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Greetings to all of you! In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create curtains for a dollhouse. As you may be aware, a dollhouse is just a miniature house filled with dolls, accessories, and other playthings for children. Curtains for this style of home are simple to make. There are no special abilities required for this activity.

In order to build the dollhouse, you will need the following materials:

  1. Board Mat (Also known as Crescent Board or Museum Board)
  2. Board of Foam
  3. Foil of aluminum
  4. An Exacto Knife and a Cutter or Ruler
  5. Exacto
  6. Adhesive Tacky
  7. This is a type of recept (This should not be used for food)
  8. Pins for sewing
  9. Two scissors are all you need
  10. Fabrics

Steps on How to Make Dollhouse Curtains

Step 1: Using the cutter, cut out an inch of mat board.

1/12th Scale Dolls House Curtains & Blind Tutorial - YouTube

Step 2: On top of the dollhouse window, place the cutout from step one and measure the width of the window. Each side should have an extra 1/8 of an inch to spare.

The third step is based on the measurements made in step two. Leave an extra 14-inch at the end of the centerpiece when you cut it off, so you’ll have a c-shaped piece. Above the dollhouse curtain, a C-shaped piece needs to be placed.

Foam board should now be covered in aluminum foil. Protecting it from moisture damage is the primary goal of wrapping it with foil.

Step #5: On the foam board that was not covered in aluminum foil, trace the C-shaped piece that you cut out in step #3.

Next, measure the length of the window in the dollhouse, and mark that size on the foil-covered foam board.

Step #7: Gather the materials you’ll need to make the curtain for your dollhouse. Cut out a rectangle the size of the window in the dollhouse from the fabric.

Make sure to give some additional room around the edges of the materials when doing this. 14 inch is a good amount of room to spare. Using this, you’ll hem the four corners of your fabric. There should be two per window.

Make the hem of the two pieces of cloth that were cut in step 7 at this point. For those who don’t have access to a sewing machine, they can purchase them with adhesive.

When hemming with glue, use only the amount of adhesive necessary to complete the job. Overuse of glue can result in glue dripping down the backside of the cloth and staining your curtain.

After hemming the two pieces of fabric, the following step is to prepare a glue solution. Tacky glue can be dissolving in 75 percent water, so fill a container with water. A white solution with no precipitate will form if the glue is properly dissolved in the water.

My Handcrafted Dollhouse Miniature Drapes, Curtains and Valances - Wootens Miniatures | Doll house curtains, Dolls house interiors, Mini doll house

Glue the two fabrics together by dipping them for a few minutes in the glue solution. After wringing and folding, make extremely little accordion folds with the textiles. The accordion folds are more compact if they are as little as possible. Repeat the process with the other cloth.

Step #11: Lay out your folded fabrics on the foil, as seen in the picture. Ideally, you should arrange the two fabrics so that they are on opposite sides of the window shape you drew out on the foil.

Step #12: Use a sewing pin to hold the materials down in various positions after expanding the tops of them. The foil should be used to place the fabrics. It will appear as though you are holding up each of the fabrics on each side of the glass with the foil.

Step #13: Wait a few minutes before removing the sewing pin from the fabric.

That’s correct, and that’s how you build curtains for a dollhouse. We’ll talk about how to hang the dollhouse curtain in the next part.

How to Hang Your Dollhouse Curtain

Additionally, you should have no problem hanging your newly-made curtain rods. Following the methods outlined in the last section, add a top to your dollhouse curtains by following the instructions below.

Begin by taking a measurement of the width of your finished curtains and cutting a piece of mat board to that width. The mat board should be extended by 14 inch on all sides.

Next, on the mat board, measure the curtain’s length, excluding the extra 14 inches at each end. To bend the mat board, make a small incision at either end.

Sewing & Embroidering - Dollhouse Miniature Madness and Tutorials

Wrap the mat board with the same fabric as your curtains and then apply glue to it.

Step #4: Attach it to the top of the curtain with glue.

Glue the curtain in place with sticky glue, which you’ll apply to the rear of the curtain’s swag and then stick to the wall or ceiling.


To make dollhouse curtains, I walked you through the steps I took. The procedure appears to be clear to me. Are there any questions or comments you’d want to share? Please use the comment section to get in touch.