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Howdy, folks! Have you heard of a boyfriend pillow before? These characteristics define a “boyfriend pillow”

What is a Boyfriend Pillow?

The best snuggle pillow is a boyfriend pillow. An ideal snuggle pillow, it features the upper body and extended arm of a man.

When you need a hug but can’t get one from a loved one, this is the next best thing. Indeed, there is nothing like a simple hug to make everything better and lift your spirits.

The Boyfriend Pillow has been the subject of much discussion, and even some purchases. I looked up their price on Amazon and found that they sell for between 23 and 50 dollars. What, for a pillow? How bizarre!

Because of this, I finally decided to make my own, because who doesn’t like a good cuddling pillow? Also, because it’s a blast to sew your own boyfriend cushion! So, grab some materials from your nearby hobby store and repurpose an old Polo for this incredible do-it-yourself endeavor.

Making your own boyfriend pillow is as simple as using an old polo shirt and cutting it in half. Create a hand design with your own hands. Then, insert cotton stuffing into the hand and body section, and stitch the hand design into the Polo. The search for the perfect boyfriend pillow is over because you now have one made just for you!

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How to Make Your Own Boyfriend Pillow (Step-by-Step-Guide)


Classic polo with long sleeves (I used XL men shirt)

Fabric that is a mix of white and brown (this must jfit your hand pattern)

Cotton stuffing (about 1 average pillow size and 1 small pillow size)



Scissors for fabric


1. Cut the Polo

Put the polo shirt flat and fold it in half or three quarters.

2. Make the Hand Pattern

Use your own hand to create a pattern on the white cloth (please see the picture below).

3. Sew the Polo and Hand Pattern

You should sew the polo and the hand design together, but you should allow a space in between for the filler.

4. Place the Cotton Filler in the Hand Part

Start by stuffing your hand with cotton. Seal the polo’s arm hole by sewing to it.

5. Place the Cotton Filler in the Arm Portion

Cotton stuffing should be placed in the upper arms (approximately the amount of fillers in small pillows).

6. Place Cotton Filler in the Body Portion

Begin stuffing the main body area with cotton. Sew the openings after you’ve gotten the shirt as buff as you like.

Make Your Own Cuddle-Buddy Pillow

What You’ll Need

  • pillows that are queen-sized
  • A men’s XXL button-down shirt (plaid is the comfiest)
  • Men’s long-sleeve t-shirt, medium
  • Gloves made of cotton, for men.
  • fibrous stuffing
  • glue gun + hot glue for fabrics
  • scissors
  • The equivalent of straight pins
  • Machine for stitching (optional, but recommended)

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How To Make Your Own Boyfriend Pillow

Step #1. Design

Creating a boyfriend pillow is as simple as drawing a pattern on an oversized flannel or a shirt with long sleeves. If you’re a woman and you want to cuddle up with something soft, you can use your boyfriend’s flannel shirt, especially if you’ve been missing him. All humans, after all, could use some of cuddling’s therapeutic effects.


Mark the shirt next to the buttons and cut accordingly. Depending on your preference, you can use a fusion tape for the next step or sew as long the hem is secured. If you still can’t imagine the pattern, you’re aiming to use one side of the shirt with its arm to wrap around your shoulders and the body’s half for cuddling.


Make a mark on the shirt around the buttons, and then cut. You can either stitch the hem or secure it using fusion tape at this point. If you still can’t picture it, the pattern involves wrapping one arm of the garment around your shoulders and the other half around your body.

Step #2. Construct and stuff

Next, stitch, hand-sew, or use fabric tape to put the boyfriend pillow together. The shirt’s hem, neck, and one sleeve are your responsibility. The pillow goes on the chest, and whatever you like goes in the sleeve.


You may choose to stitch the button side of the pillow’s body, but be sure to leave a gap large enough to insert and remove the cushion when necessary. If you like a more concealed look, you can tuck your free arm inside your shirt as well. The hand of the arm can be replaced with a cotton-filled glove that is secured in place.


If you did, in fact, cut a straight line from the shoulder seam to the bottom, you will need to pin the cut side and sew it, as well as the collar. The body of the flannel shirt should be stuffed with the cushion using the buttoned side as a guide, and the arm should be stuffed in a similar fashion before the cotton glove is attached.

What Is The Best Pillow For Cuddling?

Whether you’re in bed or on the couch watching TV, the boyfriend pillow is the perfect companion. The ideal pillow for snuggling, though, is unquestionably a body pillow. It’s available in a variety of forms to cater to diverse body types and usage scenarios. You can get ones that are long enough to support your entire body, or you can get ones that are designed like a C, an L, or a J to focus on specific problem areas.


If you’re looking for the perfect cushion, it’s also important to think about the different materials available. You need a cushion that holds you in place but is soft and pliable. Memory foam, polyfill, down, and feather are all wonderful choices. Finding the right balance between stiffness and loft is the most important consideration.


And if you sleep with a pillow by your side, keep in mind that correct posture while you sleep is of utmost importance. You should not be putting any undue pressure on your neck, back, or hips, and your spine should be in a neutral position. Pillow snuggling is especially helpful for side sleepers since it helps to adjust the hips and reduces pressure on the joints.

Why Do We Like Cuddling With Pillows?


Is it baffling to you why we like to snuggle up with pillows? Cuddling can be seen as a remedy for loneliness or a means of mending broken relationships. Physically, there are benefits to pillow cuddling as well, including relief from pain, discomfort, and even sleep apnea.


Do you find that snuggling up to a pillow helps you unwind and get to sleep? A pillow may provide a subconscious message that it’s time to wind down and rest. To put it another way, it’s a trigger in the environment that prompts a calming emotional response.

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There are others who find solace in holding tight to a pillow. As a child, you might have learned to associate it with security. There’s no harm in making a pillow fort for whatever reason you like.


To make a cuddle buddy cushion, all you need is a queen-sized pillow and an extra-large long-sleeved shirt. It only takes two easy steps to master the art of making a boyfriend pillow. Creating the pillow’s body and an arm to stuff begins with a simple shirt design.

Even better, you can put adhesives on the fabric instead of needle and thread. Place the queen-sized pillow in the body, and then stuff the arm to your liking. Put a cotton glove on it and you’re done!

Keep in mind that snuggling up on a pillow has health benefits. It can help with pain relief and other body aches, and it can also help you unwind before bed. Body pillows manufactured from your favourite materials are another option to explore in addition to a boyfriend pillow.