets, synthetic microfibers are also commonly used.

Make sure you always check the care label to see what kind of fibers the fabric is made of and what kind of washing instructions it has before using it.

Load into the washer

If you want to avoid the washer from tipping over when you wash the blanket, make sure you load it in the exact middle.

Towels of varying colors should be sorted and arranged according to pattern if they are stored together.

Colors of the light are together, while those of the dark are kept apart.

Likewise, don’t stuff the washer to the gills with bedding and towels; they need room to move around in the cleaning solution.

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Choose detergent

When washing your beach blanket, it’s important to pay attention to the detergent, water temperature, and the rinse cycle.

If you want clean clothes, you’ll have to use a low setting and either warm or cold water.

Heat from the washing machine will kill any bacteria that have become lodged in the fabric.

Instead of the soft setting and warm water, you might use cold water and a lot of soap on someone with a fungal condition, like athlete’s foot.

Heavy-duty detergent will aid in dissolving grime and removing stains during the washing process.

There is no need to pre-treat stains while using this detergent.

Remove stains

It’s important to double-check for stains and discolouration before tossing the blanket into the dryer.

Skip the drying process and get right to fixing issues like color bleed and heavy stains.

They will be much more stubborn to remove after being put in with heat.

How do I get sand off my beach blanket?

Give your beach blanket a good, vigorous shake whenever you’re getting ready to leave the beach.

Once you get back home, you can use a portable vacuum cleaner or a large vacuum cleaner to remove the sand from your blanket.

For a momentary fix, fill a basin with warm, mild soapy water and use a washcloth to gently agitate your blanket in the water.

The leftover sand in your basin will now flow freely and be located there.


Our trips to the beach in the summer would not be complete without them.

It’s spacious enough for the whole family to enjoy the beach together. Do you know how to sew a beach blanket?

You can now create your ideal blanket with the help of this guide.

Keeping your blanket clean and fresh so it may continue to soothe your loved ones is easy when you follow these guidelines.