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Let’s face it—when it comes to our sleeping arrangements, some of us go a little overboard. It doesn’t matter if that means splurging on the most luxurious bedding or re-painting the walls to resemble an Airbnb, there’s no shame in splurging a little.

Then again, what if renovating your bedroom, and especially your bed, didn’t have to come with a price tag that was too high?

Design tricks, purchasing hacks, and even goods you didn’t realize you needed are all included in this guide from the pros on how to achieve luxury on a budget.

Focus on the Neutrals

Changing the colors of a room has the power to transform its atmosphere completely. As you may imagine, a space with bright yellow walls and red furniture is bound to be upbeat! A room decorated in blues and blacks may have a more relaxing atmosphere. The mood is set by the use of color.

To achieve a more zen-like look, Anki Spets of AREA Home recommends using monochromatic tones with few colors or patterns. “There are many of gorgeous shades of grey and beige that are excellent for this,” she says. Start with percale or sateen sheets for a chilly and crisp look, or softer on the surface with a warmer feel. In order to get the best night’s sleep, you should iron your linens if you can.

Make sure that the designs on the walls aren’t too cluttered when it comes to matching your bedding (such as sheets and blankets) to the rest of the room’s decor.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How To Make Your Bed Look Expensive (like WAY more expensive) - By Sophia Lee

You should also think about how the colors will harmonize or harmonize with the rest of the room. In a black-and-white room, an olive green sheet set (though not neutral, per se) might be the perfect, subtle accent while not being overbearing or overly cluttered.

Incorporate All-White

The all-white appearance, on the other hand, is advocated by some specialists. Cozy Earth’s Owen Turner discusses how to create a “hotel vibe” in your bedroom.

When it comes to making your bed seem and feel more sumptuous, he recommends purchasing white bedding with a lot of layering. If you want to create a luxurious hotel-style bed at home, layer a plush mattress pad, buttery bamboo sheets, a thick comforter, soft duvet cover, and plenty of pillows.” As Turner promises, “your bed will suddenly feel softer and more like the 5-star hotel bed you’ve been dreaming about.

That being said, this style lacks color variation that some people may want but it does provide a gentle and clean environment that lends refinement to the space.

Update Your Sheets and Pillows

If your linens are the problem, updating the colors or making the room all-white won’t make much of a difference. Buying new bedding is a terrific way to reward oneself if it’s been a while.

Sheets and pillows come in a plethora of varieties, including soft, stiff, cooling, moisture-wicking, organic, and even entirely antibacterial. It’s a good idea to think about your sheet and pillow selections (as well as your personal preferences) before making any changes to your bed.

Despite the fact that different sources will tell you different things about sheets, the majority of experts believe that the ideal sheets have a thread count of 600 or higher. For a softer feel, Egyptian/Organic Cotton, Bamboo, Celliant Performance, or Silk/Satin are some of the most popular choices for sheets.

Luxury bedding sets made of 100% cotton are the ideal option, says Alan Weiner, COO of Elegant Strand, because they are breathable, adaptable and durable. In addition, it is available in the most popular bed linen weaves, percale and sateen, both of which have a crisp, matte finish.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question; it all depends on what you like, how much sleep you get, and where you live.

There are also pillows to consider. There are a plethora of choices available as well. A excellent cushion for neck pain—and one that is firm enough to allow the head, neck, and spine to be in alignment—is always recommended by Let’s Talk About Sleep author Dr. Daniel A. Barone, MD. Too many people use pillows that alter the way their necks and bodies are aligned as they sleep. The quality of pillows should not be sacrificed.”

Invest in a Comforter and Blankets

Comforters have a reputation for being on the more expensive side. It’s feasible to improve without spending a fortune, according to some experts. Look for the material and the thickness to get the best results. If it isn’t soft and thick, it isn’t worth the investment.

When it comes to bedding, “I’m in love with soft comforters—especially those that are velvety and at least a half-inch thick,” says Karen Michela Parziale, founder of The Staging Studio. There is no need to purchase a goose down comforter (they are gorgeous but pricey)–so one can invest in a faux down–it is plush.

You may also want to get something a little heavier or warmer, depending on where you live and how cold it gets. As an example, adding a weighted blanket to your bed can elevate your sleeping experience.

Whatever you decide, remember that a little bit of money may go a long way in terms of appearance and feel.

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Rock a Statement Headboard

In order to freshen up the look and feel of your bedroom, a headboard could be a worthwhile investment of your time and money.

“A headboard gives a personal touch to any bed—without breaking the bank,” says Robert Johnson, CEO of Sawinery, a woodworking and handicraft blog.

For those who want a custom headboard but don’t want to spend a fortune, there are plenty of affordable solutions available in terms of both material and design.

As an added benefit, having a custom headboard acts as a focal point for the space. Johnson continues, “[and] matches the selected concept without taking up too much room.”

However, if a handmade headboard is still out of your price range, you can actually make one yourself.

You will need a can of chalk paint, some sandpaper, three/four straight steel plates, a brush, general woodworking equipment [and] three pallets,” Kristine Daub, founding editor at byCurated, explains.

A queen-size bed (like mine) requires two pallets (side by side) to be the ideal length. Connect the two pallets together by securing them with the plates you’ve cut out. Use only wood screws when assembling this. However, I also recommend using big washers to provide a firm connection.”

Simply changing the cover of a headboard could be another option. Gian More, a partner at MellowPine, says you may upgrade the aesthetic of your headboards by replacing and adding cushioning to them. In order to create the sense of additional space and increase the elegance of the bed, use leather, suede, vinyl, cotton, duck, or heavy polyester mixes for padding on the headboard,” she advises.

Add Accents to Upscale

For a more opulent look in your bedroom, consider adding a few extras, such as decorative pillows and a plush blanket or duvet cover.

According to Joshua Haley, the founder of Moving Astute, matching shams may make a bed look more luxurious. Add an oblong-shaped pillow for a more “hotel-like” vibe.

You can update your bedding with the use of long body pillows or oblong cushions,” Haley explains. “These cushions are joined end to end, allowing you to bend the top of the pillow whichever it is most comfortable for you!”

Another alternative is to put a rug under your bed.

Kate Diaz, a home remodeling expert and Co-Owner of Swanky Den, says that area rugs are inexpensive, therefore it shouldn’t cost much money to buy one. Even if you don’t plan to use the rug as a centerpiece in your room, it will be a nice addition when you do want to change things up in the future.

Add Your Finishing Touches

We tend to focus on the top of the bed—the pillows, headboard and other decor—but a skirt or box spring cover may simply upgrade the aesthetic of your bed.

Options range from matching your bed sheets and comforter to choosing something more muted that blends into the background. If you want to go all out, you can coordinate your bed skirt with your wall paint or wallpaper for a seamless look.

A throw or blanket on the end of your bed can also help to create a laid-back vibe while yet offering the luxury you see in the latest and greatest home design publications. In addition to the food tray, you may want to include a blanket or two, as well as some of your favorite reading material (books, candles, and a journal).

Make Your Bed Every Day

It may sound obvious, but how many times have you let laziness or laziness alone keep you from doing something as easy as changing your bed? In our opinion, we’re all to blame.

Even a few minutes of making your bed each morning may go a long way toward creating a more refined and organized home.

How to Make Your Bed Look Luxurious

1. Cover the Box Spring and Frame

The second step is optional if you have a platform bed in your home. Many choices are available if you don’t already have a platform bed to cover your box springs and frame. Because I like a more fitted appearance, I dislike the term “bed skirt” and prefer “box spring cover.”

It’s important to measure the length of your bed before you buy a box springs cover so that you can get the correct fit for your mattress. 14 to 18 inches is the usual range of lengths. Under-bed storage can be disguised with a cover, which hides the metal legs underneath the bed as well.

There are a variety of ways to cover your box springs for as little as $20 to as much as $250. Box spring covers and bed skirts that are more expensive tend to be heavier and, in some cases, textured. If you choose for a thicker skirt, your luxury bedding will have a solid foundation.

Target and Overstock both have excellent value options. Check out Pottery Barn and the Company Store if you’d like to improve your bedding. All of the bedding in these images is white because light colors may make a bed appear clean and fresh. They can also be bleached easily.

  • Target’s wrinkle-resistant duvet cover
  • The Matelasse bed skirt is available at the Company Store.

Get a bed skirt that totally covers the mattress, like this one, for the opposite effect.

2. Good Quality Bed Linens

To begin, I want to make it clear that this is not a paid post. Bedding is a subject on which I am well-versed. A linen top sheet is the greatest option for the best night’s sleep, if you can afford it. A linen top sheet is pricey and I don’t like it as a fitted sheet, but it’s like butter on the skin.

Brooklinen.com and Parachute.com have the best linen sheets pricing I’ve seen. If you buy simply the top sheet in linen, you can save money. Buying linen sheets on a budget? Check out these suggestions.

Cotton bedding from Brooklinen are great if you’d rather not use linen. As a result, they can offer factory-direct pricing, which translates into reduced prices and better quality. Overstock.com is a favorite of mine. To be honest, I’m not a fan of the Boll And Branch sheets, which are readily available through the factory, either. The elastic in the fitted sheets is insufficient, and the sheets are continuously slipping off the mattress.

  • Parachute linen pinstripe sheets (top sheet can be purchased separately).

3. Add Pillows (Not Too Many)

If you have a million pillows in your bedroom, it may look great, but you might find that going to sleep is a work with all of them around. Pillows are constantly being added and removed from the bed. Two pillows for sleeping and 2-4 decorative pillows are fine in my opinion, but no more.

Pillows with a range of materials and patterns, as well as different sizes, make a room look more interesting. In terms of bed pillows, my go-to design consists of two standard-sized king pillows, two larger Euro pillows, and an extra-long lumbar pillow.

Target, West Elm, Etsy, and PB Teen are some of my favorite places to get decorative pillows for the bedroom (which can be less expensive than Pottery Barn).

4. Layer of Blankets, Quilts and A Duvet Cover

With so many blankets, covers, quilts, and duvet covers, you’ll notice in magazine photographs of bedrooms that bedding has numerous layers. Even if you don’t have all four, having more than one is a luxury.

If you live in a climate that allows you to sleep comfortably under a duvet, it might be a terrific design idea for a luxury bed. A cool sleeping duvet (available at IKEA) is a better option than down if you live in a hot region. Check out my duvet cover tutorial to learn how to do it right.

Multiple, thinner layers are the most effective means of achieving the layered appearance. Washing a large comforter is time consuming and inconvenient, so opt for a few small blankets instead. Because of the ease with which white coverlets and quilts may be bleached, I keep a few on hand at all times. Having a white bed keeps it looking and smelling clean and fresh.

The softness and heft of a matelasse coverlet appeals to me as well. It’s pronounced “mat la zay,” but that’s not what it sounds like at all. As a top layer, it’s ideal because it’s easy to wash and light enough for the summer. Unlike a quilt, it does not contain any filling. If you live somewhere cold, you can put a blanket on top of it or under it for warmth.

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5. Padded Headboard

You don’t need a padded headboard if you only use your bed for sleeping or other horizontal activities. Nothing beats a padded headboard for a smooth, luxurious look and a pleasant experience when reading in bed for me.

The cost of a padded headboard might be extremely low. Wayfair charges $189 for a bespoke fabric. Even if you’re not a skilled DIYer, you can still make padded headboards. This DIY padded headboard project is a must-see.

  • An easy-to-install padded headboard from West Elm that doesn’t require any drilling into the wall
  • This padded headboard from Wayfair is an incredible deal!

A headboard or bed frame behind the bed is an alternative to a padded headboard, which you may prefer. There is nothing luxurious about having a bed that is pressed up against a wall. Four poster beds, iron headboards, and wood headboards are all acceptable options. The bed just doesn’t appear complete without some sort of furnishings. Even a wall of curtains behind the bed or a different color on the wall in the shape of a headboard can be used to create a headboard.

How Do I Style My Bed Like A Hotel?

Steps one through five above should be followed first. One further step is required to make it look and feel like a hotel bed. When I have guests, I want to go the additional mile and give them a little treat. The key is to iron your pillow coverings.

Despite the fact that I don’t iron anything on my own bed, ironing your pillow cases makes you feel like a million bucks. Press the top border of your top sheet, too, if your top sheet is wrinkled from drying it all day (like I do).

How Do You Dress A Luxury Bed?

Once you’ve selected all of your bedding, headboard, pillows, and other accessories, you can follow these steps to make a bed worthy of a magazine.

  • It’s time to put your bed skirt or box spring cover on the bed!
  • The flat sheet should be pulled up as high as possible, not just halfway.
  • Begin by putting on the first blanket, and then the second.
  • Bring everything together by folding back all of the blankets and sheets. Then pull them behind you and out of the way of your pillows.
  • Pillows should be arranged in ascending order of height from the highest to the lowest in the back.
  • The foot of the bed should have a second blanket throw.

Schoolhouse.com’s bed on the left and mine on the right show how this formula is applied.

  • Quilt with Diamond Ticking and Stripes
  • Cotton Coverlet for Winter and Summer

How Can I Make My Bed Fluffy?

Adding these two measures will help you have a softer mattress. To begin, place a thick mattress cover under your fitted sheet. Low-cost mattress covers are available from Overstock and Wayfair for less than $100. This will give your mattress the look and feel of a softer mattress. The extra inches will necessitate a deeper fitted sheet.

Make sure you use a heavier duvet insert as well. The fullest effect is achieved with down, but not everyone is able to manage a down comforter.

To get the opulent look, give these methods a go on your bed. Even if you don’t feel like getting up, you may easily recreate the process after the first time.

I’m a full-time employee and part-time blogger. On the weekends, I enjoy tackling one part of my house at a time. Rugs, lighting, furniture, art, and more fascinate me. When it comes to decorating like a pro, I want to share my knowledge.