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It’s easy to make your own crochet appliqués and use them in a wide variety of ways, from adorning a cap or scarf to embellishing a piece of clothing. You need to know how to connect crochet appliqués to your other crocheted projects in order to use them.


In terms of attaching crochet appliqués, you have a number of options:

  • Attaching your appliqué can be done with either yarn or thread. Using the same type of yarn or thread for both the appliqué and the attaching item is advised. If you used more than one type of yarn, you’ll need to decide which one to stitch with. There isn’t a “correct” response; you can just go with your gut. A new yarn can also be used if you like a different color or texture from that of the original yarn. Occasionally, you’ll use an appliqué to embellish a non-crochet item. You might use sewing thread to connect a crocheted appliqué to a sewed item, such as a purse. Over time, experiment with a variety of materials to discover what works best for you.
  • When stitching with yarn, a big tapestry needle is a suitable option. While a crochet hook can be used for some appliqué attachments, the focus of this article is on sewing appliqués on with a tapestry needle.

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Appliqués can be attached using an invisible/clear thread as well. Allows you to utilize a running thread without having to see where the applique is sewed into the garment

Another option is to use hot glue to attach your appliques, which does not necessitate stitching. My Snowman Tree Skirt appliques have been attached with great success using a hot glue gun. However, I’m not sure how well it would wash.

Many of my blankets have appliques sewed onto granny squares. Below, you can find all of the free patterns!

  • Afghan of the Forest
  • Afghanistan is an oceanic country.
  • Afghan for Christmas
  • Cactus and llama Afghan
  • An Afghan for Halloween
  • Blanket for the Farm
  • Spring Throw

Basics of Attaching a Crochet Appliqué

The most common method of attaching a crochet appliqué to another item is to adhere it to the front of that item:

  • Crochet appliqués are most commonly attached to another item by tacking them to the front.
  • Use the yarn or thread you’ll be attaching to your tapestry needle to thread it.
  • As you pull the thread through the appliqué, make a knot at the back of the piece to keep it in place (which you can weave in later).
  • Clean, even sewing stitches should be used all the way around the appliqué. Move a little over and bring the thread back up to front through the appliqué, then move a little over and bring it back down to the rear of the piece. The appliqué’s stitch pattern or the object on which you’re applying it can serve as a guidance for creating evenly spaced stitches on your own.

Which Side Do You Sew From?

You can sew your appliqué on from either the right or wrong side of the garment. As a novice, it is typical to attach it from the right side so that you can see how your work is progressing. Make sure that the item is reversible so that you may check the other side to make sure it looks as wonderful as the front.

Sewing a Crochet Applique Onto a Scarf

Sewed-in appliqués, such as those on scarves or similar items that may be worn on either side, will reveal your stitching on both sides. Stitching requires attention to detail and consideration of the color of the yarn or thread you want to use.

Using a thread that matches your scarf and sewing tiny threads through the back of the appliqué, you can avoid having your needle go through the appliqué itself. The stitches will not be visible on the appliqué because of this method. In this way, the item can be completely reversed.

The blanket stitch or another decorative stitch can be used to stitch around the appliqué if you’d like to use the same color yarn as the scarf itself. Appliques that aren’t too intricate, like leaves or circles, work well with this method.

A third alternative is to use the third color of thread to connect the appliqué however you like. In this case, the attachment would become an integral element of the overall design. Crochet patterns rarely call for this, but it’s a wonderful experiment to undertake.

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Additional Sewing Techniques

To improve your sewing abilities, devote some time to learning new techniques. Crochet is a great platform for many sewing techniques. Whip stitching an appliqué to the front of a crochet blanket is one such example of a crochet appliqué used in this manner. Topstitching on crochet can be shown in action in the book The Perfect Knot.

Additional Permanent Adhesives

Crochet appliqués can be attached without the use of sewing. You can also apply your appliqué using other permanent and semi-permanent ways. In this case, examples include fabric glues, craft glues and hot glue.

Removable Crochet Appliques

Do you want your appliqué to be reversible or permanent? To put it another way, let’s assume you want to crochet a flower and attach it to a crochet cap. This could be useful if you’d like to change the flowers on your hats from time to time or if you embellished the bloom with something that isn’t washable. This means that if this is the case, you may want to attach your flowers using a manner that isn’t permanently attached.

Appliques can be attached in a variety of ways, none of which require stitching. To put the appliqué to use, you’ll need to attach those pieces to each component. The Velcro might be self-adhesive, so you just peel off the backing and adhere it to both the appliqués and the hats to secure them to the headwear

How To Attach Crochet Applique To Crochet Blanket Invisibly

Step 1. Decide on the placement of the applique

Lay out your crochet blanket and think about where to place the crochet applique. To make the process of attaching the applique as simple as possible, it should match the applique in both size and shape. Then, using the same color yarn as the applique or blanket, prepare and thread your needle.

If you use a yarn that blends nicely with the crochet, the finished applique placement will look cleaner and more professional. It is possible that certain blankets are two-sided, even if the stitching is covered. To hide the ends, you’ll need to weave them in. If you use the proper color yarn, this will be a lot easier.

Step 2. Sew the applique in place

Thread the needle and pass it through the blanket, working your way from the back to the front of the blanket. Make it simpler on yourself by leaving a portion of the end open before you begin working on the blanket’s front. Place the needle in the desired location for the applique.

Go through the loops behind the blanket and select the stitch for the planned position. Select the stitch for the planned position. Flip the appliqué as you work through it, but don’t pull the yarn all the way through the applique. For the yarn, you’ll need to discover more loops behind the crochet applique before moving further with the intended placement on the blanket.

Step 3. Secure the applique and finish

It’s best to work your way through the blanket from the front to the back and vice versa. In order for your applique stitches to be hidden, just use the loops on its back. Then, insert the needle from the front to the back of the blanket and draw upward the loops you see.

Make sure you sew all the way around the applique to give it a secure fit on the blanket. Once you’ve completed the project, weave the ends of the yarn in the back for a professional-looking finish.

How Do You Attach A Crochet Motif To Fabric?

Crochet motifs are repeated stitch patterns that result in a larger pattern. Repeated granny squares can be used to produce a variety of patterns. To avoid creating holes in the cloth, use a blunt-ended needle while attaching motifs.

Attach the motif with fabric adhesive after it has been pinned into position. Then, sew around the motif to complete the project. Use a thread that is double the thickness of your motif’s stitches to construct running stitches.

How To Attach Felt Applique To Crochet

It is possible to use wool to construct an applique for your crochet project in addition to crocheting. The needle is only used once the applique and crochet have been put and sewed in place. The applique should be sewn on numerous times to ensure that it is permanently connected.

How to make felt appliques

  1. Make a felting wool mold in the required shape.
  2. Felting wool can also be stuffed into a cookie cutter, which is done in a similar manner.
  3. Repeatedly penetrate the wool with a felting needle until it is flattened down.
  4. To avoid harming the felting needle or the mold, work at a steady angle.
  5. Once you’ve compressed the wool, flip the mold over and do the same thing on the opposite side.
  6. Fill in any spots that are lacking in wool.
  7. Once the wool applique is finished, examine the shape and polish off the edges.

What Do You Do With Crochet Appliques?

Appliques made from crocheted yarn are wonderful embellishments to both crocheted and fabric creations. The idea is to use it as a decorative accent to give various objects a more tailored look. Some appliqué patterns, like as a granny square, are simple enough that even young children can enjoy making and adhering them.

Do you have any more ideas for adorning and customizing your possessions? Crocheting letters into a blanket is easy with the help of this tutorial.

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How To Attach Applique Without Sewing

No-sew embellishments can be attached to your blanket or other objects using an iron and interfacing. To secure the interfacing in place, press it for a few seconds on the fabric’s back side with the rough side facing up. Applique the applique directly onto the cloth without using any interfacing.

Press the applique with an iron for about 10 seconds on the fabric covered with a damp towel. Ensure all areas of the applique have been glued to before you remove the cloth. Finally, everything should be ironed.


Having trouble coming up with new designs for your crochet blanket? Adding a crochet applique to a crochet blanket is as simple as following this three-step instruction, and you can even make the appliqué yourself out of wool. When weaving in the ends, use the same color yarn to make it easier to hide the knots.

After that, sew the applique on the crochet blanket all the way around. Try crafting a crochet motif if you’re looking for simpler crochet designs.

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