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How about a floor bed for a change? This is the way I usually sleep, and I find it very practical. Once you know what you’re doing when it comes to selecting a mattress, you may combine a memory foam top with a latex base for a customized home sleep system. A foam mattress pad is really all you need for sleeping comfortably while on the road.

Experience has taught me that when it comes to sleeping low to the ground on a foam mattress or platform bed, form follows function. Is there any way you could make it more fashionable? Perhaps surprisingly, there are numerous strategies available for doing so. But before we go any further, if you’re looking for the greatest beds online, you should check out this site because it has a wide selection of beds.

Beds without Bed Frames

For those who are used to sleeping on a mattress on top of a box spring, the idea of sleeping directly on the ground may seem counterintuitive. Can you still get a decent night’s sleep on the floor if you replace the bed frame with a platform bed or the greatest mattresses?

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Higher Beds Equal More Sleep?

Many individuals think that they will have a more restful night’s sleep if their bed is raised off the floor. However, greater attention should be paid to what factors are required for a good night’s sleep. Natural materials, solid support, and ventilation are increasingly valued in mattresses.

It is common for others to assume that those who sleep on the floor look sloppy or disorganized. Restoring their former glory will make the bed and mattress as comfortable as any other bed frame.

The Upsides of Floor Sleeping (video)

How to Add Style Points

There are a number of ways you can dress up a bed on the floor. The procedure is not a precise science, however you will need the following:

  • Beddings
  • Pillows
  • Accents

You should try out several combinations of these elements until you find the one that you like best. May you tell me how I can adjust the sheets and blankets? When is it too many pillows? Is a canopy made of net the best choice for a bed canopy?

Play with Colors

Go with Monochrome Colors

White or off-white bedding, walls, and tiles are a functional choice for a minimalist aesthetic. By returning to more basic color schemes, you may give your bedroom a more refreshed look and feel and make it seem less congested overall.

Pick a Color Scheme

A platform bed, like a traditional bed frame, can help you stick to a color palette by housing things like:

  • Bedding
  • Wallcoverings/decorative paint/paper
  • Furniture
  • Decorating the walls
  • Carpet tiles

Primary, secondary, and complementary hues are all available for exploration.

Color Scheme Advice for the Bedroom (video)

Pick and Arrange Stylish Bedding

Add a Ruffled Duvet

This is a great way to spruce up your floor bed without having to spend too much time on it. In reality, a little disarray in the duvet’s appearance is preferable; it gives personality. Even though you’ll still have to make the bed, doing so will be less of a hassle.

Pick Luxurious Beddings

The hues, supplies, and patterns are all fair game. They serve as an attractive and practical way to disguise a plain bed frame and a thin mattress pad. This is a great option for Feng Shui because it mixes the laid-back floor bed with luxurious linens.

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Spice up Floor Beds with Accents

Add a Canopy Net

This counterbalances the extremely low height of the bed, bringing the line of sight to roughly the same level as a standard bed frame. One of the best methods to establish harmony in your bedroom according to the principles of Feng Shui is to use a floor bed in conjunction with a bed accent.

Add Large Pillows

Leaning them against the wall creates a makeshift headboard. Alternately, you might use the color of your bedding to strike a contrast between the room’s light and dark elements. You can achieve a sense of depth and harmony by including contrasting elements into your decor, such as black pillows against light sheets.

Install a Rug under Bed

The area around the bed, for example, can be softer and cozier. Furthermore, it can aid in maintaining a tidy space by avoiding beddings from strewing the floor.

Pick the Right Location/Flooring

Go with Bold Floor Tile Colors/Designs

Some tiles will be hidden by the mattress, but others will be visible surrounding it. If you want to get noticed, choose a pattern that stands out, such as zigzags, and use bright colors, even if they are just the primary ones.

After researching the greatest mattresses, this will help to highlight both your flooring and your choice.

Add Mattress to Corner for Space-saving

Once you’ve settled on the most comfortable mattress available, you can start thinking about ways to maximize your floor area. If the room is small and/or serves multiple purposes, creative solutions can be found, such as placing the mattresses/low bed in a corner.

Add Furniture/Décor around Floor Bed

Add a Divider

This is a simple way to give your floor bed a little more flair and seclusion. Put a floor shelf in front of the bed to separate it from the rest of the room.

It’s fine to use a simple wood like pine for the shelf and then add a finish like varnish. Make sure it is strong enough to hold the partition in place.

The shelf itself can then be stocked with more items. You can put all sorts of things on a shelf, including ceramics, collectibles, and books.

Maintain a Casual Look

A couple of air mattresses on the floor is already very relaxed; there’s no need to add anything else. You could, for instance, just use some plain old tan, grey, and white curtains and bedding and call it a day. Choose smooth-looking, essential bedding essentials like cotton.

However, the space shouldn’t have a messy vibe either. Keep your living space free of extraneous items like clothes, books, etc. if you want to prevent looking unfinished. Even a relaxed bedroom shouldn’t be a dumping ground for clutter.

Add Low-level Bedside Furniture

Benches and low tables fit the bill. When you add something, you can quickly and easily access it. As a replacement for rigorous criteria, this is essentially acceptable. To avoid tipping over the scales of the arrangement, keep furniture pieces like tables, benches, and light textures on the smaller side.

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Additionally, low-rise furnishings might be used to accentuate the bed’s profile. Collections of baskets, paintings for the wall, etc., are all good examples. You still need to create spatial equilibrium from the floor to the ceiling, so make sure the objects aren’t too low.


After educating yourself on how to choose a mattress, those who like sleeping on the floor have the option of either stacking a foundation mattress and foam mattress topper on a platform bed or putting their bedding directly on the floor.

The next step is to give it some flair. Canopy nets are only one of many decorative elements that can be added to a room decorated in a variety of neutral tones. When your floor bed is at its lowest point, all these alternatives can make you feel like you’re floating on air.