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Want to know the secret to making a prayer blanket? It’s more convenient to purchase one already created, but the extra effort put into a handmade item is always appreciated. Our comprehensive prayer blanket tutorial is here to help you get started on your first project.

Things You’ll Need

  • Measurement tape
  • Scissors
  • Electromechanical interaction with a flammable fuse
  • Pins
  • Iron
  • Clothes-stitching Machine
  • Fringe

How To Make A Prayer Blanket That Can Show Your Thoughtfulness

You need to determine your motivations for making a prayer blanket before you begin. Having a special meaning for some, blankets serve a practical purpose for others. Some people do it to show their appreciation for a special someone, while others do it for personal use.

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Though many blankets feature meaningful patterns, you are free to utilize your imagination to create your own.

Step #1. Prepare your materials

The process can begin once you’ve settled on a goal for the blanket. Get ready with 1.5 yards of fleece in two different colors that complement one another.

Step #2. Start the process

Align the two pieces of fleece so that their raw edges meet; then, cut them down to size.

Step #3. Trace your guidelines

Make a 7-inch margin all the way around the rectangle using tailor’s chalk or other erasable markers. Remove 7-inch squares from all four corners and set them aside.

Step #4. Sew and section

To finish, sew the cut squares onto the fleece. After that, you should join the two fleeces at the middle and secure the pins. Cut a fringe by slicing across the borders at an angle an inch wide up to the line we drew before.

Step #5. Knot and design

After the fringes are prepared, the edges can be knotted. The edges can be woven in a number of different ways.

To prevent the two layers of fleece from coming apart, you should twist the fringes together.

Step #6. Finish your gift

After tying a knot in the ends, you’re finished! Pray for the person you’re giving it to before you hand it off. When you do this, you strengthen your spiritual connection to that individual.

Before sending it, some people even have it sanctified.

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What Is The Purpose Of A Prayer Blanket?

Many people identify prayer with the use of prayer blankets. Beyond that, though, these blankets have a variety of further applications. Mantras, prayers, poetry, and other such items can be sewn into blankets to give them spiritual significance.

Prayer blankets are a thoughtful present for newlyweds, the elderly, or a friend. It is most common to wish God’s presence into their lives.


Some people incorporate prayer blankets into their intimate moments with God. They use it as a reminder, much like a rosary, that God is in their lives. They either hang it inside their prayer rooms or put it in a place where they can wrap it around their body as they pray.

There are those who use prayer blankets during private times of prayer. Like the rosary, it serves as a constant reminder of God’s presence in their lives. They hang it up in their prayer rooms or store it somewhere it can be wrapped around them as they bow their heads in supplication.


Some believers use special prayer blankets during private times of prayer. As with the rosary, it serves as a constant reminder of God’s presence in their life. Many Muslims have a prayer shawl handy in their prayer spaces, either to drape over their shoulders or to hold in place when they bow their heads.

Most prayer blankets have intricate patterns similar to those found on Persian carpets, making them seem beautiful when hung on the wall.


With their elaborate and detailed designs, prayer blankets manufactured by hand become excellent trading commodities. There is a lot of value in these blankets, which is why they are so well-liked in Europe.

What Color Should A Prayer Blanket Be?

Most prayer blankets also feature meaningful coloration. Those that take the time to create their own exhibit their own unique ideals and motivations in the choice of colors they use.


In Christianity, the number three represents the Holy Trinity. Because of the way the system is set up, this number holds special meaning in the majority of faiths. People often assume that the Holy Trinity is represented by the trinity of primary colors: red, blue, and yellow.

Earth, sky, and sea are all possible natural interpretations.

Color Symbolism

Different shades of a color have been associated with various sentiments and signs at various points in time. They have a significant impact on one’s emotional state at any given time.

Colors like red denote threats and intimidation, blue represents tranquility and depression, while black is connected with death. Throughout human history, we have seen these hues and the symbols they represent used in contexts as diverse as religion, monarchy, and war.

Color Meanings

Colors are associated with more than just moods and sensations; they can also signify personality traits and social connections. The recipient of the blanket should have the most say on the color scheme.

Gold, for instance, represents enlightenment and masculinity, while silver represents femininity and intuition. Pink symbolizes generosity and kindness, while black represents power and assurance.

Which Religion Uses Prayer Blankets?

Various religious practices depend on particular objects as mediums of direct contact with the divine. As an illustration, Muslims often worship on specially designed rugs. The earth is kept clean and undisturbed while worship is performed beneath it.

Prayer Blankets | St. Mother Theodore Guerin

Christians frequently use prayer blankets. The item is blessed by the church before it is given to the recipient. It can also be used as a kind of consolation for those who are suffering due to a traumatic incident or illness.


Making a meaningful object to symbolize prayer adds a new level of significance to one of the most astounding things a person can do for another. Some people consider it absolutely necessary to learn how to construct a prayer blanket. If you care about the recipient, making something by hand for them will always make the gift more meaningful.