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In only two simple steps, you may learn how to construct your own body pillow. Using two pillows you currently own to build a body pillow is a great way to save money. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get a body pillow, this is it.

Full-body or rectangular body pillows are the most versatile sort of body pillow, despite the fact that there are many different types with various functions. It’s a lot easier to manufacture than curved ones to maintain your spine straight as you sleep in any position. You can, however, use this technique as a starting point for creating a variety of different sized and shaped body pillows.

Things You’ll Need

  • A 45-inch wide piece of muslin that measures 1 3/4 yards
  • 2 yards of 45-inch-wide cloth
  • Polyester fiber fill in four bags
  • The sewing machine.
  • Thread
  • Scissors

A body cushion provides additional comfort for many people. Pregnant women and those with back pain benefit greatly from body pillows. In addition to being functional, the long, single pillow looks stylish when placed on your bed. With this in mind, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to make your own body pillow at home.

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How to Make a Body Pillow

Step 1

Washable materials that match your bedroom’s dcor are ideal. Prepare your materials ahead of time so that you can finish the pillow in a single session. An itemized list of equipment and supplies can be seen on the final slide.

Step 2

Press and clean the two materials. Trim the muslin’s selvages. Make sure it’s 63 inches long and 40 inches wide. To get a straight line, simply tear the muslin.

Step 3

Sew a 5/8-inch seam across the end and side of the muslin after folding it in half. Using a zig-zag stitch, sew all of the seams together.

Step 4

Turn the pillow over and clip the corners. To make it easier to stuff, roll up the edge.

Step 5

Distribute the fiber fill evenly throughout the pillow before stuffing it. For a firm pillow, stuff it tightly; for a soft cushion, lighten the load a bit. As you make your way up to the top of the pillow, unroll the fabric.

Step 6

If you like, you may hand-stitch or machine-stitch the 5/8-inch seam closed.

Step 7

Lay the selvage edge of the pillowcase fabric along a straight line on the cutting mat to square it. Cut a straight line through both layers of cloth using a straight edge ruler aligned with the rule marks on the mat. Trim the selvages and cut one piece of fabric 22 inches by 72 inches and one piece of fabric 22 inches by 65 inches from the piece of fabric you’ve purchased. Sew a 2-inch hem around the 65-inch piece.

Step 8

The raw edges of the cut pieces should be aligned at one end of the stack. Pin the 72-inch piece in place such that the hemmed side of the 65-inch piece is aligned with the fold line. In all thicknesses, sew across the other end and down both sides of the fabric. Using a zig-zag stitch, finish the edges.

Step 9

Pull the pillowcase over the pillow, putting the end under the flap, and encasing the end of the pillow in the pillowcase’s lining.

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How To Make Body Pillow The Easiest Way

Step #1. Making the case

Producing a body pillow case is the first stage in making a standard rectangular body pillow, which you’ll be doing. As a result, you’ll need two ordinary pillowcases. Once you’ve removed the stuffing, flip the pillowcases inside out and sew them together to complete the project.

You can now trim the pillow’s breadth to your liking, so go ahead and do so. Before putting the pillow covers together from the right side, make sure to leave at least an inch of leeway for the side seams. Before sewing the two sides together, make sure the seams are center-aligned.

As long as the end product is secure and robust, you can use your own method to combine the two pillow coverings. If you’re having trouble finding a cushion that’s big enough for your head and shoulders, consider mixing two smaller pillows. To ensure that your body pillow is the proper size for both comfort and support, you must first take measurements.

Step #2. Stuffing

Turn the body pillow cover inside out and stuff it with the material of your choice. For a different feel or loft, simply utilize the two pillows’ fillings, or mix them with other materials. As a reminder, zippers are an option if you wish to change the amount of stuffing later on.

Otherwise, you can close the opening of your pillow with a blind stitch. To avoid pillow stuffing spilling, be aware of the gaps. Finally, you can use the same instructions to make a pillowcase for your body pillow.

Types Of Body Pillows

Body pillows come in a variety of designs and materials, making it difficult to categorize them. This means that rectangular or straight-shaped ones are the most comfy body pillows to construct. When using your body pillow appropriately, it is possible to maintain proper spinal alignment and relieve pressure with any type of cushion.


The straight body pillow, which resembles an I, is the most popular. By combining two pillows and lowering their breadth, you can simply create this body pillow. You should be able to comfortably rest your entire body on this cushion, from head to toe.


The U-shaped cushion is the second sort of body pillow you’ll come across. If you’re a side sleeper, this pillow will be more comfortable than the first one. It can ease pressure on both the upper and lower parts of the body, as well as provide you something to cuddle with.

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The J-shaped body pillow is an option if your bed is cramped. In addition, it provides support for the entire body, but you can easily alter it to focus on the areas of your neck, shoulder, and knees. It can also be used as a headrest for those who suffer from neck ache as they sleep.


You may also benefit from the C-shaped body pillow’s curved arms. This body pillow has the advantage of being able to be folded and rotated to target certain pressure spots. It’s also possible to employ this body cushion to provide full-body support if you’re inventive about it.

What Can I Stuff My Body Pillow?

For your body pillow’s filling, the options are practically endless. As a precautionary measure, keep in mind that you’ll need something to support and alleviate stress on your body when you sleep. Memory foam is a popular filling for body pillows because it is both firm and pliable enough to conform to your shape.

Cotton would be a good alternative to memory foam because of its ability to wick away moisture and keep you cool. Cotton body pillows, on the other hand, are simple to keep clean. Over time, cotton will, however, lose shape.


Preventing and relieving pressure spots on the body is made easier with the usage of body pillows. Do you, on the other hand, know how to sew a body pillow? If you have two ordinary pillows, you can connect them to make one.

For full-body support, reduce the width to a level that is comfortable to you. You can use any kind of filler you choose to fill the pillow to get the loft and firmness you want. When it comes to the final step, you can either sew the closure or use a zipper for future adjustments.