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Are you interested in learning the steps required to create a picture blanket? Have no fear, Collage.com has you covered. A photo blanket is the ideal personalized present because it can be made quickly and with little effort. The instructions for creating your own photo blanket may be found below.

What Are Photo Blankets?

You can’t find a more heartfelt present than a photo blanket from Collage.com. All the special persons in your life will have a place in your heart and on this blanket forever.

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There are three sizes to choose from for these personalized blankets:

  • baby (30×40)
  • toss (50×60)
  • queen (60×80)

A photo blanket can be made in a variety of ways, but the end result will always be appreciated by the receiver.

How to Make a Photo Blanket

With Collage.com’s straightforward interface, you can make your own photo blanket in as few as five steps. With Collage.com’s step-by-step guidance, anyone can build a unique present in no time.

Step 1: Select your blanket type and size

Choosing the blanket’s material is the first step in creating a personalized photo blanket. Collage.com allows you to tailor the blanket to your exact needs by providing four various fabric selections.

  • Popular smooth fleece material provides great picture quality and a durable end result.
  • The soft and warm photo blanket made of comfortable fleece. Because of its low weight and high comfort, this option is perfect for cuddling up in any season.
  • Sherpa: sherpa includes a comfortable sherpa fleece back and a display side for your favorite images.
  • Images can be printed directly onto a 100% cotton blanket using the woven picture option.

The tasseled fringes add a special touch to the blanket. With any quantity or type of yarn, you can rest assured that you are making a high-quality blanket that will be appreciated.

Step 2: Select your favorite photos

Selecting the photographs you wish to use in your picture blanket is the next step. Photos should be carefully selected to reflect meaningful times in your life. Choose as few or as many pictures as you like for your personalized blanket. Each photo blanket is one-of-a-kind, therefore it’s important to carefully select images that convey the desired emotion.

Step 3: Upload your photos to Collage.com

The next step is to upload your chosen images to Collage.com. They can come from your personal computer’s photo library, or you can pull images straight from your social network account like Facebook. The photographs you select can be quickly and easily uploaded to Collage.com’s user-friendly creation template.

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Step 4: Pick your favorite design

It’s finally time for the good part! At this stage, you can choose the photo layout that you like most. There is a plethora of styles available to suit every event. Take your pick of the most appealing options!

Step 5: Arrange your photos

Once you’ve settled on a layout, it’s as easy as placing your photos where you want them. I encourage you to think outside the box. Ultimately, it is YOUR blanket.

Step 6: Enjoy your photo blanket!

Simply relax and take pleasure in this one-of-a-kind blanket. This photo blanket will bring endless delight to anyone receives it, whether you keep it for yourself or give it as a present.

What Can You Do With a Photo Blanket?

Collage.com’s personalized photo blankets are great for any event.

1. Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries

These blankets make wonderful birthday presents, especially if the birthday being celebrated is a significant one. Perhaps you and your spouse have an upcoming anniversary, and you’d like to give each other a blanket that features pictures from your shared history together. Those you care about most would appreciate getting a token of your affection that will serve as a source of comfort for the rest of their lives.

2. Honor your pets

Another heartfelt option for memorial gifts for pets is a photo blanket. What better way to remember a beloved pet that has passed away than with a memento you can treasure forever?

3. Create a vacation collage

You may also make a photo blanket collage of your most memorable family trips and other family bonding experiences. When you can give the gift of your consideration, why settle for anything less? The scope of this present is genuinely limitless.

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The Bottom Line

A photo blanket is a fantastic all-purpose present that can be enjoyed by almost anyone. Collage.com simplifies the process of creating this thoughtful gift, so all you have to do is choose your favorite photographs to utilize as the blanket’s design. Make someone’s day by giving them a personalized picture blanket from Collage.com.

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