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I always desired a canopy bed when I was a kid. Since I used to share a bedroom with my younger sister, I thought they were charming and romantic, and I adored the notion of wrapping the cloth around my bed to create my own personal sanctuary. That’s why it was the greatest day ever when my mum surprised me with one from IKEA. It’s been 15 years, and I still miss my shaded carport. In case you, like me when I was nine years old, have always dreamed of having a canopy bed, making one is neither too difficult nor too expensive. Especially if you implement these seven ingenious do-it-yourself techniques. Here are seven simple yet ingenious methods to upgrade your bedroom and make it feel more like your dream bedroom.

Rustic Stick Canopy

To use a stick as a roof? That is not a trick of your imagination! Find a solid stick in the wild, ideally one with a unique shape, then wash it and smooth it out. It’s simple to hang from the ceiling with chains and hooks from the hardware store, giving any space an instant shabby chic look.

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Thumbtack Canopy

Want something a little less complicated to do? Thumbtacks alone were used to suspend this beautiful canopy. Amazing. A lighter fabric is required for this craft, but other than that, you should be able to set everything up in within 15 minutes.

Fabric Canopy

This thick fabric canopy serves as both a canopy and a headboard, which is why we adore it so much. You can use any color or pattern of fabric you wish to make this into the bed of your (literal) dreams.

Curtain Rod Canopy

House and Garden (Better)

Copper Rod Canopy

Nothing to hang curtains from, right? Make something unique by adding a touch of glimmering metal. These drapes are hung from a copper rod that has been screwed into the ceiling all the way around the bed. It’s the perfect balance of cutting-edge style and understated sophistication.

Dorm Room Canopy

For Apartment Dwellers Only

Fairy Lights Canopy


Have you ever used a canopy to make your bed look more fancy? Wow, that’s impressive. Leave a comment with your project suggestions.


Some of you probably opted to live in the dorms rather than make the daily commute from home.

Why I opted for a dorm was partly financial, but also because it would cut down on my commute time.

Not having to travel means I can get more work done or catch up on some much-needed rest. I also won’t have to spend money for transportation to work.

I’ll be covering my own lodging and meals here, but I get a food stipend already, so it works out to be a net save.

Dorm Beds

You need to know what kind of bed you have in your dorm before we can get started on the canopy.

#1. Single bed

Dorms with only one bed per room are called “single bed” dorms.

This is a private or VIP section of the hotel.

If the building’s administration is cool with it, you can design this space in any motif you desire.

#2. Twin bed

There are two single beds in a twin bedroom, one on either side of the room.

Having a roommate implies you’ll be sharing a residence with just one other person.

It’s up to you and your roommate to decide who gets to decorate what part of the room, although typically you each get half.

#3. Double bed

The two single beds count as a double bed in this context.

As a rule, it is 135 cm wide by 190 cm long.

Those who value privacy while sleeping or who have relocated to college as a pair also favor this option.

#4. Bunk bed

There are two separate beds in a bunk bed, one on top of the other.

The dorm I’m staying in has standard bunk beds like these.

Renting a bed space is also more cost-effective than buying a private room.

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Steps To Make A Bed Canopy On A Dorm Bed

How, therefore, does one construct a canopy for use over a college-era bed?

Well, you’re going to need a fair amount of stuff for this endeavor.

Step #1. Materials

Gather the following items before beginning:

#1. Fabric/curtain

Better still, bring your own curtain material or buy one.

As time goes on, this will serve as your shelter.

#2. Pins and tacks

Pins and thumbtacks are preferable over drills if you don’t want to damage your ceiling.

It’s possible that hooks would be useful as well.

#3. Tape measure

This will serve as our fabric measurement guide.

#4. Miscellaneous

In this case, “accessories” refers to things like garland, fairy lights, and anything else you would want to use to adorn your canopy.

Step #2. Making

When you have the supplies, you may start thinking about a canopy design.

Will it be a tent, a wreath, a curtain, a princess bed, or something else entirely?

Once you’ve settled on a candidate, measure the height of the meadow to the underside of your bed.

Wherever on the ceiling above your bed the light is coming from is OK.

Examining the measurement against the available cloth comes next.

In that case, you can use pins, thumbtacks, or a hook to secure the fabric’s tail to the ceiling.

Drop the fabric from the top of the room.

The remaining curtain ends can be placed at the bed’s edge or left to drape near the headings.

Step #3. Add-ons

The canopy can be illuminated with fairy lights if desired.

It could be a bouquet of flowers or a constellation of glowing stars.

My Experience

As I indicated before, while I was in college I also crafted a bed canopy.

My mom owned a dress boutique, so I was able to use fabric from there.

Basically, what I did was. First, I fashioned a miniature hoop out of a bamboo cane; a wire would work just as well.

I finished attaching the fabric to the hoop with a few stitches and some strings.

I hung my canopy with the help of curtain hooks.

I hung it from the middle of my bedroom ceiling and secured the other end to the sides of my bed.

It was a step toward both individualization and secrecy.

My roommates and I thought it would be a good idea to be creative and spruce up our dorm rooms.

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You should be able to choose a design for your bed canopy on a dorm bed now that you know how to create one.

Many other concepts can be found on the web.

Without allowing your imagination to run wild, though, none of your brilliant ideas will ever become reality.