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A blanket nest may be made in only three simple steps. We are all still children at heart, and a warm blanket nest is the best place to be. If you’re looking for a way to make a blanket fort in the comfort of your own bed, with chairs, without chairs, or even by suspending the blanket from the ceiling, this post has you covered.

What better place to start than with the warmest blanket if you have no idea what to use? These instructions on how to fluff a polyester pillow are also useful for getting your pillows nest-ready.

How Do You Make The Best Blanket Fort?

Step 1. Position the chairs for supporting the blanket

How many chairs you’ll need and how far apart they should be is totally dependent on the size of the blanket net. In order to make the nest more secure, you can also lean them up against a wall. Use chairs of differing heights to give the blanket fort more depth and a more realistic appearance.

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Step 2. Make the blanket nest floor

The floor of the blanket fort can also be made out of blankets, with the addition of cushions and pillows for even more warmth. A comforter can also serve as the first layer of a bed before the blanket and pillows are added. Throw in some extra cushions and blankets for comfort inside the fort.

Step 3. Set and secure the blanket over the chairs

Use the blanket to cover the seats and complete the fort. You should pull on the sides to prevent the middle from sagging. The amount of light entering the fort is determined by the color and thickness of the blanket.

You may keep the blanket in place by placing heavy things like books on its edges. A clothespin can be used to secure the fabric to the stand. But what if there are no chairs available to use as a nesting platform for the blankets?

How Do You Make A Blanket Fort Without Chairs?


If you don’t have any chairs, you can use the legs from any four-legged table to build a fort out of blankets instead. With its generous size, the blanket may be spread out over the table and you should have enough of room underneath it. However, a curtain rod will enough if you insist on making a blanket fort without any other pieces of furniture.

Curtain rod

You can use a curtain rod of the appropriate length to hold up the blanket over your fort’s ceiling. Hang the rod in a linen closet or in a corridor and spread a blanket over it. Make sure the blanket is long enough to cover your feet and reaches the ground.

How Do You Hang A Blanket Fort From The Ceiling?

Making a blanket fort by suspending one from the ceiling is a novel approach. For the blankets, you need simply some string, hooks, clothespins, and lightweight fabrics. Tie one end of the rope to the hook after it has been installed on the ceiling.

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So as to catch the other end of the string, you should affix a second, parallel hook. The fort can be suspended from the ceiling in a triangle shape if you attach it to a foundation. Wrap the cord with blankets and weigh it down with heavy objects like clothespins.

How Do You Make A Blanket Nest In Your Bed?

Did you know you can also construct a blanket nest above your bed? To make a blanket nest, all you need to do is toss a comforter on top of your bed. This will provide extra padding whether you’re sitting or lying down. Finish by placing a fluffy blanket on top of everything.

When nesting under a blanket, it’s always nice to have lots of pillows to lean against. And if you need a roof for your fort, simply hang a hook from the ceiling, then attach one end of the thread to the bed post. It’s easy to make a bedtime fort if you drape a blanket over this thread.

The Best Blanket Fort Decorating Ideas


Lights are a simple way to spruce up the nesting area of a blanket fort. You can decorate the inside of the fort with a variety of lights, such as string lights, fairy lights, and lanterns. If you want to make a romantic blanket fort, you can also place them around the fort.


Inside the blanket fort, the kids can create a makeshift tunnel to explore. Line the inside of the fort with empty cardboard boxes. Put a blanket over them so they can blend in with the rest of the nest.


Blanket fort decorations should serve a purpose in addition to looking good. You can make it even more cozy by placing a fan in the opening, and there are a ton of fun things to do within the blanket nest. You are welcome to bring along whatever you choose, be it a laptop, a book, or even a board game, should you be entertaining guests.

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Bring some snacks, too!


Do you wish to schedule some time for yourself or a quiet night in? Why not become proficient at constructing a cozy blanket fort? Everything you need is right there, and you may personalize your space anyway you like.

All you need is something to drape the blanket over, such a table or a few chairs. Then, cover the floor with cushions and blankets, and the ceiling with weighted things. Finish off the blanket fort with some lights, tunnels, and some refreshments.