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You’re seeking for an easy-to-follow pattern that you can make yourself at home. The following 15 crochet flower blanket patterns are for you to test out.

These are beautiful crochet projects that may be enjoyed by both novices and experienced alike. Crochet abilities are used to create a unique crochet blanket with these free patterns.

What Materials Do You Need For A Flower Blanket?

Surely, the exquisite design of these blooms calls for a variety of materials? We have a surprise for you! This pattern doesn’t require any special materials. All you’ll need is:

  • Thick, heavy yarn (Best to use two colors)
  • The G hook
  • Thickening tool
  • a single piece of wool
  • Scissors

Isn’t it a lot less than you expected? With an H-8 5mm crochet hook, you’ll be OK. Because it’s the usual size, this is a great choice for new players.

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1. Crochet flower blossom afghan

To make the crochet flower blossom afghan blanket, you’ll need a lot of granny squares. After stitching the granny squares together, you’ll be wowed by the lacy edge finish.

It’s simple to follow a crochet pattern that requires a certain level of competence. Click on the following link to give it a try.

2. Flower power

Flower power is a lovely crocheted flower blanket that features adorable blooms. Everything about this crochet is lovely, and it’s a breeze to work on because to how quickly it’s finished.

3. Floral beauty Throw

Many blankest are available, making it difficult to keep track of them all. A floral beauty crochet blanket has all the characteristics you would expect from a crochet blanket. There are so many gorgeous flowers that it looks inviting because of this. There is no reason why you can’t show off your crocheting prowess with this floral beauty.

4. The red heart flower field crochet blanket

The flower field crochet pattern is undeniably a wonderful representation of a wildflower area. To come up with a crochet pattern, you’ll need a lot of imagination.

Your crochet blanket’s color scheme will be entirely up to you. This doesn’t necessitate any specialized knowledge on your part because it makes use of basic crocheting techniques.

5. Fancy flowers

As far as many people are concerned, the floral blanket is solely for kids. Even if this is true, there are ways to accommodate an elderly person’s needs. If your child is a fan of flowers, this would make a wonderful gift.

Make one for yourself, your child, and even your elderly neighbor. A handmade blanket like this is impossible to get elsewhere.

6. Center flower afghan

For a free crochet flower design, this afghan’s center flower is a wonderful choice. The most striking aspect of this crochet floral blanket is its jewel-like hues. See if you can come up with anything new for your Valentine based on the stitching instructions found at the following link.

7. Blush rose afghan

It’s a great craft to try at home: the blush rose afghan crochet blanket. To make this one-of-a-kind present, you’ll need double-strand yarn. Because it incorporates elements from different crochet patterns, it’s very commendable. Crochet diamonds are made from granny squares, which are then arranged in a square pattern.

8. Demelza crochet blanket

The Demelza crochet blanket has all the granny squares and flower squares that you’re looking for. The fun does not just end there; you will still have access to a ton of colors and a variety of flower sizes.

It’s a free crochet blanket that you’ll love, especially when you see how adorable it will look on your bed.

9. Follow your heart crochet blanket

Don’t be afraid to follow your heart. Stripes on crocheted blankets are lovely.

With regard to the appearance of the surface. The recurring heart form will contribute to the beauty of the heart blossom, which everyone admires. Your soul mate will love the follow your heart crochet heart for Valentine’s Day. You can crochet it for yourself, or you can place an order for one.

10. Rose field baby blanket

It’s one of the most adorable crochet patterns you’ll ever come across. The texture of roses in a rose field is distinct from that of other fields. With this free crochet flower blanket pattern, you’ll learn how to make one with a variety of colors.

As far as crochet patterns go, this rose field baby blanket is a fantastic bargain for Valentine’s Day.

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11. Kennedy’s flower blanket

The small monster’s crocheted flower blanket has a special quality. The combination of large and little flowers adds to the beauty of the arrangement. There are many of options when it comes to flowers, colors, and general stitching guidelines, and it won’t take a lot of expertise to get this done. You only need a few flowers and a technique to connect them!

12. Puff stitch crochet flower blanket

It’s great to see a crocheted flower. It’s easy to see how this adorable puff stitch floral blanket is put together. Every step of the process, from beginning to end, appears to be a beautiful piece of art.

13. Crochet daisy afghan flower blanket

There is no doubt that this crochet daisy blossom blanket ranks among the best. Rather than small granny squares, it makes use of a flower-shaped granny square. The daisy crochet flower blanket is made by sewing the granny squares together.

14. Crochet vintage daisy motif

The retro daisy pattern appears to be somewhat of a compulsion for certain users. The reality is, you can crochet a retro theme even if you’re sitting in front of the television at home. This crochet can be found on a wide range of platforms, and if you create it for your grandmother or a friend, it will be a big hit.

15. Crochet African flower blanket free pattern

The African flower blanket is an essential part of any discussion on crochet flower blankets. Crochet made with adorable wildflowers is the finest. Creating the flowers isn’t difficult because there is a comprehensive tutorial available to walk you through the process. Make a Valentine’s Day gift with this easy DIY craft.

How Do You Attach Crochet Flowers To A Blanket?

You may make various floral designs, like the rosebud and tulip, as you go along. If you have a collection of puff flowers, it’s best to put them together.

Keep at least six to twelve finished blooms on hand at all times. Make sure there aren’t any holes in the puzzle by putting them all together.

Connect the flower’s ends using your yarn needle, not the G hook. When you’re done, tie a knot in the yarn to keep it from unraveling.

Once you have a large enough blanket to keep you warm and snug, keep going until you have it all.

What Is The Best Yarn For A Flower Blanket?

Wool is the greatest material to use, especially for those who are just starting out. Despite the fact that faults may be made, they won’t be evident.

It’s easy to frog with wool since it’s light and flexible. This is the process of unraveling the yarn and re-creating a new project with it.

Flower blankets don’t necessitate a certain type of wool, but the weight is important. This design is best worked with medium-weight yarn, such as Afghan, Worsted, or Aran.

You have complete freedom of choice in terms of hue. However, if you want the finest impact, use colors that complement each other, such as blue and pink or cream and purple.

What Is The Best Stitch For A Flower Blanket?

The puff stitch is the most frequent, but you can use any one of the many other stitches. Knots and single crochets are employed in equal measure. And it’s easy to recognize because it’s so simple and beautiful.

Is there only one design you can do with puff stitch? Nope! There are a lot more options available to you!

Lace stitches

These are fantastic for a summer look because they’re usually encompassed in a granny square. This pattern will have a more airy effect if you use yarn in soft pastel colors.

Structural crochet stitch

Unlike puff stitches, the petals of this type have a woven appearance. You can make them as you go, and they’re quite simple to put together. That indicates they don’t need to be merged at all!

Tulip stitch

To truly appreciate these blooms, you must have seen them in full bloom. Despite its simplicity, the yarn comes to life with this pattern! The traditional color scheme for this design is pink and white, but you may also use other hues like yellow, orange, or purple.

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Rosebud stitch

Among flowers, the rose ranks as one of the most stunning. This design is a great way to add interest and texture to any blanket. Creating them as you go will save you time and effort!

It’s hard to pick just one of these wonderful designs! Let your imagination run wild and go with what makes you feel most at ease.


Gifting or decorating your home with a flower blanket is an excellent idea. You won’t be able to quit crocheting flower blankets once you’ve mastered all the different styles. In little time at all, your home will be a haven for creative endeavors.